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Back in my cozy bed.

Seated back in my bed, in my lovely little wing at the infirmary at this evil empire of Wolfram and Hart, I tried to stayed buoyed by the fact that I had my team in place here and that they seemed to be well-adjusted to the plan.

The reality was, that we were targets here, and I knew that I was already under suspicion for the templates and rightfully so, but they were not going to uncover that I had them, at least without a fight.

I found myself wondering why I was still here. Spike hitting me and the onset of fatigue that triggered his punch making me weak, had virtually disappeared, but I was torn as to exactly how I wanted to handle this one.

Like Buffy making herself sick again all of those years back to thwart, permanently, De Kinderstod, I felt like if I could remain here, then I had an excuse to be here and I knew that it was likely that I was not under twenty-four hour surveillance, but at the same time, if this Illyria being felt the need to attack me, then Jackie would have to stop her, if Spike was not here to fight with her, instead, and then our cover would be blown.

For the meanime, I considered playing the part of the sick, older chap, and seeing what we could gather, although if we could get the templates to work for us and have somebody inside, informaing us about what was going on, then we would have a fighting chance of thwarting any evil plans of Angel, before they ever really got off of the ground.

I wondered how Xander was making out in his recon for information mission. I wondered how close Jackie and Michael were staying together, fully believing it wise for them to be on top of things and together, like a lawyer and a parallegal would be in a place such as this.

I wondered about Brenda, and reasoned that she might have thought that I was blowing her off, because I hadn't spoken to her since being dropped off here. I did wish to speak to her, and more, as something to keep me happy in the face of all of this treachery and turmoil.

I let my eyes drift to sleep, with thoughts of her in my head, and not of the evil around me.

(Wes, Cordelia, Angel when they are done their thread)
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Angel wanted to squelch the knowledge that he had just been Angelus, as far as Giles was concerned.

I found that to be entirely amusing, and almost thought that I would spill the beans, except that it would most assuredly clue Angel in to the fact that Cordy and I weren't really playing ball with him anymore.

Not that he really had a clue.

Also interesting, was that he was considering removing Giles from the firm and probably keeping tabs on him.

Now that, I was terribly interested in seeing, and being involved with, especially considering I knew that Gils had my stolen templates.

We walked in and I saw that Giles was sleeping, covering that he had been a busy man today.

"Maybe we should just allow him to rest and then come back," I said, and then I heard the infirmary bed creak and turned to see him awaken.

This was going to be interesting if Angel was indeed serious about removing him.

I looked at Giles, sleeping like a baby. Haha. He was rolling over in his bed and waking up. And here Wes, Angel, and I were. Standing in his room like we had just raided the cookie jar. Actually Giles, we're here to accuse you of stealing the templates oh and not tell you about Angelus' return. Oh! And hide the fact that Wes and I are evil. That's where you insert the evil laugh and the evil hand rubbing gesture that all those creepy villains do in movies.

But no, I'll just stand here in between Wes and Angel with an innocent look on my face. And Giles will scowl and do his little stutter that he always does. I glanced up at Angel.

"Say something." I said, nudging him. Giles continued to watch us with a curious look on his face as he reached out and grabbed his glasses. Oh, here with go with the ceremonial cleaning of them. I could tell Wes was about to burst out with laughter at one point or another. Then I'd have to elbow him hard in the ribs.

This was going to be a challenge.
I looked at Cordy after she nudged me.

I was trying to formulate how I wanted to go about this. This was Giles. He wasn't an evil man and Buffy would be angry at me if I kicked him out on his ass for trying to be deceptive of me in the place of business that I ran.

Not only that, but he was just waking up, and I had this fear that he was going to be told, somehow about Angelus coming out and how he had come out, which would anger him at not only me, but also at Buffy, which I definitely didn't want to do.

The hell with it, I thought. Hewas deceiving me and I wasn't abou to sit back and take it, regardless of his relationship with Buffy or because of what I had done to Jenny in the past.

"Giles, I'm just going to come out and say it. "The templates are missing from Wes' office and since I don't believe in coincidences, and that they happened to go missing right as you get here, I'm just going to ask. Where are they?"

I crossed my arms and glanced at him.
"Well, Angel, the vampire in you comes out swinging, very similarly to how Spike and that morbid blue thing came at me earlier..."

I had to hope that Jackie was nearby, because it was...was obvious that Angel was here to play ball.

I put my glasses on and smiled. What he couldn't prove couldn't hurt me and I doubted that he would have the audaciousness to try anything on me, not if he cared about Buffy's feelings and I was very much planning on using that to my advantage.

