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My name is Bond... James Bond

I had been way from L.A for quite sometime. Too long maybe. After L.I.S.A. Although, if it hadn’t been for that, I would have left ever since that holly-roller revelations party, all complements of the big bad that wanted to turn Los Angeles into its own Inferno Land. It was not my style to walk away from a job, especially one so lucrative as the one I was offered, but as I told Mr. Ashet before he was turned into a life saver with a big hole in the middle of his chest, I wasn’t gonna stick around hell city and see if I could last the night. Well, I had meant to tell him that, but never got the chance to do it. As much as I wanted to take the job, I just couldn’t, the money was good, always was- but it simply wasn’t good enough to get myself killed over a few extra zero’s. Obviously the goods were of great importance to Mr. Ashet, these things always were, but the guy was no regular Joe and the big bad beastie just punched right through him, almost snapping him in half like if he was some weak nobody. He had been one of my most important clients here in Los Angeles, and all of this was before I even knew he was one of the Ra-tet. Well, needless to say, the whole kill your boss in one punch show sorta freaked me out more than just a little- aside from everything else happening in the city. It’s not every day that Los Angeles turns into a demon infested Bethlehem, with the eternal darkness and the whole rain of fire bit.

Tahiti was a nice change of pace and scenery. Not a bad way to cope with everything that had happened just a few weeks before. Never had a vacation before. And just the fact that I could actually be almost normal for more than just a few seconds was, rather appealing. And I guess Tahiti was just as good a place as any to be normal. But as everything else in life, it didn’t last too long. While in Tahiti I got word from one of my contacts that very special thingamabob I had been looking for had been found. As it turned out it was in L.A... Couldn’t turn my back on that one so I flew back to the west coast. Big time personal gain, no amount of money in the world was gonna keep me away from that mission. Besides, trying to steal the impossible for your personal-- person was always a lot of fun. And there was no one better for the job that I could think of, other than Charles Gunn. Maybe I had a thing for him from the beginning, maybe it was those big brown eyes or maybe it was just the fact that I had killed the man once. Whatever the reasons were, I couldn’t deny that the guy was suave and could handle himself in any tight spot even before the nifty upgrades. Well that and the fact that the scanners at that party were there not only to make sure that the guests carried no weapons, but also to make sure that they carried a pulse.

But it was fun working with him. Watching him keep his cool even when he found out that I had set him up to take the fall. He made quite an impression on me. Heck, if it hadn’t been for my sweet sugga daddy I wouldn’t have L.I.S.A now. So I guess I owed him a lot. Don’t think anyone else would have pulled the same job quite like him. Besides, the after party was... quite amazing. Didn’t know that there was going to be dessert afterwards.

Before I knew it I was back in Europe pulling jobs here and there. Money was good as usual, and every now and then I would get and every now and then I got offers to come steal some doodad here in L.A but I always turned them down or gave them the run around. Took me a while before I could get comfortable enough to get back to the states. Didn’t know why I was avoidy, but I was all over the place, skillfully skipping California at every turn, but then when I heard that superhero vamp and crew were manning the infamous Wolfram and Hart law firm, I had to come down and see it for myself.

Didn’t know how much I had missed Los Angeles until the plane landed in LAX. It became even more real as I made my way downtown. And then there it was, staring back at me. Evil law firm? Well, yeah, anyone around the world could tell you that. But, that didn’t mean that every single person, demon or vampire was. Yeah, okay, the BIG bosses were evil, but who wasn’t these days? Besides, for me, life wasn’t always black and white. It was all about the gray. And as for me, I went where the money was. Not that I needed it, but doing what I did made me a part of something most of the time and not just a freak. But I guess, as luck would have it, I get to keep my job, in a sense, and be one of the “good guys”. Although, working for Wolfram and Hart, it was going to be tough explaining the good on that tone.


Seeing tall dark and handsome do his thing in that court room almost gave me chills. It was like he was the same guy I knew a year ago, but then again he wasn’t. But I guess stranger things had happened, and this was L.A. Home sweet home.

He pulled over as his client walked into the club. We had been following them since we got out of the court house. I was itching to get my hands down and dirty, it had been at least a month since I had seen any real action, but I knew Charles wanted to play this one safe. As he said, we weren’t handling the dirty work on this one. Someone else was going to do that for us. I guess that was cool, but I only hoped that not all jobs were as boring as this one, because as much as I liked Charles, and I was thankful to be working a long side him, if things didn’t pick up, I was definitely taking up a part-time job in thieving industry wheatear he liked it or not.

“So... are we going in after them or what? I promise I’ll be good. Unless, of course, you say otherwise.”

[[Open to Gunn]]
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