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Back in my cozy bed.

Seated back in my bed, in my lovely little wing at the infirmary at this evil empire of Wolfram and Hart, I tried to stayed buoyed by the fact that I had my team in place here and that they seemed to be well-adjusted to the plan.

The reality was, that we were targets here, and I knew that I was already under suspicion for the templates and rightfully so, but they were not going to uncover that I had them, at least without a fight.

I found myself wondering why I was still here. Spike hitting me and the onset of fatigue that triggered his punch making me weak, had virtually disappeared, but I was torn as to exactly how I wanted to handle this one.

Like Buffy making herself sick again all of those years back to thwart, permanently, De Kinderstod, I felt like if I could remain here, then I had an excuse to be here and I knew that it was likely that I was not under twenty-four hour surveillance, but at the same time, if this Illyria being felt the need to attack me, then Jackie would have to stop her, if Spike was not here to fight with her, instead, and then our cover would be blown.

For the meanime, I considered playing the part of the sick, older chap, and seeing what we could gather, although if we could get the templates to work for us and have somebody inside, informaing us about what was going on, then we would have a fighting chance of thwarting any evil plans of Angel, before they ever really got off of the ground.

I wondered how Xander was making out in his recon for information mission. I wondered how close Jackie and Michael were staying together, fully believing it wise for them to be on top of things and together, like a lawyer and a parallegal would be in a place such as this.

I wondered about Brenda, and reasoned that she might have thought that I was blowing her off, because I hadn't spoken to her since being dropped off here. I did wish to speak to her, and more, as something to keep me happy in the face of all of this treachery and turmoil.

I let my eyes drift to sleep, with thoughts of her in my head, and not of the evil around me.

(Wes, Cordelia, Angel when they are done their thread)
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