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How dare he lay a finger on me! How dare he try to make me look less than what I was! I could feel the fury of being thrown across the room as if I were some rotted corpse begin to build up inside of me, growing like the bacteria that multiplied itself on this earth. I began to feel my cool body begin to warm as my anger spread through me like wild fire.

It was obvious that the imbecile primitive, a pale imitation of Wesley, would help us in anyway, or divulge any such information that would pertain to either Wesley or this place. It was simply useless to continue these irrelevancies with him. There were more pressing matters that require immediate attendance at the moment, and this time, the outcome would be final.

I shot a glance at the half-breed, the clown, and sneered as I got back on my feet. He would pay dearly for such insolence; these moments would surely be the last he would ever get to see. He hadn't tasted my true fury, the true power of Illyria.

But I would break him, and make him bow down before me like the lower being that he was, or annul his existence for his offence. I wasn't quite sure why his insults affected me so. For the most part, I found insults from such creatures to be meaningless, and irrelevant. But somehow, his words seemed to irritate me beyond all belief. He was stubborn and reckless, and he used many words that were incomprehensible to me. He did not accept the limits of his power. He adapted.

Without hesitation I reached for him, and took him by the throat, lifting him up just inches from the ground, "I will show you were your place lies half-breed!"

He punched me in the face, making me lose my grip on him. I finally let go and tossed him towards the human that told us lies, nearly missing him as he fell onto the ground.

After a second or so I regained my composure and tilted my head to one side and then the other. The half-breed already getting to his own feet. There was a flash of anger on his face and it made me smirk.

"Are you ready to suffer half-breed?"

[[Open to Spike]]
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