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I had been way from L.A for quite sometime. Too long maybe. After L.I.S.A. Although, if it hadn’t been for that, I would have left ever since that holly-roller revelations party, all complements of the big bad that wanted to turn Los Angeles into its own Inferno Land. It was not my style to walk away from a job, especially one so lucrative as the one I was offered, but as I told Mr. Ashet before he was turned into a life saver with a big hole in the middle of his chest, I wasn’t gonna stick around hell city and see if I could last the night. Well, I had meant to tell him that, but never got the chance to do it. As much as I wanted to take the job, I just couldn’t, the money was good, always was- but it simply wasn’t good enough to get myself killed over a few extra zero’s. Obviously the goods were of great importance to Mr. Ashet, these things always were, but the guy was no regular Joe and the big bad beastie just punched right through him, almost snapping him in half like if he was some weak nobody. He had been one of my most important clients here in Los Angeles, and all of this was before I even knew he was one of the Ra-tet. Well, needless to say, the whole kill your boss in one punch show sorta freaked me out more than just a little- aside from everything else happening in the city. It’s not every day that Los Angeles turns into a demon infested Bethlehem, with the eternal darkness and the whole rain of fire bit.

Tahiti was a nice change of pace and scenery. Not a bad way to cope with everything that had happened just a few weeks before. Never had a vacation before. And just the fact that I could actually be almost normal for more than just a few seconds was, rather appealing. And I guess Tahiti was just as good a place as any to be normal. But as everything else in life, it didn’t last too long. While in Tahiti I got word from one of my contacts that very special thingamabob I had been looking for had been found. As it turned out it was in L.A... Couldn’t turn my back on that one so I flew back to the west coast. Big time personal gain, no amount of money in the world was gonna keep me away from that mission. Besides, trying to steal the impossible for your personal-- person was always a lot of fun. And there was no one better for the job that I could think of, other than Charles Gunn. Maybe I had a thing for him from the beginning, maybe it was those big brown eyes or maybe it was just the fact that I had killed the man once. Whatever the reasons were, I couldn’t deny that the guy was suave and could handle himself in any tight spot even before the nifty upgrades. Well that and the fact that the scanners at that party were there not only to make sure that the guests carried no weapons, but also to make sure that they carried a pulse.

But it was fun working with him. Watching him keep his cool even when he found out that I had set him up to take the fall. He made quite an impression on me. Heck, if it hadn’t been for my sweet sugga daddy I wouldn’t have L.I.S.A now. So I guess I owed him a lot. Don’t think anyone else would have pulled the same job quite like him. Besides, the after party was... quite amazing. Didn’t know that there was going to be dessert afterwards.

Before I knew it I was back in Europe pulling jobs here and there. Money was good as usual, and every now and then I would get and every now and then I got offers to come steal some doodad here in L.A but I always turned them down or gave them the run around. Took me a while before I could get comfortable enough to get back to the states. Didn’t know why I was avoidy, but I was all over the place, skillfully skipping California at every turn, but then when I heard that superhero vamp and crew were manning the infamous Wolfram and Hart law firm, I had to come down and see it for myself.

Didn’t know how much I had missed Los Angeles until the plane landed in LAX. It became even more real as I made my way downtown. And then there it was, staring back at me. Evil law firm? Well, yeah, anyone around the world could tell you that. But, that didn’t mean that every single person, demon or vampire was. Yeah, okay, the BIG bosses were evil, but who wasn’t these days? Besides, for me, life wasn’t always black and white. It was all about the gray. And as for me, I went where the money was. Not that I needed it, but doing what I did made me a part of something most of the time and not just a freak. But I guess, as luck would have it, I get to keep my job, in a sense, and be one of the “good guys”. Although, working for Wolfram and Hart, it was going to be tough explaining the good on that tone.


Seeing tall dark and handsome do his thing in that court room almost gave me chills. It was like he was the same guy I knew a year ago, but then again he wasn’t. But I guess stranger things had happened, and this was L.A. Home sweet home.

He pulled over as his client walked into the club. We had been following them since we got out of the court house. I was itching to get my hands down and dirty, it had been at least a month since I had seen any real action, but I knew Charles wanted to play this one safe. As he said, we weren’t handling the dirty work on this one. Someone else was going to do that for us. I guess that was cool, but I only hoped that not all jobs were as boring as this one, because as much as I liked Charles, and I was thankful to be working a long side him, if things didn’t pick up, I was definitely taking up a part-time job in thieving industry wheatear he liked it or not.

“So... are we going in after them or what? I promise I’ll be good. Unless, of course, you say otherwise.”

