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A good little war.

A phone call to the don Amarassi, the largest drug dealer in the city, the biggest mafia face in Los Angeles, had been made and he and his men, probably not happy with me for getting my scumbag client off, were now coming to kill him.

It wouldn't be easy, and I didn't know for sure if the don knew it, but my client, who I had just got acquitted in court not two hours ago, was always surrounded by Pannagini or vampires for protection and I was hoping that they would all kill each other off and leave the demons for me and Gwen to wipe out.

Of course, the partners would know, like they knew everything that was visible, if I had killed my client myself after freeing him, and therefore, the call to the don Amarassi, not to mention that Angel probably wouldn't have bene thrilled with me for doin' this without tellin' him about it, either, but it was somethin' that my conscious had to do.

Yeah, I loved bein' knowledged on all things law, but I missed this. I missed bein' out there killin' demons, as opposed to havin' to defend scumbags and spendin' a great majority of my day behind a desk.

I loved this even more, because I was here with Gwen, and before we had gone to court, or she had gone wit me, anyway, we had made love and I wante dto show off the fightin' skills in front of her, as well.

I looked at her as some nefarous dealin's were goin' on and then three black sedans pulled up to the scene and some hollarin' started. It was on now and I inched my jag up a little further, my hand goin' to Gwen's hips, more out of anticipation for us to get ready, then as any type of sexual advance.

"The war is on, baby. I would be willin' to be that the demons walk away. If that happens, then we have a dead scumbag former client, a dead mafia don and some of his men and you and me to kill the demons. You ready?"

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