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A call to the big man.

Still slightly weakened from having Angelus feed on my neck, I was still prety happy about the position that I was now in, although I had let my presence be known to all that Cordy, Wes, Hamilton and I opposed, and that was not the plan for me. The plan for me had been to be in the shadows, unknown and yet lethal when I needed to be.

That was now out. Angel and company would hunt me, bu they wouldn't find me here in the security office, which I had come to after leaving the hospital room that I had been sharing with the crippled Riley army boy.

It was careless of any of them to leave me unattended, but it was their own fault and now they would pay. I killed the security guard on duty and had just finished taking his carcass to the incinerator, carefully, where I had gone unseen, and now was back in my security perch, studying various rooms and something struck me as odd.

One room had a meeting of four people talking about scheming on Angel, and spoke definitively of the templates, the mystical books belonging exclusively to the senior partners. Wes had been careless to make them so easily stealable, and I would call him on that, as he would surely call me on being grabbed up by Faith, and for everything that followed.

Right now, I had a call to make, and as I kept my eyes on the scrrens, seeing that Faith and some other military type guy were in my own room and they would no doubt be looking for me. The four in the room, trying to deceive Angel, responsible for stealing the templates, had disappered, although one of them showed up in an infirmary wing, just down the hell from where Faith, Riley and this third guy, who actually has said that he could drag me in by my collar, was.

Wary of Faith coming here, for this was where she had seen me, I held the phone to my ear and looked to the closet, and went in, knowing that there was a vent for me to escape in, when my call was answered.

"Hey, Marcus, it's Lindsey. Boy, do we have somethings to discuss...that is if you aren't already keeping apprised of things."

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I leaned back in my chair and cracked my neck. It had been quite a long day, and it wasn't over just yet. Three meetings and a courtroom appearance as the defense attorney for one of Wolfram and Hart's biggest non-demon clients. Of course, the case was a delicate matter as there was quite a bit of evidence on my client over the murder of two police officers who simply managed to piss off the wrong man at the wrong time.

I wasn't going to let some rookie defense lawyer mess with a case of this magnitude, no matter how highly recommended and how evil they thought they were.

Hmm, pretty intricate case though. Even with the best that money could buy, it was not like any of the five prosecutors stood a chance against Wolfram and Hart. We were simply bigger and stronger than anything they could have imagined. We ate firms like theirs for breakfast. Ruined their reputations and their future children's reputations for good measure. If only they would have taken our plea bargain they could have, theoretically, saved themselves a lot of headaches. And the humiliating loss they were about to face.

Not to mention the fact that all five prosecutors would be on the streets, begging for food by the end of the case.

Now, moving on to different matters...

Even will a full itinerary, I still managed to get some Intel on the Los Angeles branch. I hoped that Wesley & Lindsey didn't think I was simply going to let them run the operation without surveillance just because they signed a piece of paper that practically said we owned their souls.

And apparently I was wrong in assuming that. I frowned as I read the detailed report. Not the kind of thing you want to read, before going into another meeting. I wasn't quite happy with what was happening in Los Angeles, but there was no point in dwelling on it now. We simply had to move forward and find other ways to make things work to our advantage.

Suddenly the voice of Sonya came on through the speaker, and I smiled when she announced that Mr. McDonald was on the line for me.

"Patch him through, Sonya" I said simply and waited to hear him through the speaker.

"Hey, Marcus, it's Lindsey. Boy, do we have something’s to discuss...that is if you aren't already keeping apprised of things."

"Mr. McDonald. What a pleasant surprise," I said. "And yes, we do have many things to discuss. I am, just now, reviewing the Intel file. I see you made your presence known to the firm. And almost managed to get yourself killed in the process. Seriously Mr. McDonald. I thought you were smarter than that."
When he spoke to me in this vain, it made me think back to the whole having to kill Eve thing and it made me resent he and Pryce, but we did have Cordy on our side now, and she was the reason that all of this mattered to me.

I cleared my throat, as if to take some offense to basically being called stupid, without actually verbalizing it to someone who, for all intents and purposes, was my boss.

