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How dare he lay a finger on me! How dare he try to make me look less than what I was! I could feel the fury of being thrown across the room as if I were some rotted corpse begin to build up inside of me, growing like the bacteria that multiplied itself on this earth. I began to feel my cool body begin to warm as my anger spread through me like wild fire.

It was obvious that the imbecile primitive, a pale imitation of Wesley, would help us in anyway, or divulge any such information that would pertain to either Wesley or this place. It was simply useless to continue these irrelevancies with him. There were more pressing matters that require immediate attendance at the moment, and this time, the outcome would be final.

I shot a glance at the half-breed, the clown, and sneered as I got back on my feet. He would pay dearly for such insolence; these moments would surely be the last he would ever get to see. He hadn't tasted my true fury, the true power of Illyria.

But I would break him, and make him bow down before me like the lower being that he was, or annul his existence for his offence. I wasn't quite sure why his insults affected me so. For the most part, I found insults from such creatures to be meaningless, and irrelevant. But somehow, his words seemed to irritate me beyond all belief. He was stubborn and reckless, and he used many words that were incomprehensible to me. He did not accept the limits of his power. He adapted.

Without hesitation I reached for him, and took him by the throat, lifting him up just inches from the ground, "I will show you were your place lies half-breed!"

He punched me in the face, making me lose my grip on him. I finally let go and tossed him towards the human that told us lies, nearly missing him as he fell onto the ground.

After a second or so I regained my composure and tilted my head to one side and then the other. The half-breed already getting to his own feet. There was a flash of anger on his face and it made me smirk.

"Are you ready to suffer half-breed?"

[[Open to Spike]]
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Looked at Giles. Knew that he was lying, could smell it a mile and a half away, but wasn't going to try to beat the information out of him.

Doubted that Buffy and Faith would like it too much if I were to do that.

Illyria came at me after I had tossed her, like she had sodding done to me, across the room, and I let her put her hands under my neck and lift me up into the air.

Had adapted to her when she was all Ms grandmum almighty and knew her tendencies.

You let her believe that her power was immense, and she would open herself up and bloody sure as hell, she did again, and I nailed her with a right hand to the nose, and smiled as she staggered and bled.

Then, she came up with the whole are you ready to suffer line and I smiled and looked at Rupes.

"Umm, yeah, this isn't over Giles. But, we'll find percy and make all heads and tails out of this." Then looked at the filthy soddingg harlot and started out of the room, motioning for her to follow.

Passed an attractive young thing that I hadn't seen before on the way out, on the way to the training room, and was glad to see that somebody had hired such a pretty face, except that she had a strength aura to her that as oddly familiar.

Shrugged it off though and went down the hall and into the training room , waiting for grandmum.

Turned as she entered. "Bloody sight of the last beating for you and here we are again, for another one. Time for ME to show YOU who is the insolent half breed arounf here."

Smiled, just sodding knowing that it was bloody pissing her off. Couldn't get enough of doing that to her, or Angel.
"I shall enjoy watching your mewling body bow down before," I spat back. "I shall break you into infinite pieces and teach you to respect the name of Illyria!"

I began to circle, like prey, waiting for the opportune moment to strike. I knew he was measuring me as I spoke, adapting with each passing moment. But it didn't matter to me. I was going to win this time. Nothing was going to stop me.

I was going to make him pay for humiliating me before and for assuming he could win again, when it was obvious that I was the superior being.

Finally I came at him with a round of punches which he blocked, fueling my rage. His adaptation was quite curious, I had always seen it as such a weakness but in this world, these worms seemed to do nothing but adapt to the change of thing.

It didn't matter. All that matter was to make him pay in more ways than even I could think of.

For an instance he let down his guard and I saw the opportunity open and took it, sending a powerful kick down the middle of his chest. It made me smile to see him heave, but the smile soon faded as he simple looked at me and smirked licking his own blood which trickled from his mouth. It was as if though he thrived on pain, if he lived for it, and I found that quite intriguing.

