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A call to the big man.

Still slightly weakened from having Angelus feed on my neck, I was still prety happy about the position that I was now in, although I had let my presence be known to all that Cordy, Wes, Hamilton and I opposed, and that was not the plan for me. The plan for me had been to be in the shadows, unknown and yet lethal when I needed to be.

That was now out. Angel and company would hunt me, bu they wouldn't find me here in the security office, which I had come to after leaving the hospital room that I had been sharing with the crippled Riley army boy.

It was careless of any of them to leave me unattended, but it was their own fault and now they would pay. I killed the security guard on duty and had just finished taking his carcass to the incinerator, carefully, where I had gone unseen, and now was back in my security perch, studying various rooms and something struck me as odd.

One room had a meeting of four people talking about scheming on Angel, and spoke definitively of the templates, the mystical books belonging exclusively to the senior partners. Wes had been careless to make them so easily stealable, and I would call him on that, as he would surely call me on being grabbed up by Faith, and for everything that followed.

Right now, I had a call to make, and as I kept my eyes on the scrrens, seeing that Faith and some other military type guy were in my own room and they would no doubt be looking for me. The four in the room, trying to deceive Angel, responsible for stealing the templates, had disappered, although one of them showed up in an infirmary wing, just down the hell from where Faith, Riley and this third guy, who actually has said that he could drag me in by my collar, was.

Wary of Faith coming here, for this was where she had seen me, I held the phone to my ear and looked to the closet, and went in, knowing that there was a vent for me to escape in, when my call was answered.

"Hey, Marcus, it's Lindsey. Boy, do we have somethings to discuss...that is if you aren't already keeping apprised of things."

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