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On the Prowl

I felt my body hum with delight as the cool breeze caressed my delicate skin. The sun, as always, felt so good, and its rays made my body shimmer with life and radiance that could be match by no other being other than my own beautiful sister. I covered my flesh in sheer fabrics, I could never stand anything that clung heavy on me, I was too used to my own flesh, naked, and without any constrictions. I ran my hand down the side of my arm, caressing myself as my thoughts drifted back to Wesley.

Parts of me still yearned for his touch. It yearned for him completely, wanting him still, wanting to feel him inside of me once more. It was never enough, I always wanted more, and I always wanted to feel his skin against my own, his hands coving the length of me, driving me insane with passion. His lips showering me with kisses, making me lose my sanity for many glorious moments trapped in time, forever- if it were up to me. When I thought about it more, I found those things rather amusing because I was the siren here and he was the human.

My sister was the only other being that had that same effect on me. She, the seductress, always knowing how and when to push my buttons. How to make me giggle with laughter, or how to make my skin crawl with desire. Before Wesley ever came into our lives there was only her... her voice, her touch, her lips... and everything that made my body quiver.

I thought of Wesley again and everything that he had done for us. There was no denying that he was special, my sister and I had known that the moment we laid eyes on him. He was something so different and so new, so exciting. And in his sadness we both fell in love with him.

As I sat there, looking at my sister with hungry eyes I began to think about all the men that we had lured to their deaths in our lives. Fun times we had, and it occurred to me that we hadn't been out hunting in quite a long time. Not that we needed to now since we had Wesley, but I was feeling the need, and I never ignored my impulses.

"I'm feeling a bit peckish sister. What do you think about a little snack before Wesley gets back?" I asked. I didn’t have to wait for her answer. I knew she had been thinking about the same thing I was all this time.

And with that we were out, spilling onto the streets of L.A, on the prowl, looking for auras to devour. We were about to make someone quite happy. Pity that happiness would only last mere moments for them, if even that.

[[Open to Lillian]]
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