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Deja Vu all over again.

Graham, Faith and I made our way into the hall, on the manhunt for Wesley and it was definitely a case of deja vu all over again.

It seemed to me that we had just done this, earlier in the day, only then, we were looking for Wesley, and now we were looking Lindsey.

We had filled Graham in on all of the particulars. Angel, a vampire was the CEO here, he had helped me, us, go after this Hamilton who had killed our unit, but also, that there seemed to be a lot of tension between Giles and Angel about the way that things should be done.

He filled us in on a lot of things too, mainly that he wasn't going back into the military, because as I suspected, they were going to make him go through hoops to prove that he was competent after seeing the same tragedy in the jungle that I did; the same tragedy that had taken our unit away from us, and my Samantha.

Faith had come up with the suggestion that the best place to look for Lindsey might be in the same place that we had seen him the first time, when she had clinked him and had taken him up to Angel's penthouse before all of the madness started.

In the elevator, I felt an intense desire to say something, considering that I was all weak and immobile, although I did find her plan to be a good one, because he did seem to be looking for something or someone where we had seen him last time.

"Okay, guys, before we have any confrontations, I would like to point out that while I am normally pretty proficient at taking care of myself, right now isn't one of those times, and I would just like to ask that you guys please not let me get drained of nearly all of my blood again!"

I smiled, but I really was serious, as I looked from Graham to Faith, who I knew wouldn't let anything happen to me again.

[Faith and Graham]
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"Okay, guys, before we have any confrontations, I would like to point out that while I am normally pretty proficient at taking care of myself, right now isn't one of those times, and I would just like to ask that you guys please not let me get drained of nearly all of my blood again!"

"Don't worry, I won't let anything happen to you!" I rubbed my hand up against his cheek and smiled. I wouldn't. Lins' is going to pay for what he did to him, dearly.

I raised my head to the door as the elevator door stopped and the doors opened. I motioned for Graham to go first, just in case. I slowly pushed Riley out, keeping my eyes out for anything that looked suspicious.

"Well, this is the floor. I think we should start searching all the rooms. If a door doesn't open, let me handle it." I gave a sadistic smile and cracked my knuckles. I was going to beat the shit out of him...
I felt kinda of strange, walking through the customed-designed hallways of this building, with a machine gun in my hand, but it was what it was.

I had to think of this place as the danger zone, just like hot area in the jungle, because affiliates of this place had taken out my squad, and it was clear from Faith and Ri, that things were like hot zone in here.

Riley had mentioned that normally he could handle himself, but that he was strongly against being drained again, and that only had me extra-twitchy.

We were after this Lins guy, and though I really didn't know what he looked like, I also knew that we might be after the boss of this place, or at least, I was.

I kicked a door open, deciding to put the machine gun away and pull out the stun ray. I didn't want to shoot a civilian like Ri had, and as the door opened, Faith came up behind me and I could tell that I had shocked these people.

I waited fo conformation that neither of the two people in this office were this Lins guy.

"Is one of these two him?"
Graham moved into the room as Faith pushed me to the door and followed him in.

I had gotten a good view when Graham had gotten out of my way and had approached, what were obviously paralegals.

"No, Graham, neither one of these two are Lindsey, but that doesn't mean that they aren't up to no good."

I don't know why that I had said that. It wasn't like we were going to do anything to these two, and as soon as I thought it, Faith came out and pulled on my chair, as if to get ready to search another place.

Graham followed, his tazer/stun gun at the ready. He did have the machine gun ready to use, but had changed to the tazer.

I found that to be a good thing. If we were to come across Lindsey, and knowing his rage well, having felt it before, I knew that the possibility was there that he could pull the trigger and kill a human, just as I had.

And, I didn't want that for him.

We moved across the hall and Faith, letting go of my chair, confidently strode over to the door, and first, tried the handle, when for a second, I was sure that she was going to kick the door down.

While that would have been hot to see, she walked in and quickly looked around, as Graham passed me, and then I wheeled myself foward.

Right then, Faith came out of the room, saying that Lindsey wasn't in there, eiher.

Wewere going to find him, though, if he was in the building. I could just feel it.
We went into the first room and scared the shit out of two lawyers or who knows, really. I brushed passed Riley and pulled him away from the doorway and stopped us in front of another door. I twisted the handle and walked in. Nothing. I sighed and headed back out.

"Nobody in there..." I muttered as I walked to the second door and tried the handle. It was locked. I smiled and stepped back as I kicked it in.

"Anybody in there?" I asked as I walked through the doorway with Graham close behind and Riley in the doorway. Nobody at all, just a bunch of computers.

"This is going to begin to get annoying!" I said as I turned around and looked a little bit frustrated.
I walked in after her and yeah, this was definitely a surveillance room of some kind.

"Just an observation here, I realize, because nobody is in here now, but there definitely was a woman here and not very long ago."

Riley and Faith both gave me the duh look, but I just looked around.

I tried not to appear anxious, but I did notice the little side room and as I walked into it, there was the same smell as before, eau de toilette, only this was a male's cologne and was also strong.