[[Open to Gunn]]
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"Naww, baby, we can let him no we are around. If he knows that I am tailin' him after gettin' him off on those charges, then he might bring some heat down on us and while I might not mind kickin' some of his men's asses, they might not be fightin' with their fists....if you get my meanin'."

She had been quiet for a while, as we waited outside of this social club. I wondered what she was thinkin'. I wondered if she was thinkin' about my part in Illyria bein' here, or if she was thinkin' that maybe this wasn't her thing.

Maybe she was thinkin' that she needed to do more heist jobs to get the thrills that she sought, because I knew that the action was big for her, maybe as much as the money.

I knew how that went, well, not the money part, but I knew how that went. I had missed the action, and while I couldn't kill my now free client without the partner's knowin', I was hopin' that when my clients enemy, or one of his enemies, anyway, was takin' care of Mr. Scumbag, which was what his name was to me, I didn't consider him by his christian name; that maybe we could get a little violence in on some of his men.

"We have to wait till he is active and on the streets, then a phone call to one of his disappointed that he is free competitors should make him a memory, and we may get involved somehow, but not with killin' him, and we have to be careful for guns, baby."
"Whatever you say sugar," I said with a shrug.

This was the only part I didn't like about the waitin' around for something to happen. I mean, yeah, Charley boy and I were together on this one, but still, I missed the action. I was a big fan of the action. But I wasn't going to argue with him about that. He was the brains of this operation, and I was just sparky... the back up gal.

Beats a world of pain. Not that I ever put myself into a situation like that, but, nobody was ever perfect. No matter how much they wanted to be.

As I sat there, I thought about all the jobs I had pulled, all the people I had worked for. Most of my clients didn't have the best reputations out there, or the best criminal records. I guess that made me just as bad as they were. Then again, stealing was just a job... I never asked too many questions, just enough to get the job done, and then move on to the next one.

It was probably why I wasn't talking Charles ear of right about now, asking him one question after the other on this scumbag. I guess it kept things simple enough. Learned that along the way.

There had been, maybe one or two times were I did get... sorta emotionally involved, and it made my job that much harder.

When I was younger, I traveled to Europe and got one of my first gigs overseas. I was way too enthused about the whole deal, and asked too many questions. As I was pulling the job, curiosity got the better of me and I realized that what I was stealing was something that could have saved the life of a little girl, instead the client wanted it for himself, to save his own ass. I couldn't do it after I found that out. The sweet thing was only six, just barely starting out in life, I couldn’t do that to her. So I simply let that one go. But the bad guys always know how to find ya. Got the beating of my life for that one and to top it all off, I got offered doubled of what I had originally asked. I had to go back and finish the job. Couldn't sleep for months after that one. Now, I just don't ask questions. Don't wanna know. Just wanna get the job done, get my money and jam out.

"We have to wait till he is active and on the streets, then a phone call to one of his disappointed that he is free competitors should make him a memory, and we may get involved somehow, but not with killin' him, and we have to be careful for guns, baby."

"Guns?" I said smiling at him, "Putty in my hands," He gave me a look and I rolled my eyes at him, almost laughing. "Okay, no jokes, guns kill even electric girls, I know."

I stretched out my arms and wiggled my fingers in front of me, letting little sparks emanate from my fingers... it gave me a sort of tingling sensation, kinda the equivalent of cracking my knuckles, only it traveled from my fingers all the way up my arms and to my neck. Good feeling.

"So this guy has a long list of enemies, huh? What about you? Anyone I should be worried about? Cuz you know, I can be a bodyguard to, baby, although, you probably don't need one since you work for the big bad wolf and everyone else is probably afraid of you." So much for not asking so many question... but he was my boyfriend, so I guess I had to get to know a little bit more about him than just the sexy, cool persona in him.
I wondered what it was that she was thinkin' about during a long and uncomfortable silence.

I couldn't be sure about what she was thinkin' and well, I didn't exactly give her a lot to talk about either, as my mind was filled with gettin' vengeance on Mr. Scumbag here, ad just sittin' here, waitin', which we had to do, was annoyin' to say the least, but then she broke her silence when sh startd talkin' about guns.

"Yeah baby, that is why were are sittin' here. Hand to hand, we could mop the floor with all of them, probably, but they will all have guns."

I didn't think that it was goin' to come to us doin'anything, except watchin' and me makin' a phone call and I di want to kick the hell out of him or at least some of his men, if we could catch them but, then she asked another question.

"Do I have enemies? Well, I would say that all of us have enemies, baby, but they are mostly worried about Angel, I would say. But, yeah, the demons don't trust us and well, even some of the good guys don't trust us."

