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The healing process over, time to take action.

Nightmares came and went, but they were still occassionally there.

It wasn't hard to understand them, but when you were having them alone, your body battered by a pack of demons, visions of your unit slaughtered with the exception of the person whom was probably your best friend, rattling your brain in sleep and while you were awake...yeah, it wasn't hard to understand them.

Riley went off on his little mission, leaving me to deal with the fallout with the army, and as much as it pained me, they wouldn't let me stay without psychiatric evaluations.

I wasn't crazy. They knew it, I knew it, but in order to keep my stripes, they wanted me to jump through hoops for them and for once, I wasn't goign to follow their orders.

I accepted the discharge, pained, always pained lately, realizing that all along, Riley had been right, even though he had come back to join us.

The life of a soldier wasn't any life at all. Your life was theirs and I could admit that now, now as I drove to Los Angeles towards the one place that I knew Riley would be at, or at leastat the place that those demons had talked about; the lawfirm, Wolfram and Hart.

I should have joined Riley when he went. He was grief strickened over Sam and was going after them, whoever they were and I should have been with him there, but I was injured, and maybe, a little scared.

That wasn't the case anymore. I was ready to battle demons without the uniform, just like my buddy had, just like he had in Sunnydae with his ex-girlfriend..with the slayer, with Buffy.

I just hoped that he was alright, because as I pulled up to the building, it just sort of looked like the home of evil.

I didn't like it. Humans didn't belong in a place like this. Stake and pistol at the ready, I got out of my jeep and headed towards the entrance, anticipating anything, especially considering that this was the home of the place that sent those demons that had killed our unit.
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