I tilted my head slightly, trying to understand him in some way. But this was not me, I didn't need to understand things, all I need was to inflict pain to those who would disrespect me, bend their will and make it my own without having to analyze their emotions. That was the human part of the shell, trying to desperately to understand, trying adapt, but my essence wouldn't let it.
Laughed a little bit as the little harlot kicked me and drew blood. Smiled at her. Didn't care for being hit in the face, but found it amusing as I wiped the blood away and sized her up.

She hadn't changed a whole lot. Would have thought by now that she would have wanted to go after demons that actually did want to kill her, but could clearly see why Percy had gone all mental.

Bird was annoying and belligerent. I bloody liked it, though. Wouldn't catch me complaining, ever, about a good spot of violence with her.

"I see, grandma, have to catch me off guard to get a shot in. Not a surprised, though, if there was an opponent that I couldn't take down, if there was, bloody well would do the same thing, and throw a cheap shot in."

Laughed as I circled around her, and with her almost robotic movements, she followed me, definitely irritated by my words.

Couldn't get enough of that, either.
"There aren't any rules in battle, half-breed. The only object there is... is to simply win. Come out victorious and make your opponent suffer, which is what I will do!" I said clearly, but with great anger in my voice.

I followed him around the room as he took measure of me. My eyes as following him meticulously as predator following a prey. I didn't understand why I found him so irritating. The way he used his words towards me, making a mockery of me...

He was also puzzling. I did not understand how he could find pain so enjoyable. It was quite amusing, annoying... yes, but also quite amusing. I tilted my head finally, watching as his face simply smiled back at me, mocking me, urging me to move forth... and I did.

Quickly and without hesitation I lunge for him and take hold of his hand, twisting it behind his back, wishing for it to break, but instead I push him forward and kick him, making him slam hard against the wall.

It brings me silent satisfaction to hear the noise that he makes as he hits the wall, but he's too quick and I can't afford him recovering from such a blow. I wonder how long it will take for him to adapt, to change his moves to match my own, but I don't give it a second thought. Second guessing only leads to defeat, and that was something I was not prepared to do again.
Babe the blue ox was definitely sodding here to make up for that backbreaker that I had put on her earlier, and her kick and the way I hit the bleeding wall dazed me, but as i started to adjust, quickly recover, and prepare a counter-offensive, she was on me quick, not allowing me recovery time.

That slight hesitation found me to be getting driled with a combination to the stomach and then to the face that tilted my jaw back and sent stars through my head.

I then felt her knee hit me firmly in my diaphragm and while I didn't need breath to survive, it still deflated me, and possibly cracked my ribs.

Felt her twisting my arm again and flipping me over her shoulder and slamming me to the floor.

Enough of the sodding jokes, I thought, as I got up with Anger in my face, ready now, for her next advance.

Bloody defense to offense, Spike. Defense to offense. Adaptation and let her use her own power against herself.

Blood flowed from my nose and I licked it away, as I waited for her to come at me.
I smiled as his anger showed through. No longer did he have the annoying grin, mocking my every move. I watched him, moving slowly, his steps matching my own, licking the blood that flowed from him. He was biding his time, but I had no patience for games, I was ready to strike at his form, and so I did.

I punched his face again, wanting to see more of the blood that flowed from his nose, it was rewarding. But just as quickly as I punched him he returned in kind every blow. It fueled my anger and filled me with rage.

I would never see him as my equal, he was beneath me. Many times before I had defeated him. But

my powers were different now... I was, not what I used to be. Even so, he had made a mockery out of me, and I would not allow that.

Before he could punch me again, I took his hand and blocked his punch. Bringing my knee up to his stomach I hit him hard, making him gasp. I would have twisted his neck off of his shoulders but he kicked my legs making me lose my balance, giving him the opportunity he needed to get away from my grasp.

"Face it vampire, you will not win this one, or any other match against me."
"That right, pet? Think you are letting your little victory against that ponce earlier get to your head, grandmum."

Bitch was going to try to break my neck. "So, fun and games are off now, and I get to kill you, hah smurfette? That the deal here?"

Didn't take my eyes off of her, and knew that she had just tried to break my neck. Didn't think this combat was about killing each other, but sodding apparently, she was in a bad mood, me having beaten her like nobody probably ever had before, well, yeah, except for those who had defeated her in the dinosaur age.