I wondered why she was worried about me and I hoped that it was because she cared about me the way that I cared about her, but I didn't know for sure. I just hoped that she wasn't havin' second thoughts about leavin' us for the life of crime, again.

Or at least, another life of crime.
"Do I have enemies? Well, I would say that all of us have enemies, baby, but they are mostly worried about Angel, I would say. But, yeah, the demons don't trust us and well, even some of the good guys don't trust us."

Yeah, I knew how that went. The not being trusted by the bad guys or the good guy because you were somewhere in between. Although, having all the money that I had, I never really cared what people, demons, or anything of the likes thought one way or the other.

Charles Gunn on the other hand... I cared.

"Babes, I know how that goes. Kinda sad really, that the other good guys don't trust you, or Mr. Boody Brow for that matter. But what can you do right? You can't please everybody."

I looked at him and noticed that he was a little more serious than usual, and I didn't know if it was because of the guy we were spying on or because of something that I said... or didn't say.

"So how much longer do you think it'll be?" I asked.

Being a sitting duck was never one of my specialties. I paid people to do that sort of thing for me and then just relay the info back to me and I go in and take care of the situation. But I guess if Charles could do it, so could I.

"I just want to know... kinda thought that afterwards we could go back to your place maybe, if you didn't have any other plans."
I smiled at her, despite the tension of the waitin' and wantin' to kill Mr. Scumbag so bad.

"Easy girl, you keep talkin' like that, then Mr. Scumbag is goin' to get away scot-free, because I'm gettin' a little bit frisky."

My smile and look into her eyes faded, when I saw him and three of his men gettin' back into the car. Night was comin' and I knew that he and his boys would be out raisin' havoc on the streets, somewhere.

They pulled out and went by us, as I grabbed Gwen and ducked us both down, and then waited a second, before pullin' out into the street not far behind him.

"I'd say that our waitin' is over, baby."

I pulled my cell phone out, ready to dial the number of somebody else who wasn't exactly savory but that made Mr. Scumbag look like Hitler, and yet, would still kill the son of a bitch dead.
"Easy girl, you keep talkin' like that, then Mr. Scumbag is goin' to get away scot-free, because I'm gettin' a little bit frisky."

I smiled at him, I wanted the friskiness. Didn't get nearly enough of that last time around. But I was a professional, and all of that could wait for now, but tonight? His ass was gonna be mine.

"You know you like it... And even if Mr. Scumbag gets scot-free now, doesn't mean I can't track him down later and tag him for ya," Okay, so it would be easier said than done, but...

"I'd say that our waitin' is over, baby."

I smiled, I was actually starting to get a little anxious just sittin' there waitin' for something to happen. I was action gal, electric Gwen. Just sittin' there, simply waitin' for something to happen wasn't really my style. Wasn't really his style either, but I guess the game was played differently here.

"Good, cuz for a second there I almost thought we were spendin' the night in this car. Not that spending the night with you anywhere is bad, but you know what I mean."
I followed them as they pulled away. I would get on the cell when i knew to one of his competitors, who was also a scumbag, but not one that gathered demon services for his work, when I knew exactly where he was goin', because I wanted all o the details to be straight and for no stones to be left unturned.

The son of a bitch was goin' to die and if any demons happened to be there, then they would get their's after he was dead. I had an axe in the trunk with my name on it and one for Gwen, although she really didn't need it, as her touch could stun a demon, and then I could chop it's head off, but then it dawned on me what she had said.

"Oh no, baby, if I can help it, you aren't puttin' yourself out there as a target. I know you can take care of yourself, but that doesn't mean that I want to test that theorum."

Lat thing I wanted. God, I had needed her and thought of her many times since Fred had died. lat thing I was goin' to do was risk her life now.

"The bed thing sounds good. I have a big house with a big beautiful bed, baby, but after business."

I continued to follow, cell phone in hand.
"Oh no, baby, if I can help it, you aren't puttin' yourself out there as a target. I know you can take care of yourself, but that doesn't mean that I want to test that theorum."

Ah, men. If there was something they all had in common was their protectiveness. Over things, places and for most, like Charles here, people. Not that I minded it much, especially coming from him. But I had just wanted to put it out there, just so that he knew I was willing to go all the way on this one.

"Alright, just letting you know I don't mind doin' some over time if I need to."

"The bed thing sounds good. I have a big house with a big beautiful bed, baby, but after business."

And I couldn't wait to see it. Check out what a guy with his taste had in his home. Bet it would be stylin'. Kinda like the homes you read up on magazines.

I gave him a smile and waited for him to finish his call. Finally he put the phone down and I sorta gave him a look.

