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Getting the call.

Willow and I had just finished eating and now, it was time to get moving with whatever information that we could get from the templates.

The last time, when we had pulled up information, whispering into the sacred and evil books, the name, Wolfram and Hart and a history so long and full of evil popped up and we had tried to scan it onto disk, to save it so that we could eventually return the templates, it hadn't let us and the pages had gone blank.

I didn't think that we would get anywhere with anything that we tried at this point, at least anything that the senior partners didn't want us to see, anyway, but it was worth a shot.

I found myself very attracted to Willow, although I was far too intelligent, at this juncture to mix pleasure with the business that we had here, especially since I was worried about Jackie, as I always was, in some form or another when she was slaying or working on an endeavor like she was now, which was watching over Giles back at the home of evil.

Still it was there, and I couldn't be complimentary enough of her about how she handled herself and about what a sweet person that she seemed to be. I looked at her, wondering where we were going to start, searching my mind for something to bring up for the templates to show us.

"Why don't we try with a complete history of William the bloody?" I asked, and just as I finished the statement, my phone rang and very few people that weren't currently in England or abroad, taking care of their slayer duties had this number.

In fact, only two people had this number, Giles and Jackie. I rushed over and picked my phone out of my jacket pocket to see Jacckie's number appearing on the screen. "Hello," I said, hurriedly, worried and she was brief, telling me that I needed to get down to the firm, as Spike, William the Bloody himself was asking about the templates and about where Willow was and that basically Giles was being interrogated.

She told me that she had to go and look busy while keeping an eye on things in his room, and I clicked the phone off, trying not to appear startled, but knowing that time could be of the essence.

"We have to get back to Wolfram and Hart at once, Willow."

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I rolled my eyes.

"His name is Spike and can you please quit asking about him"

I asked. I felt like he was doing this to make a point about what I had done. I didn't need a constant reminder that Spike was once bad, he is a good man now and this I do not doubt.

I have to admit I was happy that he got a call, but when I realized who it could be I was not all that happy anymore.

"What happened."

I asked softly, now worried. I saw the look on his face and I knew that things weren't ok, that Giles or even Jackie was in trouble.
If I hadn't been in such a hurry and hadn't felt so much strife about receiving that phone call, then I might have questioned her as to why she was speaking so harshly to me about William the bloody.

I hadn't asked about him before, and felt that she was a bit out of line to make a point to call me on it.

It was fine, though, considering it angered me a touch when she had said that and right now, I needed to feel the power that anger provided you, and not just be thinking about how we weren't a strong enough force here.

"Jackie says that a blonde man and a woman, or so it seemed, of a blue color are quesioning Giles right now, and they seem to be wondering where you are, like maybe you should be around, so like Jackie, I will have to blend in in the background."
I sighed

"That would be Spike and Illyria."

I said softly as I started to gather my things.

"Most likely Spike knows I was with Giles because he can smell me or some other annoying vampire with a soul trait...ok just a vampire trait, no soul needed to have heightened senses, thats just good for making him a good man."

Ok I was yammering in a pointed manner. I couldn't help it, I believed in Spike, no matter what.
"Well that good, man...pire, is questioning Giles, apparently, as if he were the gestappo, so how good can he possibly be, Willow?"

I checked in the mirror to see if I looked like a lawyer and all in all, considering I was probably developing stress lines, I had to admit that I didn't look that bad.

I walked over to the door, very nearly forgetting what we were going to do with the templates.

I looked at her, concerned, thinking, rummaging through my mind about what to do. Could we return them after working so hard to get them? It seemed like a waste of time to do that, but I couldn't sacrifice Giles, Jackie's or Willow's safety just to try to pick information out of the templates, especially if they weren't goign to give us any pertinent information.

Another part of me thought that this was war and in war, chances had to be taken, not to mention that it could be a big chance if we tried to smuggle them back in.

"I am entertaining putting the templates back on Wesley's desk, but I think that would be giving up too easy. Should you do the spell you were talking about before we leave?"

I was curious to watch her magicks in action, after hearing about her power.
"Lets do the cloaking spell and yes he is a good man, he just tends to go overboard when he knows someone is lying. Giles has never been the greatest at lying so Spike most likely can smell it a mile away."

I said as I psychoanalyzed Giles and Spike.

"For that matter, if he is with Illyria, well that could get ugly so please can we just get there please"

I said softly as I rushed to get the things together for the cloaking spell. I didn't know if this would work, but I was dang powerful, so I hoped that was taken into account.

"I am ready."

I whispered as I lit the candles.
I had no experience with magicks. Absolutely none.

I was a teacher, tenured at Oxford university, dealing with you adults in the philosophicals of world history before Rupert Giles showed me how the world really was and I couldn't turn my back on it, but still, magicks, while becoming a more commonly used term at Council headquarters, were still foreign to me.

I watched her as she prepared and knew only that I had to remain quiet, and hoped, prayed that their efforts to smuggle out these templates were not for not.

I had felt an attraction Willow Christine Rosenberg and I wondered if this would increase it, or give me a scare factor when it came to her.

I generally didn't scare very easily.
I smiled to him, then set in the middle of the circle of candles and took a deep breath. The last time I did a spell I did this weird half and half evil and good thing and I didn't know if I was ready for this.