"Actually, Hamilton, things just didn't turn out the way that I had planned them to. I was going to what was going to be my perch in all of this, so that I could be the eyes and ears for both Pryce and Cordelia, when I happened to bump into Faith, and I couldn't overpower her, so I tried a bullshit story about one of the lawyers here owing me on a debt, but she dragged me up to Angel's penthouse, and it turned out that he had just had sex with Buffy and had become Angelus, so naturally, in the spirit of things, I managed to free him. I just didn't take into account that he would drain me..."

I paused and continued. "Still, I managed to get out of medical and have gotten myself to the very security office that I was trying to. No worries on that. Faith didn't know where I was going, so I doubt that I will be looked for, but still, I have taken precautions, just in case somebody comes to look for me. Still, you might want to fire the old staff that works the security offices. Either that, or make sure that they know that they will have a guest in their offices from now on. One is already dead. Of course, make sure that whoever comes here doesn't have loose lips."

I loved making him do the work for me, and I knew that he would, too.

"I do have to ask, Marcus. What is our official policy concerning Angelus? I know that he has his soul again, but he seemed like a loose cannon, and I don't know if deceiving him will be easier then deceiving the sappy vamp with a soul."
"Honesty McDonald, and I hate to repeat myself here, not one of your smartest moves. Freeing Angelus and in the presence of two slayers? Not even one of the everyday lawyers would be so ignorant as to free such a dangerous creature without proper briefing." There was a slight smile across my face, as I continued.

"Not only that, but being seen at all, by the slayers, and by Mr. C.E.O himself was not the level of stealth we were quite looking for. I see you may need a refresher course in stealth techniques 101, not to mention a little reading up o Angelus himself. We can always arrange for those."

I didn't care how he felt about my words. It was not like he could do anything about the way things were going for him anyway. He had backed himself into a corner, an he would be the one to get himself out of it.

With Angel as C.E.O, things had very much deteriorated in the Los Angeles branch, but it didn't matter. These things were always fixable. And the staff that we hired was always disposable, so it was really not a big deal to have a few of them disappear from the firm from time to time.

"And the staff? Well, they definitely missed the memo. But maybe... Wesley can remind them about the extra personnel on board," I said putting down the Intel file and cracking my knuckles.

"Look Lindsey, we are all a team here. I'm sure we can work something out. Now, you got yourself into this mess, I think you and Mr. Pryce should look for ways to get yourself out of it. I will let the L.A. staff know that you are working directly with Wesley and that if at any time any one of them says so much as a word that would lead Angel and any one of his associates to believe that you two are working together, they will be personally handled by me. Or possibly the Senior Partners themselves." They were growing rather tired of the mistakes that were being made. But, still, they had enough faith in them to see thing through.

"As far as policy for Angelus or well, Angel, depending on your point of view... is concerned, we simply don't want to make any waves just yet. Angelus is too unpredictable, and until we know for certain that we can contain him and make him work to our advantage, then we simply do nothing at all. For the time being-" I got up from my desk and began to pace myself around my office.
This was what I had expected to hear and as much as I was being berated like a child, I still laughed, knowing that I would be able to redeem myself with the surveillance apparatus that I had in front of me and the information that it provided for me.

I did still, get a kick out of Hamilton treating me as though I was a rookie in all of this. I had been through the ranks, starting in the mail room and had earned my stripes with the partners, even more so then he had, so his fatherly and patronizing words could take a flying fucking leap, as far as I was concerned, although I didn't say as much to him.

I didn't bother to tell him why I had reacted the way I had in the penthouse, either, and how I had been forced into a split second decision, for that would only lead to him chastizing me again, which was definitely somthing that I didn't feel like dealing with either.

I merely played ball.

"Marcus, I do have to tell you that there does seem to be a faction here and I have already listended to parts of their conversation, that seems to be directly opposing Angel that isn't myself, Pryce or Cordelia. do you, like me, find this to be a good thing, providing that they do not affect company policy?"
I gave Giles a fleeting glance before nodding at Angel. "Don't go anywhere." I said, with a small shrug, as innocently as I could. And with that, I left Giles' room. And closed the door, although I didn't slam it as hard as I felt like slamming it.