"So, what's the plan, gorgeous."
"I was just tellin' the eliminator of this scum that he was on the move and givin' him a general idea about where we were headin'. I'm sure he'll have some boys with lead pipes or somethin' more sharp on the piece in no time."

I kept the cell phone in hand, because I wanted to let don Amarassi know when scumbag got to where he was goin'.

I wanted to get in on the killin' myself, but somehow I just knew that the partners would know about it and it didn't look good for our objective here.

"The plan is to make sure he dies and all of his demons die, all the while makin' a deal with the mafia and then get the hell out of here and take you to my home."
"The plan is to make sure he dies and all of his demons die, all the while makin' a deal with the mafia and then get the hell out of here and take you to my home."

"Quite the plan," I say giving him a little naughty look. "It all sounds good to me sugga, after all, you're the boss." I thought about that one for a just a sec. If this was the kinda deal I signed up for, with all the extra perks for workin' on this side of the line, then I really wasn't gonna complain' about it one bit.

All that money, medical and dental... hot ass boyfriend, what else could a girl want? Sure, maybe a little more action every once in a while, but I guess I could live without the action for a while.

This could be like a very long vacation. Okay, so maybe not a vacation, but something like it.

Finally, they stopped again, this time on a darker, less crowded street. I wanted to get out there and take a closer look but that would probably blow our cover. All we could do was just sit tight, keep watching the scum bag until the mafia fellers arrived to take care of the guy.

"Wonder what he's doing here? What did you say this guy do again? Besides being Evil and a scum bag."
"Meanest drug dealer in LA, baby. I mean, back in the day, I knew some brotha's who were pretty bad, and not that anyone who ever deals drugs is a good thing, but this guy is the biggest drug dealer in the city and he kills kids, the Mafia and his other competitor's alike and uses demons to do it and what's worse, is that he has some connection to the senior partners, because I wouldn't have been defendin' him othawise."

I looked away from them, as I had been starin' at them while givin' her the skinny on things, to her.

"All that shit ends tonight and I think that the show is about to begin."

I hit the speed dial on my cell and got an answer from the other end.

"Park and Lincoln streets, my friend and be aware, he has some heavies wit him."

Callin' a mafia don your friend was not somethin' that you could do, well, if you were me, with ease, but sometimes the allies in this shit had to be questionable.
Kid killin' drug dealer, eh? I had come a cross a few of those in my time. Mostly here in L.A and New York. Most were mean sons of bitches that didn't care about squat but their money and their drugs.

And if they disappeared without a trace... the world would be better for it.

Wouldn't want to walk a mile in Charles' shoes though. Having to defend the thing you hate- must be some kind of hard. Well, come to think of it, I guess I was about to walk that mile anyway, since I was part of the team now.

But me? I had been around scum bags like these all my life and knew how to tune out certain things, not that he didn't, but for me it was never about the good or the bad, it was more or less about the money and who could offer me the most. Money talks and I was a self made multi millionaire and I wasn't even twenty five.

Still, I knew right from wrong and also, I was starting to understand love... starting to learn that sometimes it superseded anything else.

"I guess it pays to know people in high places,” I commented after he hung up.

"So, how long do you think it’ll be before the Calvary arrives? Cuz I don't think this guy is gonna stay here for long."
"I wouldn't exactly call the mob the cavalry, baby, but I can tell you that we will be seein' some serious violence, very soon and some justice will be served, even if my client ends up killin' the don and his men..."

I looked at her.

They are all bad, so I kinda hope they kill each other, but if my client is the one left standin', then I know of some other enemies of his that would love to put him in the ground.."

I, personally, was dyin' to kill some demons, myself, so I sorta hoped that my client got killed and his human scumbag men, as well, and then that the don and his men got killed by the demons, so that Gwen and I could clean up the demons and kill three different types of bad.

"I would like to see a massacre all of the way around, baby, with us cleanin' up some demons at the end, but either way, we won't be waitin' long now."
I smiled at him. I really wanted to get my hands dirty on this one. I mean, I was never one to just sit back and watch something happen.

Yeah I knew my limits, I knew when not to but into someone else's business, or when to just call it quits if I couldn't gain anything from the job I was pullin'.

But things were about to get seriously different for me. Still, that didn't mean that I couldn't pull a job here and there if he money was right.

Charley boy would probably not like it. Still, I guess I could make some sacrifices.

"I'm kinda hopin' for a nice brawl. It's been a while for me. Don't what to think that I'm getting rusty." Not that I was always looking for trouble, on the contrary. Trouble just seemed to find me. I was more like the goin', get what you need, and get out type of gal. But every now and then, it was always fun to really get your hands dirty.