"I may need a minute"

I whispered my body shaking. When I finally gathered myself enough to do a basic cloaking spell I took one last breath and started to chant.

"Deixado o que é visto seja despercebido, a todos os olhos evil, deixe esses que não olham nada achado. Eu chamo os poders guardar estes textos deste momento a este thill que do momento este momento vem outra vez."

As I chanted my body began to glow the color of the candle's flames and then a moment later it was over. I didn't know if it worked, but I had to believe it did as I slowly stood up and walked over to the books that felt warm on the outside and proceeded to hide them.

Not wanting to risk anything I thought about hiding them in the mini bar since it could be locked, but something told me that was obvious so I thought a bit longer before I thought of the perfect places. I decided that hiding them together wouldn't be a good idea either.

Hiding two inbetween the matress and boxsprings of the bed, two in closet between the blankets, and the last two in the bathroom under the sink, secured to the bottom of the counter by way of a towel tied around the pipes just right.


I said softly as I finished hiding the last two books and returned to the main area of the room.

"Let's go."

I said looking sheepishly up to him.
I held the door open for her and then locked it secure.

"That was impressive, especially with the way that you changed color. My spanish and or latin is lacking, although I am working on it diligently at Giles' request. Care to translate the incantation and how in the name of god can you make the magicks work? If I tried the same thing that you had just done, if I read the exact same incantation, nothing would have happened."

I didn't know if there was some unwritten code that would prevent her from indulging her secrets, but if there was, I was sure that Giles, who knew a little something about the spells and hexes, would be willing to divulge them.

"Maybe we should have hotel security put somebody at the very least, on our floor?"
"If I am not mistaken it means, Let whats seen be unseen, to all evil eyes, let the ones who look nothing find. I call the powers to guard these texts from this moment to this moment thill this moment comes again."

I repeated the chant in english then looked away a bit sheepish worried that he would worry that it didn't work once hearing the translated version.

"In otherwords we have 24 hours after this casting and they won't be able to find them"

I said softly trying to assure him that everything was ok.
"And that is assuming that they would even be able to find them anyway."

We made our way to the front desk, where I told the reception-desk man that there was someone who might try to break into a certain room on our floor and that the security detail might want to be elevated, just in case.

He took down the information with fear in his eyes and I knew that he was going to make sure that it was taken care of, like I might go after his job if there was a break in at our apartment.

Heading out to the car, I felt anxiety and relief, all at the same time.

"Well, the translation sounded good, Willow. It wouldn't work for me regardlessof how hard I tried to make it to, but I believe in you....now let's just hope that it doesn't take twenty four hours for us to get Giles safe and to remove any suspicion about you having anything to do with removing those templates."

I unlocked the car and opened her door for her, as she got in and moved around to the drivers side, which was still strange, it being on the left side of the car and all.
"T--Thank you"

I said softly as I sat in the car. I didn't understand why I was suddenly feeling for this man, why I was letting his constant need to be a gentleman get to me, but it was.

"S--So, while we head over there..I guess I will ask, you are supposed to train me...."

I trailed off thinking about this. I was now more nervous than I had been when I told Giles that I wanted training. I wanted to train, I wanted to have what everyone else did in fighting skills that wasn't magick, but I just don't want to think that I am making a mistake.
She didn't continue with her sentence and I found myself wondering if this woman who had the magickal ability to nearly end the world was afraid of a little physical training?

I gave her a moment to collect her thoughts and finish her sentence, but she never did.

"Yes, I could very easily train you in the martial arts. I have been teaching them for fifteen years and taking them for..well nearly thrity years."

Talking abot that was depressing. Was I really...yes, I was that age.
"How is that possible?"

I asked as I looked up at him. I didn't know how he could be that old. I didn't think he looked a day past 25 myself.

"Sorry...I..I know its rude to ask others ages.."

I said softly as I looked away embarassed. I liked this man and I just all but insulted him. Now he will never see me as anything more than a young girl he is training..great going.

"So anyway...umm...yeah...."

Ok I used to be so good at subject changes..what happened?

"Oh yeah, what did Jackie tell you was happening? Like did she say they were physically fighting?"
I smiled a little bit at the compliment; her saying how could that be, implying that there was no ay that I could possibly be over thirty years old, but alas, I was, am.

"Thirty-five, Willow Rosenberg, just in case you were wondering."

I was guy and it was only rude, in my minds, if a man asked a woman her aga and that was only true when it was obvious that she wanted to hide it, or was a proper British lady, for example.

"Basically, Jackie said that they were threatening Giles, and they were asking for Willow, which makes me nervous, because if they actually layed a finger on Giles, then Jackie would have to go in, almost certainly, her cover blown."

I was dearly hoping that this didn't happen.
"I would kick Spike's bleached blond...."

I blushed when I realized what I was about to say, I stopped immediatly and covered myself as best as possible.

"I would make Spike pay if he laid a hand on Giles..and Illyria...well I am sure with magicks I can take her and wow did I really just say that? That isn't me..I am not really a violent person and I don't know why I am saying this, why I feel like I need to justify myself to you so umm yeah I am going to shut up now before I say more than I already have."

I said my face now 10 shades of red as I looked out the window in embarassment.


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