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Sparring, and chit-chatting.

Illyria towering over me, was now not trying to sodding stomp my head into the floor.

We had been in the training room yesterday, and I had thrown a backbreaker on her that had incapacitated her and had made me smile, but I felt a little bleeding bad about hurting her that bad, for som reason.

After questioning Giles, and seeing that she was about to throttle Rupes, had to bloody stop her because couldn't have Buffy even more mad at me then she already was for sleeping with Will.

There was no doubt that Illyria would have inflicted some pain on Rupes, and as much as I still owed him one for trying to have me killed, had to sodding defend him, which led to Illyria and I fighting, which led to us in here again.

Was sodding clear that she wanted to break me into a hundred pieces, and that she wanted to kill me, so I put the wagers out there, and was willing to kill her, but of course, didn't want to kill her. It wasn't her fault that she had taken Fred from us, and in bloody fact, parts of Fred were still in her, but as we fought, she sodding took the low-blow route and hammered me after that, putting a back-breaker on me, crunching my jewels, and pounding my face.

As she had me at her feet, at her mercy, she questioned why I had the chip in my head, after I had let it slip, in an attempt to recover, and I told her about Finn and the sodding iniative. She asked me why I hadn't killed Finn and told her that it was complicated, still stalling for time, but that it was about Buffy, again.

At her mercy, at her feet, I found myself oddly attracted to her and bloody wondered what she was going to do next.

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