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Sticking to the plan.

Faith had said her little sweet goodbyes to her ciplled loverboy after Angel had drained us and we had ended up in the same infirmary room.

I was feeling weak, and had the feeling that Faith was going to pummel me mercilessly for letting Angelus loose in the first place, but miraculously, she decided to leave Riley alone with me, and I didn't have anyone watching me.

I was weak, no doubt, they could infuse you with new blood but when three quarters of your blood was drained away, and new blood was put back into, that feeling of something falling asleep, like a foot, only amplified a hundred times.

As I slumbered down the hall, I know knew what it felt like, all over again to be drained by a vampire. I wasn't really curious to feel it again, but I still had a goal, and things were in chaos.

It was perfect. Even though he had drained me, the bad son of a bitch was out and I knew that the slayers might be trying something to get him back, and oddly, I didn't want that.

I could feel the senior partners' joy over this, could feel it in my bones, well, that and weakness.

I made my way down the hall, right at the point where Riley and Faith had interrupted my original plan.

Hell, maybe it was for the best?

Other then me getting drained, there was a lot of chaos around here right now, and I liked that. I liked that a lot.

I should have killed Riley, all crippled in that room, but I needed my strength for something else. I breezed into the office, feigning a feel of power as the guard came towards me, and drew hi weapon. Before he could raise it, I grabbed and and turned the gun on him. A breif struggle ensued, and he ended up with a bullet in the temple.

The security office is mine, and I still have my ceel phone to get in touch with Cordy. I just need to cean up a little bit of a mess first.
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I was weak and even dragging the body was difficult. I wouldn't be able to lift him right now, I knew that, and I also knew that right now, leaving this office would be a mistake, and I couldn't afford to make anymore mistakes.

I found a sheet in the corner. It was white, which was unfortunate, because his blood would seep onto it and through it, but I also knew that his body could be wrapped in it with ease.

With struggle, I rolled the little tarp around him and when he was wrapped, I tied it off and pulled him to the side.

My next order of business was to clean up the pieces of skull and the spattering of blood, although I was feeling so weak, that I didn't really feel like it.
I peeked out of the door and looked up and down the hall.

I knew that there was a restroom only twenty yards or so away and across the hall, so when I saw nobody, I rushed, well as fast as I could at the moment, across the hall and into the bathroom, knowing that I had to work fast, for I didn't want to be seen.

I realized as I splashed cold water on my face, that I had taken the keys to the security office off of the dead guard, but that I had lft them in the office and that I hadn't locked the door.


I finished splashing water on my face, and drank some of the cold and metallic tap water, knowing that I needed plenty of water and probably some iron tablets, at the moment, and then dried my hands and face and grabbed close to the entire roll of paper towels.

I then opened the door, slightly and looked around, waiting for a guy to get to the end of the hall, before hurrying back to the security office, where I slowly opened the door.
I had expectd somebody to be waiting for me in hre, paranoia not a stretch when you were wanted by so many, but I opened the door and the only one in here was the dead guard wrapped in the tarp.

I breathed slightly easier, locked the door behind me, and grabbed a bottle of orange clean that was in the room already and started cleannign the blood up off of the floor.

Fortunately, it wasn't difficult, considering that the floor was tiled.

I grabbed as many chunks of skull as I could, which turned out to b pretty much all of them, and when I was done, probably ten or fifteen minutes later, it looked as though nobody had been shot in the head.

I put the dirty paper towels inside of the tarp and took a couple of remaining paper towels and sprayed some of the cleaner on my hands, to get the blood out, also putting them inside of the tarp with the body.
I realized that I had to do something with the body at some point.

I was trying to think about how to get the body to the incinerator shaft.

It was on the first floor, which meant carrying him, or dragging him, as weak as I was, to the elevator, and then down to the first floor, getting off of the elevator, without being seen, and carrying the body and dumping him in, turning it on, rushing back to the elevator without bein seen, hoping that nobody got on the elevator that might know me, or anyone at all really, between floors one and fifteen, and then also hoping that whn once back on the fifteenth floor, that nobody saw me until I got back into the security office.

One thing was for sure. I would be locking the door, this time. Another thing was also certain. There were at least three men that manned this office and I would have to killthem as well, although I was now thinking that I wouldn't shoot them, but instead, would break their necks.

If I had the strength too.

One other thing was certain. Dead body number one was being moved late at night, probably around the time where soon to be dead body number two came in to replace dead body number one.
With a little bit of time now to play with, I looked at the monitors and made myself comfortable in the seat, pulling out my cell phone, just in case Cordy was free, but immediately, I turned the one camera to the penthouse on and saw that Angelus was still tied to the bed.

Willow, Buffy, Faith, Cordy and Wes where all still there.

Unfortunately, that office didn't have sound, but I already knew what was going on there. Angelus was probably trying to get under everyone's skin.

I couldn't believe that I had untied him and that he had nearly killed me and the gimpy lover of Faith.

Thinking of him made me adjust the controls on one of the many other screens over to the offices in medical.
There he was, all clean cut and weak, looking irritated, because nurses were around him, and he was yelling at them to find Faith, because I had taken off.

It brought a smile to my face. I knew that he would have come after me, if he didn't have broken legs and I also knew that I could and should have killed him, but it was better that I didn't, considering that it would only make Faith hunt me down like a dog and probably kill me.

The anger in his voice made me want to laugh out loud.

I left that screen up, as well, just in case Faith came back down, because when she did, they would no doubt talk about me.

I then, realized that I could have a lot of fun and play the role of spy on everything now. I could go room to room with monitor number three or four, or whatever one that I felt like using.

I kept an eye on Riley's room, my old room, and of the events that I could only see in the penthouse.

There were still some goodie-two-shoes that I wanted to check on. Mainly, Spike, Illyria, Gunn and Lorne.

I started flipping from room to room.
I couldn't find Gunn in his offices, nor could I find Lorne, but who I could find, in the training room, were Spike and Illyria and they were fighting.

I liked a little bit of violence and turned up the sound.

I watched them for a while. Insulting each other, already knowing how Spike was, when I had tired to pull a Doyle on him, but getting a good read on Illyria,the body-snatching ex-god of Fred Burkle.

She was very high and mighty, insulting Spike at every turn and mainly, seemd to b getting the better of him.

She was something for Hamilton, Pryce, Cordy and I to consider very carefully.

It was obvious that she didn't necessarily care about Spike or Angel and she could be an asset to us.

It was just that the senior partners feared her in some way. I would have to talk to Hamilton about that one.

I reached for my cell phone, wanting to call Cordy, but she was tied up at the moment, and I wasn't going to do anything stupid.

I dialed Hamilton's number, and smiled as I waited for him to answer, turning down the volume on the two rooms that I was now watching that had volume.