"Somebody was in here, very recently."

"Brilliant observations, all, Graham, but is anyone in the room now?"

He shook his head, but continued to look around.

"Okay, since we got one female's perfumy spell and one male's cologne, I think that it's safe to assume that a couple of people came in here for a nooner..."

I looked up at Faith as Graham came out of the room, closing the door behind him.

Mentioning sex made me look up at Faith and think back to some better times, not that long ago.

I couldn't wait to get out of this chair. "So, we have this for options. Wewait here for whoever mans this post to come back, we move on to the next room, or we wait for the next horny couple to come in."
I couldn't help but smile at them, at all of them.

They had smelled that Cordy had been in the room and had smelled my cologne, which was faint, but they hadn't noticed me, although I was anxious to see what they would do next.

I had a hard time of not laughing as I hid in my private little space, below the floor, the phone still in my hand, Hamilton asking me why the signal was so faint.

But of course, I couldn't answer him, nor could I laugh, like I very much wanted to.

Brilliant detective work. People coming into the security office for a nooner.
I couldn't put my finger on it, but I recognized the smell. Graham gave the all clear to the room and we headed out. I was still thinking about the perfume though.

"It's familiar..." I mumbled as I wasn't paying any attention to RIley or Graham. Where did I smell it? I closed my eyes and re-traced everything that happened today. It couldn't have been B' since she was getting freaky with Angel, so who?

Then suddenly, I opened my eyes and spun, kicking the door open. "That perfume is of a cheap whores!" I said as I walked back into the room and glanced around.

"Cordelia's to be exact!" I turned and looked at them both, who seemed to be looking at me like I was nuts. Maybe I was? I don't know, but I have a feeling that something isn't right here.

"No man would leave his post unless another let him off, right? I mean, you must've done that? It makes sense to me!" I shrugged and took another look around and then noticed the little area that Graham went into.

"Are you sure that nothing else is in there?" I said as I cocked my head and looked to the boys.
I looked at Riley. I didn't want to get into a verbal argument with the slayer, or one of the slayer's anyway, but a point kinda needed to be made here.

"Admittedly, Faith, Ri, I don't know evrything that there is to know about this firm, but I have to guess that it is unlike the military. If somebody wants to go to the bathroom, or go to the cafeteria, or whatever, then he probably doesn't get somebody else to cover his post.."

And I had already said too much, but sitting here in this room, I really doubted that that something was going on here, however, she did notice the smell of this Cordelia Chase, whoever that was, and I was willing to wait it out here.
He was right, possibly, in theory, but what Faith had said about the girl, about this Cordelia Chase, really could turn out to be the key to all of this.

"So, hun, obviously you know this Cordelia....."

Then I thought about it and a light donned in my head.

Like Faith and I, she shared something in common with us that few ever had the misfortune of being in or going through, it was just dawning on me.

She was the girl that had been in the coma right next to me when I had come in from New York and after I had awakened.

"You've smelled this Cordelia today, hun? You know her perfume?"

That really wasn't important, was it agent Finn? What was, was the ramifications of it.

"Why would she be here in the security offices? I suppose that she could be doing something for Angel....."
"I almost cleaned her skull earlier! I know that cheap perfume anywhere and she's too dumb to be able to work in here, let alone work a computer." I scanned the room, walking slowly. Why would she be in here? If Angel did send her in here, why would that be?

I sighed and walked into the small little room with all t.v.'s, scanning to see anything out of the ordinary. Everyone was buzzing about or just standing around talking.

"Maybe you're right..." I said as I turned and started to walk out of the room. "Maybe a woman with the same perfume takes care of this area! Who know's. Let's just continue with the search!" I crossed my arms and huffed, as I walked towards the store, following behind Graham. I stood beside Riley as I closed the door and quickly turned, walking towards the next door that was my victim!
I felt as though maybe I should stay behind, but I didn't argue with them.

Faith was a slayer and Riley had always been my commanding officer, so I just followed, but it my mental banks was that security office.

Something told me that the security office probably should have somebody manning it at all times and even though the guy or girl might have had to go to the bathroom, we had been in there at least five minutes and nobody had returned.

"Before you bust down the next door, I would just like to make it known that we should make it a point to check back on that security office, because something isn't right there."
"Duely noted, soldier," I said to him with an irritated smile as Faith kicked open the door and found an office full of nothing.

"Wow, this is turning into a productive search."

Still, I wheeled myself into the room and checked things out, as I looked up at Faith and Graham came in behind us.

He asked me what I was looking for. "I don't know, Graham, maybe we can possibly use this room and listen through the walls to hear if we hear anything next door in the security office next door," I whispered, looking at both of them.

"Graham, close the door, we're going to be really quiet and spy on the room next door, at least for a little while."

I couldn't believe that he thought that either Faith or myself weren't still wary of the security office.
We walked into the next room and again, nothing unusual. This was getting really old, fast. I was starting to twitch because I wanted to smash his face in so bad.

"Nothing, again!" I rolled my eyes and sighed.

