komshuk_gru (komshuk_gru) wrote in not_fadeaway,

Not the place for me.

Injured, indeed, defeated by that very strange conquerer of the body of Winifred Burkle, I realized as I recovered that this was not the place for me.

I was not completely healed, or at least that is what the men in the white jackets had said, but I did not stop that from getting out of the place of sleep in the room, and putting on my leg and arm coverings, tainted with blood from the fight with this Illyria, I walked slowly, indeed, out of the sector of this domicile that I had been resting in.

This was not the place for me.

I could not be a part of any operation, even if Angel was indeed involved, where this Illyria, this Winifred Burkle pilferer, was a part of the team. She was evil, and it seemed to the Groosaugg that she was accepted as someone who was beneficent, and I could not indeed abide that.

I could carry my battle to other malificent forces and I had to be truthful to myself, indeed. The only reason that I had come to this domicile of evil was to see my princess; was to see my Cordelia Chase and she was in this preternatural coma, and it did not seem that she would be able to speak to me ever again and that was truly paining.

Not making eye contact with anyone, I stumb-bled down the stairs until eventually I reached the large, paned doors of this evil domicile and departed, indeed.

I would indeed come back for my princess in due time, but only for her, only to get her out of this castle of evil.
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