Better yet, there was a certain head I was going to be slamming against the wall once I got to the security office. One of Mr. Lindsey McDonald. Jackass went and got himself caught. Hopping into the elevator, I waited. Some flunky got in after me and it took all my self-control not to strangle him as he oogled me.

"Do you really want me to tell Angel, my dear friend, that you're oogling me? Because I do believe I have a hell of a LOT more power then you buddy." I said, glaring at him. He muttered something about this being his floor and got out. I got out on the next floor and headed quickly and quietly to the security office.

I was on a mission, more or less. Opening the door, I glanced around. No security guard. Or Lindsey for that matter.

"McDonald." I said, an angry tone seeping into my voice. "Get your ass out here now."
It didn' thrill me to move to my security spot within the security office, but when I saw even a trace of brown hair getting off of te elevator, I had to hide, and didn't look to see who it was.

What was worse, was that I was on the phone with Hamilton and I could tell he didn't approve of this hiding tactic.

Then, I heard the voice. It was Cordy, and after nearly dying, she was the very person that I wanted to see.

I stepped out of the office. "Hold on Marcus, if you could, Cordy is here, maybe for some kind of update."

I put my hand over the phone and looked at her. Or maybe she was hear to kick my ass.
My gaze softened as I looked at him. Idiot nearly got himself drained by Angelus. I closed the door behind me and leaned against it, raising a brow.

"Oh am I interrupting something important here?" I asked, rolling my eyes. Walking past him, I moved over to the control panel and the TV's. Ah. A VCR.

"So if I want to watch something on here that happened, oh a few hours ago, all I do is rewind the tape right?" I asked, starting to push a few buttons.

Glancing back up at him, I paused as he watched me.

"So, do you have anything to say about your plan? Like, oh how much of an IDIOT you are for getting caught!? And then trying to release Angelus. Lindsey. I thought you were smarter then that."

Okay, so much for my not coming straight out with the anger plan. I had a few more things that I was ready to yell about, like why he didn't wait for me to get up there and oh, I don't know, glow? Or how he got caught. I crossed my arms across my chest and tapped my foot, waiting for an answer.

Okay, so when I got annoyed, I guess it was obvious, huh?
"I am smarter then that, Cordy..."

All evidence to the contrary, country boy....

"It was a choice that I had to make in a split second. faith had me, I couldn't take her without a weapon and then I was in the room with both slayers. I thought that Angelus was my best chance of getting back here. It just turned out to be a painful way to do it, but at least Angel isn't questioning me right now, so I think it worked out as good as it could have."

Hamilton was listening to this, now. I had to explain why I had ried to unlash Angelus.

It wasn't as though I had brought him out. That was all about little perky Buffy and her libido.

"Yes, baby, you can go back as many as three days, in a rotation. In a rush to leave?"
I leaned back over the controls, hesitating before pushing any buttons. Aha. Found it. I was rewinding the tape for Giles' room.

"I am smarter then that, Cordy..."

I smirked back up at him as I pulled out the desk chair and sat down in it, crossing my legs. I was out of here in a good 10 minutes. But while I was here ..

"Care to argue that point, cowboy?" I asked, brow raised.

"No, no Angel isn't questioning you right now. But hey! Faith, Riley, Angel, Buffy, Willow .. oh pretty much everyone whose a part of the Scooby Gang is looking for your ass. Here's the bad news though .. they're not looking to question you."

I stopped the tape and started to watch it. Giles was out of his room for a while and hey ..

"Sort of." I said, in response to his rush to leave question. "I'm on a mission from my pseudo-Boss Man. Supposed to find out where Giles was all day and why the templates are missing. Figured I'd volunteer for the duty because if Wes was down here, it would be a lot less pleasant." I said, frowning at him.
I smiled, and crept up behind her.