"Graham, close the door, we're going to be really quiet and spy on the room next door, at least for a little while."

I felt like a little kid as we sat and waited for something to happen. I perched myself on a nearby desk and glanced around the room, which had nothing in it.

"How long do you think we're going to be here for? I'm getting just a lil' antsy!"
I could tell that I had made Riley a little upset with my comment, bu his stealthy plan only proved the point, and his slayer girlfriend was thinking on the same page as me.

"If we are going to sit in the room next door and listen, then why wouldn't we just wait in that room?"

He gave me an annoyed look, sitting in his chair, and I knew that something was abou to come, but this was no the stealthy Riley that I was used to.

It made me worry about him, and if he should be doin anythin but resting right now, but I wasn't about to say that to him.
"Think about that for a second, Graham. We all believe that something isn't right about the security office, but if we stay in there, if somebody was hiding in there, then our staying in there wouldn't exactly bring them out, now would it?"

Just talking was taking our ears away from listening.

"Maybe it's not the best plan. Maybe we should be investigating other areas of the building, looking for assface, but something doesn't seem right about that place and we all feel it."

I put my ear to the wall, my hand locking with Faith's. "We can always go back in there, or wait outside of the door, but if somebody is in there, he would probably want to feel comfortable, and we should want to make it that way and then go in."
I hopped off my desk and walked towards the wall, where Riley was eagerly listening until Graham said exactly what I was thinking. I wanted to just find him and beat the shit out of him, is that so much to ask?

"Don't worry, we'll do it your way Hun! My way would just be the classic power-trip!" I gave him a wink as we locked hands and I slowly began to caress the middle of his hand with my thumb.

I could barely hear anything at all, which means nothing was happening inside the room. I sighed a bit and flipped my hair to one side, so I could put my one ear right up against the wall. Something wasn't right about the room, but maybe I'm just screwed up on the Slayer-sense this time 'round?
I just stood there, waiting like they were.

I wasn't going to sit there and say again that this was a stupid plan.

Usually Riley was really really good at recon, although this plan not only kinda stunk, but it was boring, and remembering what had been done to our unit and me losing my career over it was making me want to deliver retribution to someone and this Lindsey guy seemed to be a prime candidate.

I waited another couple of seconds, which turned into a minute or two of silence, but didn't say anything, because I didn't want to piss off my best friend, so I just put my ear up against the wall, listening like he was.
I was starting to think that Graham was right and that my plan had been a stupid one.

e were three people that were used to hunting things and here we sat, our ears basically to the wall and all that e knew, the walls could have been some steel inside of the security office and we wouldn't be able to hear a hammer being pounded into the floor, if it happened.

I loved Faith supporting me, and was about to suggest another course of action when..."THERE, I definitely heard that!"

I saw that Graham had already started for the door, and Faith as behind him, leavin me to quickly wheel my way behind her and taking a left back into the hall.

Graham was in first, and Faith was right behind him, but I didn't hear any struggling and as I went in, I saw just the two of them.

"I know that I heard somebody in here! I know that I did!"
I darted to the room, following right behind Graham when we heard the noise. As I ran in, Graham had his arms in the air and looked really frustrated!

"Fuck, are you serious?" I glanced towards the small little room again and walked into it, looking around. Still nothing. I growled as I turned and walked back to Graham and Riley.

"How about you two check out the rest of the floor and I stick around doing the borin' thing? I can deal! I have camera's to watch. It'd be like sitting at home, watching a soap!"
"And Ri knows what this guy looks like, right?"

They both looked at me like it was a stupid question, but I smiled, and strolled out into the hall, completely ready to do the search and not so much destroy...necessarily thing.

I waited briefly in the hall, because Riley wanted to take a moment with his lady, although I was sure that he wasn't worried about her taking care of herself.

I mean, she was a slayer, and I remember how Buffy had made our entire unit look bad that one time.

"Don't worry, Faith, I'll take good care of your boy while the two of you are away from each other."

I couldn't help but put a smile out there even though all of this was seriously starting to piss me off, because there had definitely been somebody in there.
It was a good plan. Something was amiss with this office and better a slayer be the one to watch it, just in case something bad was going on then certainly me, who was still useless at this point, or Graham, who might not be able to take down Lindsey by himself, although I wouldn't count on that one.

Still, a big piece of me didn't want to be away from her. There was the possibility of Lindsey pulling a gun out on her and all, but more to the point, I was growing really attached to her and more so by the moment.

I wheeled myself up to her and felt her hands as she looked around and then brought her lips down to mine, and as they met, it was magical, mainly because I was worried about her...and oh yeah, she was just hot, and so genuinely honest about her feelings all of the time.

"Be careful, Faith. You have slayer strength, but Lindsey strikes me as the hit below the belt type. He could easily pull out a gun on you."
I leaned down and kissed him. It was electric as I slowly pulled away and smiled at him.

"Don't worry, he won't even get a hit in!" I gave him a wink and then kissed him on the cheek.

"You two be careful and you better take care of him Graham or you'll have a pissed off Slayer to deal with!"