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Explanations? Not so good.

Willow did her amazing work, as usual. This time, I owed her big time. I knew now, that we were better now, but I still owed her lots of icecream and chocolate, and things of the girly sort. As a thank you, and as a peace offering. It was times like these that were reminders of how lucky I was that I had such great friends.

She worked her magick, and I knew that at the point of her speaking, that Angel was going to be back, and we were going to have some serious apologies, and some not so fun conversations. This plan that Angel and I had was equipped with too many flaws. I had time to think of that while Angelus was stabbing us with his words. Us being the fact that probably by now, everyone in this damn lawfirm knew about the events that had occurred in the past few hours. And that meant....Giles.

Just as I thought about Giles, I hear the familiar cry and heavy breathing from Angel, and looked in his eyes. I saw them. I saw, him. He was back, and this nightmare was over. No matter how great the idea had sounded back when we first had started, it was wrong. We were acting selfish, and I guess it took a near death experience on Riley and that bastard Lindsey's part for me to realize it.

And what made me a worse person was the fact that I still couldn't get it out of my mind how great it actually was. Being that close to him, made it almost worth all the pain in the world. Herego, my conclusion of being selfish.

My smile had faded, even though I felt so relieved, so happy that I could see Angel. That he was alright, and that he was back. My smile had faded because of the confrontations, and explanations that were inevitable. The truth was, that I didn't have an explanation that sounded good right now, I doubted either of us did. I knew that everyone would be looking for one, when they knew in the back of their minds that we didn't have one. I mean, they had to know. But they wouldn't understand. It was just too hard to explain if they didn't feel like we did.

Angel was still cuffed, and I knew that it had worked, but I was looking for the go ahead from everyone else right now. I wasn't going to uncuff him until it was concluded by everyone. Angel was guilt ridden, just as I had expected him to be. He had drained 2 human beings, and insulted every single person in this room. Every one of them being close friends.

I couldn't stop staring at his eyes, It was like I hadn't seen him forever, that compassion that he had. But when he mentioned Lindsey's name, I felt my blood boiling. I didn't know why he was in this room, hell. I didn't even know who he was. So I stared silently, as my hand was burning with anticipation to take the key over to him. Touch him, hold him, and then fall asleep, with no worries in the world.

Fat chance.

But I anxiously held the key, still staring in his eyes, even though he was demanding explanation. I turned my eyes, as much as they didn't want to go, to Faith. She brought Lindsey in, or rather, he followed her. But wither way, she knew where he came from, and it was her turn to speak. I knew that she didn't know what would happen. It was obvious to me that Lindsey had the potential to do such a thing.

My body was tired, but my heart was pounding too fast for me to even think about calming down right now. It wasn't like we were going to be sleeping any time soon. That was a fact. We had to get explanations, we had to explain, and we had to apologize.

And I didn't know where we would go from there.

All i knew, was that I was speechless, and motionless.

((Open to Angel, Faith, Cordy, Wes, Willow.))
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Once I was done I looked down and gathered my things. I felt that I didn't need to be here anymore, that I needed to find Giles, Michael and Jackie, tell them what happened and tell them all is alright, but I don't know if I should.

"I--I think I will go now."

I said as I packaged my things and looked over to Wesley and Cordy. I knew something was wrong with them, Wesley calling me a bitch was proof enough of that, but apparently for some it isn't.

"I am glad that everything is ok now, my job is done, so yeah, I am going."
"Oh god, Finn...is he okay? Could somebody please tell me what Lindsey was doing here to free me from these cuffs?"

I felt this fire inside getting bigger and bigger, especially when he mentioned Riley. I just wanted to lunge at him and bash his brains out. But I resisted. I glanced to B' and could tell she was waiting for me to explain or do something. I really wanted to just walk out and just leave them all, but Willow beat me to the bunch.

"Alright." I sighed as I looked up at Angel, who could tell I wasn't that pleased at the moment. "Riley's alright, hurt, but alright. Linsdey was in the building and well, I knew that he shouldn't be so I decided to bring him up to you. That sort of happened but not in the way that I fuckin' planned." I closed my eyes and clenched my fists, as I took a few deep breaths and opened them again.

"S'all good. He's where Riley is and the nurses are watching him."
All of this was too much of an adjustment around all of these people.

I heard Willow saying that she was going to leave and with sad eyes, looked at her. "Thank you, Willow," I said with deep feeling, and then I had to focus on Faith.

"I'm really sorry about Finn, Faith, about letting the cat out of the bag there and about hurting him, after he took that fall and everyt...."