"So you're looking to see why the templates went missing and you are checking Giles' room...whoever that is?"

She looked over my shoulder, and I had a more then better idea.

"Instead of worrying abou this whoever being the one to take them, why don't we just check Pryce's office and we can pretty much nail down exactly who put their mits on them."

I toyed aroung with the screen until I came across Wes' room. The feed didn't offer anything but black.

"I wonder why the man that I so violently replaced didn't report this to Angel? It seems as though Wes has turned off the camera's in his office. I suppose that's a good thing if you are ever meeting in there."

I played it back again and he had taken the microphone out too.

"I guess you study this Giles guy and don't bring up the camera's in Pryce' room unless Angel asks and then you can say I checked that too, and say that it seemed to have neem magically altered, because it showed nothing but it is working now..."

Oh yeah, and you might want to mention what a pleasant guy that Frank in the security office is.....if it comes up."

I hoped that proved to her that I was still thinking.
"Well I have to pretend like I actually did look at Giles' tape. Just so they know I wasn't screwing off with the security guy. You know, Frank." I said, smirking up at him.

"Maybe he did try to report it, but you interrupted him?" I asked, raising a brow.

"I wasn't going to say a damn thing about Wes' room. Not like I was supposed to be looking at it or anything. Just Giles. Oh and I'll make sure I say that Lindsey checked it." I rolled my eyes up at him.

"Well at least you're sortof on the tips of your toes. Or cowboy boots. Whichever you prefer. Who're you chatting with? Not another girl, I'd hope." I said, as I got up from the chair, shutting off the monitor.

"Can't hang around too long." Frowning up at him as I smoothed out my skirt, I pushed in the chair. "Have to do my duty."
I almost forgot that I had Hamilton on hold.

"If you want to call Hamilton a woman, then that is your prerogative, but he's kinda far from it."

"Sorry, Hamilton, Cordy is here and apparently, the templates have been taken from Pryce's office."

I waited for his answer, although I suspected that he already knew what I had just told him.

"So, what are you coming up with on this Giles situation? Did he leave his room?"

The phone in my ear and my neck hovering almost on her shoulder, I looked on.
"Oh you swing for the men now?" I asked, smirking back up at him. Well, more technically over my shoulder where his face was hovering.

"Jeez. If you wanted to sit on the chair that bad, I'll just slide on over." I said, rewinding the tape again.

"There's a period on the video where he's gone for a good .. while. I don't know how long, but he's absent. And there were two figures in his bedroom. That I didn't recognize." I perked a brow and sighed. I was getting nowhere and the guys were probably getting antsy for my return.
I peered in deeper.

"Oh yes, I have seen the two of them with him before, in another room. So, the question becomes, who the hell are these people, and why are they visiting so often with fair Giles?"

I smiled. Yeah, I hadn't made the best of decisions as of late, but really, didn't these people know anything about security cameras?

"Okay, here is the part that I don't get. Giles, a former watcher, who you would assume would be endowed with intelligence, is having meetings with people that he seems to want to hide. So why is he bringing them into our house, where the security camera's are rampant, and he has to know it?"

I looked at her. If these were part of our enemies, then things were really going to be fun....

Phone in hand, I had to swallow my words as I saw somebody coming down the hall.

"Cordy, Faith is looking for me. It is best if you get back to the room and away from me."

They would show in here and I would have my cozy hiding spot, but Cordy couldn't be mixed in with me.
I sighed. I had gotten a good look at the two Giles was playing host too. I figured I'd just be able to describe them back to Angel and Wes and Giles would be cornered. More or less.

"Slayers. They have the tendency to ruin things." I said, with a frown on my face as I pushed up out of the chair. I turned to him and raised a brow.

"Be careful. I guess I'll meet you back at Wes' tonight?" I asked him, shrugging. Kissing him on the cheek, I grinned before heading towards the door.

"Oh and don't get yourself caught again." I said, lowering my voice. "Especially with psycho-slayer herself on the loose. She's a bit of a bitch." I shrugged, hand on the door knob.