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I was strengthening.

Angelus had drained me and the idiot Lindsey who had set him free....after for some reason, even though knowing what would happen if she did it, Buffy had slept with him.

Here I was, my legs still too broken after tumbling out of that window at Wolfram and Hart New York, here in Wolfram and Hart Los Angeles' medical wing, again, to allow me to do anything, which including stopping that conniving shit Lindsey from getting up and walking out of here.

I didn't even know how he had done it. Angel...Angelus had drained both of us pretty heavily, and I didn't feel like I could go out and about, but somehow he had.....

And I couldn't stop him.

What was worse was that I couldn't do anything now that my strength was returning, because of my legs, which were healing, but not fast enough and I felt like I really had to.

I needed to be there to make sure they stopped Angelus, but I couldn't be. I needed to personally stop Lindsey, but I couldn't and I was really missing Faith, and was worried about her being around Angelus, even though Buffy was probably there.

I needed to have a talk with Buffy about all of this. Yeah, also about Faith and I exploring desire and lust and maybe, hope against hope, love, this time with her brain and body being as one, but mostly why she had made such a dangerous decision.

It wasn't like her, and it made me worry about her mindset and while I was developing something big for Faith, I still cared about Buffy.

I needed Faith to come around too, becaus she could make this restlessness go away and could smile for me and tell me that everything was going to be okay. I just hoped that she, or somebody captured that son of a bitch, Lindsey and had him somewhere locked away, with iron supplements and IV's.
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