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I'll rip out his fangs and make sure he can never bite someone again!

I slamned the door shut behind me, leaving B' and Angel to sort out there anger management issues. I pressed the elevator door button frantically and then jumped in, pressing the button that was blue. It was pretty good to have colorized buttons for certain things.

"Just hold on Riley, we'll get you some help. Come on, I know you can make it." I said as the elevator stopped and before the doors could fully open, I was already out.

"HELP! HELP!" I yelled as I rushed into medical and slowly put Riley down onto a bed, then turned and practically threw Lindsey onto another.

"These men have been bitten by a vampire, which you can probably tell. HELP THEM!" I yelled as I grabbed one of the nurses, maybe even a doctor, and threw him at Riley. He did exactly what I had already done and then yelled some color and everyone began to rush.

"Ms? Can you please stand over there!"

I scowled at the nurse, but quickly moved out of the way so they could do their work. I watched as they all worked on both of them at the same time.


I sighed in relief that they were speaking about Riley. Linds' on the other hand, was hopefully going to die. I was tempted to walk over and help him die. But after a few seconds, they got him stable as well.

"I want someone to watch both these men all the time. Do not let either of them leave, especially the one over there." I said as I walked up to Riley and caressed his face. "It's ok baby, I'm here. He won't get away with this, I promise." I looked over to Lindsey and then looked to a whole bunch of medical supplies. I could easily just throw something sharp at his throat and he'd die instantly.

"He won't." I said again as I knelt down and kissed him on the lips. I stood up and grabbed a nearby chair, sliding it next to Riley and sitting down. "I'm only going to stay for a bit Riley, then I'll leave and handle-" I paused and smiled at them all, who seemed eager to know what happened. "I'll hand it." I put my hand on top of his and felt like I was going to cry. Angel pushed me and he did a damn good job in doing it. He knew that attacking Riley would hurt me, so he did it. Well, this girl has had enough torment for a long time!

{{Open to Riley and Lindsey when they want to wake up from their slumber!}}
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A myriad of things passed through me after Angelus had bitten me.

Of course, there was the knowledge that as my heart continued to slow, that I might die, and then there was the fact that I had survived the unsurvivable fall only weeks ago and now I was goin to die because of a vampire bite.

As my eyes drifted, I saw Faith and Buffy fighting him and wanted to help, but then I drifted away, never to see them again. Never given the chance to have that conversation with Buffy, never given the chance to see what Faith and I could have been together in these halls of evil and possibly beyond.



There was no white light this time, no visions of Sam, there was only her lips on me and I looked up to see medical workers, Faith, and all sorts of lines going into my body.

I was weaker then hell, but oddly, my pain in my legs seemed to have gone away. I felt strong in a sense.

I looked over, briefly, away from Faith, the amazing, over to Lindsey, the scumbag who had done this to both of us and deserved to be dead there, but then I saw his neck turn and his eyes start to flutter.

I looked back to Faith. "Baby, you have to stop Angel. You have to help Buffy."

I put my right hand around her arm and squeezed tight, as if emphasizing that she go and make sure Angelus wasn't biting anyone else.
I had been thrown around by Buffy, but for some reason, because now I would definitely be lookd upon as an enemy and probably never let go, I had let Angel go and wow, had that backfired.

When his teeth sunk into my neck, the weakness was so palpable that it must have made the color fall out of my cheeks, but I had felt enough to know that he was then swinging me around and using me as a baseball bat against Buffy and Faith.

I then hit the bed, and face down, didn't see much. I thought that this was the permanent death that the senior partners did not throw at me when they put me in the holding dimension.

This was real and my lifetime contract was abou to kick in. I was about to join Lialh, wherever she was, probably in a busy and non-peaceful place.

That's what I thought had happened when I felt life return to me, when I felt a littl surge of strength, mixed with weakness, but as my eyes pulled focus, I clearly saw Faith standing over her crippled boyfriend and heard his words that she had to stop Angel.

I let out a small smile, even though I was likely going to be a prisoner if Cordy or Pryce didn't get me out of here.

The son of a bitch had drained me, had drained both of us and yet, we hadn't died and the fact that Faith was here, must have meant that Buffy and she had gotten control over Angel.

"Angelus' history as a killer is greatly overrated."

I didn't kno why I had said it and had the feeling that Faith was going to come over and knock my head off, but it felt like victory just to say it.

What I had to do with Pryce and Cordy and Hamilton was more clear then ever.
I closed my eyes and just held onto his hand. All I could think about was Angel pushing me out of the way and- biting him. I felt a bit of movement and next thing I knew, Riley was wide awake. A bit pale looking but that was ok!

"Baby, you have to stop Angel. You have to help Buffy."

"I'll go up in a bit. I just want to make sure that you're alright." I sighed deeply as I looked to a nurse and she gave me the nod that he'd be ok. I felt relieved. More than relieved. I felt, relaxed.

"Angelus' history as a killer is greatly overrated."

