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Sticking to the plan.

Faith had said her little sweet goodbyes to her ciplled loverboy after Angel had drained us and we had ended up in the same infirmary room.

I was feeling weak, and had the feeling that Faith was going to pummel me mercilessly for letting Angelus loose in the first place, but miraculously, she decided to leave Riley alone with me, and I didn't have anyone watching me.

I was weak, no doubt, they could infuse you with new blood but when three quarters of your blood was drained away, and new blood was put back into, that feeling of something falling asleep, like a foot, only amplified a hundred times.

As I slumbered down the hall, I know knew what it felt like, all over again to be drained by a vampire. I wasn't really curious to feel it again, but I still had a goal, and things were in chaos.

It was perfect. Even though he had drained me, the bad son of a bitch was out and I knew that the slayers might be trying something to get him back, and oddly, I didn't want that.

I could feel the senior partners' joy over this, could feel it in my bones, well, that and weakness.

I made my way down the hall, right at the point where Riley and Faith had interrupted my original plan.

Hell, maybe it was for the best?

Other then me getting drained, there was a lot of chaos around here right now, and I liked that. I liked that a lot.

I should have killed Riley, all crippled in that room, but I needed my strength for something else. I breezed into the office, feigning a feel of power as the guard came towards me, and drew hi weapon. Before he could raise it, I grabbed and and turned the gun on him. A breif struggle ensued, and he ended up with a bullet in the temple.

The security office is mine, and I still have my ceel phone to get in touch with Cordy. I just need to cean up a little bit of a mess first.
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