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Hunting in an evil lawfirm.

Riley, Faith and I had been hot on the trail of some guy known only to me as Lindsey.

I had never seen him, but Faith, a slayer, and Riley, somebody that I knew as a ver determined individual, seemed to think that he was worse then any kind of demon, and was somebody that we needed to find.

So, I didn't argue, I just tagged along, willing to help, especially since I had found my best friend to be in a wheelchair and very recently nearly drained by a vampire who just turned out to be the CEO of this evil lawfirm, who was now, apparently, not a threat again, and was souled and all good again, which I didn't quite understand, but I would find out from Ri soon enough.

We had picked something up in the security office, traces of perfume and cologne that Faith picked up on immediately. She knew that the cologne was that of Lindsey's and the perfumes was that of some woman that I hadn't heard of.

We left Faith in the room, as she and Riley were both somehow sure that Lindsey would return and I believed it too, but still, we couldn't put all of our eggs into one basket and Faith sent us out to try to find him in the rest of the building, while she hung back at the security office, waiting for this Lindsey to return, and I wouldn't want to be him if he did.

I also wouldn't want to be him if we found him, even if Riley was still in a wheelchair because he had fallen eighteen stories before the whole being drained thing, and had been in a coma.

"Okay, while we are searching, Ri, you have to tell me how you and Faith hooked up, for starters."

{Riley, eventually back to Faith}
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