I turned my head away, realizing that she had just said Lindsey was under the watchful eyes ofsome nurses and that wasn't good.

"Somebody should have him cuffed to a bed. No nurses are going to stop him from getting out of that room. Somebody needs to get down there and stop him."
I was more then just a trifle happy to see that Angel was back and even happier that he hadn't said word one about me and Cordy or anything evil and I didn't forsee that coming.

I did see an opportunity, however, especially with how cold Willow was being towards me to get something out there.

"There is something else, Angel, which may or may not just be coincidental with Giles' arrival here, but the thought has certainly occurred to me, especially in lieu of his known hatred for Wolfram and Hart, but I have to tell you that several of the templates were stolen out of my room while Cordy and I were out shopping, earlier."

I directly looked at Willow as I said this, and in spite of being in front of Buffy, had no hesitation about talking about Giles in front of her.
I glanced at Angel and let out an almost relieved smile. It was kinda better to have the big lug around, then his rather unsouled counterpart. At least if he had something to say about my current .. state to put it lightly, he wouldn't exactly call us out here.

"And the Powers were worried enough that they sent me a vision of you. So we know that I'm still with the visiony." I said, with a small shrug.

I was fully prepared to get the hell out of that room. And go and kill Lindsey myself. Cause hi, I told him that if he did get caught, I wasn't going down with him. He was on his own.

But if he did say anything .. I think I would've been called out on it already. And Wes as well. So for now, I guess we were safe. Har har.
"What happened with the templates?"

I asked curious and trying to cover for the fact that I had actually been the one to steal them. I didn't need evil Wesley to know that it had been me though I am sure he knew.

"I was with Giles in his room in the medical ward, he sent me home when I was pestering him too much about taking it easy. I guess I missed everything."

I said softly. I was getting looks from everyone, I decided not to say more, but I didn't want to say something to Buffy, hey I could try to use this to cover for my sudden reappearing.

"And Buffy, after some thinking, I came back because I wanted to come see if you were ok, and see if we could talk...I mean when you have time."
When Willow said that she was going to go, I felt bad, again. I didn't forget the conversation that turned bad about her thinking that I was her friend only because she was amazing with magics.

God, I was still so speechless though too. There was too much thinking going in this room, and there was still a lot going on, that really involved everyone in different aspects.

So, I was a step ahead of where I thought I would be. At least i hadn't gotten hit yet from said parties, but the night was still really young.

I walked over to Angel, and uncuffed him, because it was confirmed that he was him. So it was pretty obvious that now wasn't really the time for me to be hugging him, and kissing him....but i wanted to so badly. Instead, I just looked at him, and took a step backward. it was awkward, yes.

I looked at Wes, when it sounded like he was accusing Giles of stealing the templates. whatever the hell they were, Giles wouldn't steal. He was on our side in this. Even Willow knew what the hell they were talking about, and vouched for him which was good, because I was going t osay that it's the last straw of the blaming game from both sides...even though we were all on the same side here.

This was too awkward.

"I can go check on Lindsey. Will?"

I was motioning her to go with me. We could talk, and hug, and talk some more, then I could kick the shit out of Lindsey...again. And when everyone was gone...

We could all just rest. Or talk.

I rolled my eyes as Wesley was playing the blame came and then Cordelia just had to open her mouth. It was annoying me. I could feel my one eye twitching as I stared at them but then diverted my attention to B' who uncuffed Angel and just stood there.

"I can go check on Lindsey. Will?"

"I'll stay here and talk with Wesley and then Angel." I glanced towards him and then looked back to Wesley. "But I'd rather it be without any other female in the room." I looked to Cordelia and smiled. "Sorry."
I nodded. We needed to talk and this was as good a time as any.

"Lets go"

I said as I put my bag over my shoulder and headed for the door. I didn't want to be in this room anymore, I didn't want to be around Wesley and Cordelia who were clearly out of it.

"Are you ok Buffy?"

I asked worried still that she wasn't ok, that Angel had done something to her. I was shocked that she wanted out of the room so fast, which made me question.
I got up, trying not to make eye contact with anyone.

I went over to my closet and grabbed a pair of black pants and a burgundy silk shirt, putting them on, again, not making eye contact with anyone until I was fully changed.

I wanted to be with Buffy right now. She was the only one that I would be truly comfortable around right now. Especially, Faith, who still wanted a piece of me and it wasn't completely out of line, considering that I had nearly killed her boyfriend.

I also wanted to go beat Lindsey to a pulp myself and possibly lock him away, forever, where he couldn't get out.

I was pretty sure that he wouldn't be in that room. I was sure that he would be gone with nobody watching him.