I felt my throat tighten as I realized Linsdey was awake as well. I stood up and snapped my neck, as I walked around Riley's bed and stood, towering over Lindsey's battered body.

"I can agree with you there. But I recommend keeping your mouth shut right now." I chimed the last part and turned, stepping towards Riley and just looking at him. He was hurt, but from what the wonderful medical people were saying, they'd be ok! Although, they were wandering who bit them but I don't want to share that information. Hopefully they haven't noticed what Lindsey has said or Riley.

"Let's just keep this on the low, ok?" I said as I leaned in and whispered into Riley's ear. "We'll play it up that Linsdey is just crazy!"
The asshole. I couldn't believe that he had said that, that he had gone there.

I whispered back into Faith's ear.

"I think that he just might be crazy, baby. I mean he was stupid enough to let Angelus out of those cuffs for some reason and he did just say that Angelus' history was overrated like he wanted to die or something."

I, other the other hand, knew full well that I wanted to die less then ever and having Faith here with me was the best medicine that I could hope for at the moment.

I was relieved to be alive and glad that one day, I would be walking again and upright, able to give Faith what she deserved.

I was hoping that that would happen soon, bcause right now, I really did want to get up, go over to Lindsey and beat him to a bloody pulp, just like Faith had seemed ready to do.
The hospital workers were gathered around, well not gathered, but were frequenting our room, not really doing anything and they all knew who I was.

Angel hadn't changed medical. "Just move it along, people. You ll know who I am and you know that I might not be CEO or head of a division anymore, but that I am fine and really don't want you in my grill right now!"

I was already getting stronger, the blood transfusions and whatever was in the IV, making me feel stronger and the hospital staff didn't seem to want to see my bad side, or they really didn't like m enough to treat me and either way, I didn't care, as long as they were gone.

Faith had tensed up when I had mentioned that. "What are you goign o do, Faith, kill me like Angelus couldn't? Wouldn't that make you a killer again? And here I thought that you were trying to stay away from that."
I cocked my head as I stood up and spun on my heels, and glaring at Linsdey.

"That's it." I took two steps and I was already above him, grabbing him by his throat and lifting him up.

"You wouldn't like me as a killer Linsdey. I'm not nice. Just because I've changed doesn't mean I wouldn't wanna cut loose and gut you like a fish." I dropped him, half turning to Riley who looked scared yet aroused my the whole ordeal. "And another thing-" I quickly turned and then pressed my hand down onto his chest, causing him to sink into the bed. "If you even breathe the wrong way, I won't be nice." I brought my hand up and waved a small little wave as I turned away from him and strutted back to Riley.

"Sorry you had to see that, I kinda lost my temper there..." I looked to the door and thought about checking up on Buff! I hope she's kicking his ass right about now. "Um, I'll back in awhile Riley. Take care, I need to go see if Buffy is alright." I smiled lightly at him and then started towards the door but as I got closer, I didn't want to leave.

"Riley-" I said as I turned around and looked like I was going to cry. "You're going to be ok, right?"
I didn't really like the idea of being left alone with this guy, Lindsey, while he could walk and I couldn't, but I wasn't going to make a big deal about it, because it was simple, really, I wasn't a pussy and he had to still be weak, anyway.

Watching her handle him was almost erotic and I couldn't get enough of it.

Her analogy of gutting the weaasel like a fish seemed like a good idea to me, even if it was a little evil for her to kill a human, or even almost kill one.

He was the reason that we were here.

I smiled at her, for her. "No, it's okay, baby, I am of the good with watching displays of violence. Go check on Buffy and make sure that everything is okay up there. I think that I'll be fine here."

She kissed me and the violence aspect and me also being a killer of an innocent lawyer, forgotten as her silky lips met mine.

She walked out and I looked at Lindsey. "You are one stupid son of a bitch, letting Angelus loose. What were you thinking? Or are you just evil all of the time?"
When Faith picked me up by the collar and threatened me, I had to surpress a laugh, but I didn't want to make her knock me out, because although I was weak, I knew that I could still get out of here.

She then said that she was laving, and I just acted like I was scorned at being handled by a woman.

They shared their little moment and it made me want to see Cordelia, and also, almost gag, but then she walked out of the room and with no hospital staff around now, I was free and clear to take off.

I was going to give her a few minutes. Crippled boy couldn't stop me and as he asked the question, I started pulling the IV and the other line out of my arm.

"I'm just evil, son." I said, weakly getting up and smiling at him, emphasizing that I could use my legs.

He yelled but I was quickly out of the hall and leaving towards the elevator. Getting out of here was the order of the day for now and getting a hold of Cordelia.

I got into the elevator, and realized that I didn't have my keys and looked pretty pathetic, but I had clothes at home and there were keys to the sports cars down in the garage.

The elevator opened and I turned the corner and grabbd a set, playing wit the alarm, realizing that I had the mustang.

I hurried over to it, and got in, feeling weak. I really did need to go to my apartment and sleep.