Were supposed to be on the same team here, but like hair gel had said, she was bleeding unpredictable, a cancer, even without her powers being as great as they were. Percy flying the sodding coup had her on bloody edge, but I wasn't about to be her victim.

Lined myself up across from her, defense posture at the ready, still remembering the tale of how she had killed us all in her time flux bloody before we fixed her up, kept her from taking out California.

"Even all powerful, you killed me with a stake, love. Knew that you wouldn't have such an easy task of it, didn't you? Now you have the power of yours truly. Give us a kiss."
I thought back to the fight with the strange human half-breed. He didn't even come close to defeating me. I had wanted to kill him, I should have taken his life with the palm of my hand and destroyed him for his impertinence. Instead I took him to the infirmary, to be healed, and I did not understand exactly why.

"So, fun and games are off now, and I get to kill you, hah smurfette? That the deal here?"

"No vampire... you misunderstand. It is you who will be nothing but a pile of ash on this floor." I said, never taking my eyes off of him.

Here, with Spike, my anger was higher than it had ever been. It was almost hard to control it. He was trying to make a mockery out of me, calling me names and pretending to be more superior than me, the god-- king. It was hard to adjust to these new confinements. My powers depleted, so much resembling the very thing I despised, and these feelings inside of me growing like parasites day by day, confusing everything.

"Even all powerful, you killed me with a stake, love. Knew that you wouldn't have such an easy task of it, didn't you? Now you have the power of yours truly. Give us a kiss."

"I killed you once before," I said with a hiss. "You died by my hand and it would have stayed that way if it hadn't been for your meddlesome leader." All of them, they all did this to me. I would have rather be a titanic crater on this very spot than to be what I was now.

"I will not make the same mistakes I made on our last encounter," I tried hard to not let my feelings get the best of me. They were all there, hanging off of me, right at my fingertips, so raw.

He was the only one that had ever defeated me in this way. In my time as a god, it had taken a whole army to defeat me, and now, this was all that defeated me... Illyria, the great monarch, a god king.

"This time I will not be so humiliated..."
"Yeah..so this is a death match, pet? That really what you want here?"

I studied her. It was bloody doubtful that she wasn't serious. Bird couldn't make a sodding humorous comment if paid back with the power and her army, so knew that she was utterly serious, which meant that I was going to be sodding serious.

Wondered what Angel or Percy would think if I did kill her? Probably wouldn't be happy with it, well Angel wouldn't, because bloody ponce would look at it like I had disobeyed him or had done something just to bleeding spite him, but of course, not the case.

I came here to spar. She came here to try to kill me, and all because she didn't buggering like that I had put her down last time.

"Don't want to kill you, grandmum, but, if that is what you are sodding going to try, then what choice do I have?"

Swept low with a footsweep while she was digesting my words, as she went down and then I pounced on top of her, pinning her amrs, beack, my fangs going to her neck, piercing her skin slightly, drawing in some of her blood, bloody erect and aroused, shockingly, as she kicked me off of her and got up quickly, as I did.

Bird did have some powerful blood.
"Yeah..so this is a death match, pet? That really what you want here?"

"Is there any other way?</i> I asked softly, not expecting an answer in return. I would not allow someone such as he to take away from me what none had in my many years. And yet, he already had. I had never been defeated before this moment, not this way, not by one single being. And yet this one, this... half-breed, had achieved it. I couldn't not simply forgive something like that.

"Don't want to kill you, grandmum, but, if that is what you are sodding going to try, then what choice do I have?"

"Fool... you cannot kill me," I said in a low voice. And before I could say anything else, I felt myself going down. In a blink of an eye, he was on me, his fangs piercing my skin. Ever since my powers had been depleted, the hard, invincible shell that protected my skin became altered. It no longer served it's purpose...

I kicked him hard, to get him off of me. But it was too late, the damage had been done.

Instinctively, I brought a hand to my neck, covering the wound. There were two small pin pricks, and they were already beginning to heal, I could feel the molecules begin to work, but it would be hours before the wound would fully close.

"You imbecile! How dare you take what isn't yours to take!" I shouted.