"Considering that I have been in this disgustingly uncomfortable bed all day and don't truly know much of these templates, and especially where they were, I would have to say, Angel, that you are very much speaking from your asshole right now."

I pretended to act like I was shocked and hurt by the inference, but inside, I was smiling.

I looked from he to Wesley, skimming over Cordy on the way. Willow was sure that Wesley was evil, and I was very intensely planning on watching his reactions, right now.
It took almost every shred of power within me, every tic on ever facial muscle that I had to keep from bursting into laughter when Giles told Angel that eh was speaking out of his asshole.

The old boy was using the Council training to a tee, in a situation that was unteanble, when you had nowhere else to go, defy, defy, defy. Deny unless or until you were caught and it was amusing to see Angel frustrated.

I would be making Angel cranky in this very fashion with any luck in the not so near future and it was humorous to see his face crinkle up and see him get into one of his moods where he wanted to utterly smash who he was facing.

At the same time, Giles was quite literally spitting in my face by taking the templates and that was something that I could not abide.

I stepped forward towards him a little bit. "That's interesting, Giles. So you have been in this bed all day?"

He nodded and it was my turn to cross my arms and smile.

"So, if we were to go to the security offices and play back the tape of the last twenty-four hours of what has transpired in this room, it won't show more then an old man sleeping, and occassionally being spoken to by others?"
Idiot. Although, Giles telling Angel he was speaking out of his asshole was pretty funny, I saw how intensely Giles felt like watching us. This was going to take a whole lot of acting, although I was fairly certain that Giles didn't really give two craps about me. Still, girl's gotta play her cards right.

And the thing about the security office? Did he .. oh well, I didn't tell him that Lindsey was in there. Did I? Oh.

"Guys." I said, with a frown. "Can we keep the fighting to a minimum? Unless I missed some unbelivably HUGE memo while I was in the coma, we're all supposed to be fighting on the same side of things instead of each other!"

Hah. Three different sides in this room here. It almost made me laugh. And here I was, the mediator. Puh-lease.

"If it's really that big of a deal, why don't I go get the security tapes and bring them back here?" I asked, glancing from Wesley, to Giles, to Angel. None of them moved. I huffed at them in response. "Fine."
I looked at Giles.

He was insulting me and it actually made me want to hit him, but instead, all that I did was smile.

I smiled and hard Cordy talking about going up to the security office and getting tapes so we could examine what was going on.

I liked the idea, and it got me away from my menacing glare at Giles and besides, it kept Cordy from spilling the beans about Buffy and I having sex.

"Yeah, Cordy, fifteenth floor, mid-wing. It's labeled on the door. I think Frank is in there now."

She smiled at me and started for the door.

I looked at Giles. I wantd to snap at him. Willow was right abou the wway he was when he first got here. He seemed almost like an elitest snob to me.

"Cordy had a point, Rupert. We are all supposed to be working on the same side. That means we keep no secrets from each other...."

I moved a little closer to him.
I couldn't help but feel that the two of them were trying to bully me, and again, I din't want jackie to overreact and blow her cover, ut with Michael with her, I reasoned that they would only help out if needed.

I was not going to be bullied, and furthermore, I knew that they couldn't prove anything.

It did anger me that Cordelia had gone to get these security tapes, but I could easily cover anything that showed me being out of the bed.

I wasn't an expert on the systemology of their security, but I couldn't fathom that a continuously loop would show me gone and at the Beverly Ambassador.

Still, while I remained stiff upper-lipped and fervent in my gazes towards them, I reasoned that possibly coming back here wasn't the best idea that I had come up with.

"So, if I'm away at the bathroom, or down at the cafeteria, both of which, I have done today, as well as stretching my legs and taking a third walk, you are going to automatically assume that I have these templates that you refer to?"

I looked at both of them.

"Perhaps the two of you really are evil?" I was already believing that Wesley was. It was in his eyes. I could just read it.
This was really just hard to top.

Angel stepped forward, but I remained where I was, keeping my gaze firmly plated on Giles.

He didn't realize that those templates were an extension of me, much more then they were the senior partners'.

Cordy was going to check the video camera's and if he was gone for thirty seconds, she would happily report it, which made me laugh, just a little.

Not that it mattered. Giles had already admitted to us that he had gotten up.

"Angel and Cordy are right about working together, but ahh, yes, you find ou that we can check how long you were gone and then you tell us about the bathroom trip, the cafeteria trip and oh yes, very inventive, you had to stretch your legs."

I looked at Angel and then back at him.

"By any chance did you catch up on your reading as well?"