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Explanations? Not so good.

Willow did her amazing work, as usual. This time, I owed her big time. I knew now, that we were better now, but I still owed her lots of icecream and chocolate, and things of the girly sort. As a thank you, and as a peace offering. It was times like these that were reminders of how lucky I was that I had such great friends.

She worked her magick, and I knew that at the point of her speaking, that Angel was going to be back, and we were going to have some serious apologies, and some not so fun conversations. This plan that Angel and I had was equipped with too many flaws. I had time to think of that while Angelus was stabbing us with his words. Us being the fact that probably by now, everyone in this damn lawfirm knew about the events that had occurred in the past few hours. And that meant....Giles.

Just as I thought about Giles, I hear the familiar cry and heavy breathing from Angel, and looked in his eyes. I saw them. I saw, him. He was back, and this nightmare was over. No matter how great the idea had sounded back when we first had started, it was wrong. We were acting selfish, and I guess it took a near death experience on Riley and that bastard Lindsey's part for me to realize it.

And what made me a worse person was the fact that I still couldn't get it out of my mind how great it actually was. Being that close to him, made it almost worth all the pain in the world. Herego, my conclusion of being selfish.

My smile had faded, even though I felt so relieved, so happy that I could see Angel. That he was alright, and that he was back. My smile had faded because of the confrontations, and explanations that were inevitable. The truth was, that I didn't have an explanation that sounded good right now, I doubted either of us did. I knew that everyone would be looking for one, when they knew in the back of their minds that we didn't have one. I mean, they had to know. But they wouldn't understand. It was just too hard to explain if they didn't feel like we did.

Angel was still cuffed, and I knew that it had worked, but I was looking for the go ahead from everyone else right now. I wasn't going to uncuff him until it was concluded by everyone. Angel was guilt ridden, just as I had expected him to be. He had drained 2 human beings, and insulted every single person in this room. Every one of them being close friends.

I couldn't stop staring at his eyes, It was like I hadn't seen him forever, that compassion that he had. But when he mentioned Lindsey's name, I felt my blood boiling. I didn't know why he was in this room, hell. I didn't even know who he was. So I stared silently, as my hand was burning with anticipation to take the key over to him. Touch him, hold him, and then fall asleep, with no worries in the world.

Fat chance.

But I anxiously held the key, still staring in his eyes, even though he was demanding explanation. I turned my eyes, as much as they didn't want to go, to Faith. She brought Lindsey in, or rather, he followed her. But wither way, she knew where he came from, and it was her turn to speak. I knew that she didn't know what would happen. It was obvious to me that Lindsey had the potential to do such a thing.

My body was tired, but my heart was pounding too fast for me to even think about calming down right now. It wasn't like we were going to be sleeping any time soon. That was a fact. We had to get explanations, we had to explain, and we had to apologize.

And I didn't know where we would go from there.

All i knew, was that I was speechless, and motionless.

((Open to Angel, Faith, Cordy, Wes, Willow.))
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