I took my hand off of my neck and looked at the blood that clung to my glove hand... fueling my rage. I made my hand into a fist and went after him, with everything that I had. I wanted to destroy him for what he had done. I wanted to make him pay.

I wouldn’t face defeat again. I couldn't. I was over come by feelings, almost overloading me. I let my fist rain down onto his face, but in one fell swoop, he had blocked my punches. As I got closer to him I could feel the arousal emanating form him and it puzzled me. I didn't quite know what to make of it, so instead of placing too much thought into it, I kept on fighting him as he kept on blocking my punches.
The bleeding debate was in the air out of who was stronger out of the two of us, but being a vampire always gave us an advantage.

Really was a wonder how the likes of Buffy and Faith weren't taken advantage more of in that way.

Simply was that the vampires that they had come across weren't bloody brilliant enough to try to take some of their strength from them, as opposed to simply trying to overpower them.

Well, yeah, was grateful that Buffy and Faith had made it this long, and were still around, but as little shiva tried to hit me, her anger and power still great, my already great strength was increased simply by the blood of hers in my system.

I blocked everyone of her blows, feeling her anger, making me excited in more ways then one.

With great spped, she threw punches at me and with gusto, I blocked them away just as easily as she threw them.

After another block, I smiled, after giving her a flat handed shot to her chest, sending her backwards.

Her blood was sodding amazing, slayeresque in it's power, in it's heritage.
Pain... that is what I was feeling. Pain, and it was bothersome and irritating. I didn't like the feel of it. This pressure, which was mixed in with the anger and the sudden fear that perhaps I was weaker than he was.

No... that cannot be... I was Illyria. A great monarch. Ruler of many worlds and many beings in this dimension and in many others. How could this be happening.

I held my chest, felling the sting and the bruise where he hand punched me.

But within moments I regained my composure and went back towards him, throwing every combination imaginable. Finally, a kick landed on his chest, in pretty much the same spot where he had hit me.

It made me smile to watch him grasp for unneeded air. But this was not enough. I went back, to try to finish what I had started, to try and regain my dignity, for I would not let myself be humiliated again. Not by this vampire... or any other.


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"Don't take it personally, little shiva. I treat everyone the same way..."

Well yeah, I did tend not to treat Buffy, Will or even Gunn or Percy that way, but I did with everyone else, and then she went on about my soul.

"My soul, Illyria? Is that what you are on about? I got this for a lady, but I also got this because I had a chip in my head that wouldn't allow me to be the monster that you mention, that I should have been allowed to be. Blame all of that on Finn. He and his little monster lab put that in my head..."

I cleaned the blood away from my face and continued to recover a little sodding more, just in case she mounted another bleeding offensive, although I was going to be miserably sore in the morning.
I walked closer to him, not for a second taking my eyes off of him. I did not understand what he meant about having a chip in his head. And the thought simply made me frown.

There was so much I didn't understand, he baffled me, frustrated me.

"I do not understand," I said impatiently.

"If he did this to you, why have you not destroyed him? He is here, you have seen him, and yet you treat him as if he has done nothing you. Your species is most peculiar. I would have not forgiven such crimes against me."

I narrowed my eyes, and stared coldly at him, as I waited for an explanation.
"Because I couldn't harm him when I sodding wanted to, little shiva. The chip in my head bleeding prevented me from hurting any sodding human, or even raising a fist to them. Bloody sent waves of massive neurological pain through my head if I tried anything, and as time passsed, Finn was gone, and my love for Buffy grew, just like Angel always had. Then Buffy died and I felt responsible, and before long, after Willow had brought her back, I had achieved a soul, and the rest is history, now I don't want to hurt anything that isn't a demon..."

Was attempted to say ex-god, bloody also, but in my state, wouldn't have been the smartest sodding thing that I could do, as my stones ached, and my back felt like not supporting me, a past that I could also trace back to Sunnydale at one point.

Didn't think that she would miss the not wanting to hurt anything but a demon reference, though.

Although, strangely, I didn't want to seriously injure her. Just liked sparring with her because she was so strong. Okay, yeah, ahted her for taking Fred away, bu the rest was true, especially now.

Wasn't hr fault that she was here, that she had taken Fred.