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I look at my watch again. Where is he? Geez, he left the room to get ice hours ago. I can't believe he's not back. He's smart enough not to lose his way, I know that much. I'm worried. He'd never just leave and not tell me he won't be back for a few hours. He knows I'd kick his ass for that. I get up, and think maybe I should go look for him. He's got so much on his mind, maybe he just forget to let me know he was going out.

I head out, weapons hidden on my body. I search the entire hotel and there's no sign of him. His car is still in the parking lot. And even more disturbingly, I found a mostly empty ice bucket by the ice machine. There were no other signs of a struggle. How odd and creepy. But, that could be anyone's ice bucket. Right, keep telling yourself that, Jackie. I whipped out my cellphone and tried to call him. I got his voicemail and left him a message.

I had this bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. Stop it. He's a damn good watcher and he can take good care of himself. He wouldn't just leave me. Not like the rest of the men in my short life. He's different. He wouldn't fucking do this to me. He loves me like a daughter, at least that what's I thought. No, I know he does. Michael, where are you? Come back to me, please. I go to my room, just in the off chance that he might be there. I try to call him again, voicemail again, another message left.

I try not to cry. Stop it, Jackie, he'll show up any minute now. He's dedicated to the plan, remember how he wanted to get right back to it after a good patrol tonight? He wouldn't just walk out and give up on the plan. He'd never ever do that. I just don't know what to do. I don't trust the police, and if Wolfram and Hart has anything to with this...I bet they do. Maybe they kidnapped him and are torturing him! What can I do? I can't just walk in an evil place like that. blow my cover and demand to know where he is.

I decided to call Xander. He knows that place better than I do, and just maybe he knows what happened to Michael. Okay, probably not, but still, he's the only one there I have a number for besides, Giles, and I'm not putting him into any more trouble. I dial Xander's number. I just hope he answers...

[Open to Xander]
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