I was comfortable around Wes and Cordy, thoug, although there were things that had to be said to them that I couldn't say in front of Faith.

But, maybe I could. "Giles was definitely planning something. I could read it all over him, so the templates missing could be him, regardless of what Willow says, especially since I've seen her before with the stammering and usually that means because she's hiding something..."

I was still focusing only on Wes and Cordy. "But, what if it wasn't Giles, or Willow or somebody else who got their hands on the templates? If it was somebody evil, then that could be really bad."

Great, something else to worry about, on top of just running this place and oh yeah, my trip to soullessness.
I wasn't happy with the way this was going.

Yes, Cordy and I were evil, but Willow was being a bitch, acting like she knew it, when there was no way that she could, and I rather resented what Faith had said.

At least Angel was on our side.

"Well, Faith, if you don't want to talk with Cordelia in the room, then maybe it is so that you should leave. I don't recall you being on the payroll here and since Giles is the one who did steal the templates, I have virtually no doubt, in cooperation with Willow, and since you are Council, then maybe you should go and find him, and figure out how you are going to try to deceive us next."

I stood tall, Angel here, not really worried about Faith's retaliation.
I raises my eyebrow and cocked my head as Wesley attempted to blame me for whatever the hell was missing.

"I could honestly give two shits about these 'templates.' Would you like Angry-god-girl rather talk to you? I think the last words I heard out of her mouth was, 'I want to beat him to a blood pulp,' or something along those lines." I glanced at Angel and couldn't tell if he was thinking what Wesley was.

I walked towards Angel but stopped, right beside Wesley and looked him straight in the eyes. "Who says you didn't steal them yourself? You've been acting kind of weird and ya know, disappearing out of the blue and not letting people know where you are isn't weird. No, not whatsoever." I smiled as I continued to walk as I approached Angel and put my hand on his shoulder.

"I'm still a bit pissed at you but I didn't steal the templates. I give you my word." I half turned and blankly stared at Cordelia and Wesley. I didn't trust them. But I wasn't really trusting anyone except Riley right now. This whole place just seems to get fucked up even more, everyday.
I glared at Faith. Hard. Bitch was saying she wanted to talk to Wes and Angel without any other female in the room? And now here she was playing buddy buddy to Angel. Please, gag me now.

"Faith. You really need to learn how to trust people. Didn't they have any anger management classes in prison?" I asked, raising a brow at her.

Did she realize she was going up against the reigning bitch queen here? Apparently not.

"But as for me leaving the room, I'm still kinda getting acquainted with the building and all. And it's not like there's much work .. well any .. for me to do. Besides, I think I'd like to hear what has been going on while I was being coma girl and all." I said, arms across my chest.

But Buffy was going to check on Lindsey and 'beat him to a pulp.' Yeah, okay. If I knew Lindsey, which, albeit I don't that well aside from when he was actually the evil one and I wasn't .. he'd be well on his way out of the place right now.

At least, if he was still alive. Which I'm fairly certain he was. At least I was hoping he was.
I realized that after what Buffy and I had just done and what that led to, that I really wasn't in the position to get all preachy, but things were really getting schoolyard.

"Okay, we have the problem of the templates, everyone and despite of Illyria's threat and Buffy's and my inability to control ourselves and what that led me to do, we are still on the same side here, everyone, so let's try to focus on the problems at hand."

I looked at Faith, her arm on my shoulder and then over at Wes and Cordy, whom I was counting on right now.

"We need to make sure that Finn is okay, then we have to lock Lindsey up and then we need to worry about where the templates could have gone..because in the wrong hands....."
I very nearly laughed, but I held it in for the sake of my true agenda.

If Angel only knew how wrong he was and how absurd his suggestion was that we were all on the same side.

Not only were Cordy and I not on his side and were in fact in cahoots with Lindsey, but he failed, or seemed to, anyway, that Faith was probably on Giles' side, and therefore, wasn't on his side either, especially since he had nearly just devoured her boyfriend.

There were actually three factions here and all were opposing, in a sort.

I looked atFaith, also wanting to smile about Cordy's remark about penetentiary's.

"Faith, it may not be Giles who took the templates, although he would be my leading candidate, considering we all know what a fan of books that he is, but why would I take books that I have everyday access to?

I looked at her, my arms folded, thinking about Illyria wanting to beat me to a blood pulp, if that were true, and knowing that if it were true, that Illyria meant it, because I had broken a promise to her.

"I went a little crazy and had to be away from the place for a while, Faith. Fred....Fred was taken away from me..."


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