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Getting the call.

Willow and I had just finished eating and now, it was time to get moving with whatever information that we could get from the templates.

The last time, when we had pulled up information, whispering into the sacred and evil books, the name, Wolfram and Hart and a history so long and full of evil popped up and we had tried to scan it onto disk, to save it so that we could eventually return the templates, it hadn't let us and the pages had gone blank.

I didn't think that we would get anywhere with anything that we tried at this point, at least anything that the senior partners didn't want us to see, anyway, but it was worth a shot.

I found myself very attracted to Willow, although I was far too intelligent, at this juncture to mix pleasure with the business that we had here, especially since I was worried about Jackie, as I always was, in some form or another when she was slaying or working on an endeavor like she was now, which was watching over Giles back at the home of evil.

Still it was there, and I couldn't be complimentary enough of her about how she handled herself and about what a sweet person that she seemed to be. I looked at her, wondering where we were going to start, searching my mind for something to bring up for the templates to show us.

"Why don't we try with a complete history of William the bloody?" I asked, and just as I finished the statement, my phone rang and very few people that weren't currently in England or abroad, taking care of their slayer duties had this number.

In fact, only two people had this number, Giles and Jackie. I rushed over and picked my phone out of my jacket pocket to see Jacckie's number appearing on the screen. "Hello," I said, hurriedly, worried and she was brief, telling me that I needed to get down to the firm, as Spike, William the Bloody himself was asking about the templates and about where Willow was and that basically Giles was being interrogated.

She told me that she had to go and look busy while keeping an eye on things in his room, and I clicked the phone off, trying not to appear startled, but knowing that time could be of the essence.

"We have to get back to Wolfram and Hart at once, Willow."

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