jackienichols (jackienichols) wrote in not_fadeaway,

So we were back on the prowl again. We watched, out of the corner of our eyes, as Giles goes back into his hospital room. Thank goodness. The man needs to rest and get well. And people like Illryia and Spike need to stay away from him. Michael and I would make sure of that.

Being around this evil place was a lot easier with Michael around. Before, when it was just me walking around, I felt like I was out of place and out of my league, especially when I was face to face with Spike for a few moments there. But now, with Michael acting like an attorney and me acting like his paralegal, I was more confident. We work really well together as a team.

I also thought about Xander. So cute, didn't even mind the eyepatch. I need to come up with better ideas so I don't look dumb in front of him again, but I think he likes me back. We swapped cellhpne numbers, and that has to be more than just for emergencies.

Getting back to the mission at hand before I blow it, I walked with Michael around again. It had been enough time that we needed to check on Giles again. He seemed to be e doing okay, thank goodness. My mind wandered back to Xander. I couldn't wait to train him. I nearly walked right into someone I was so lost in thought.

"Sorry." I said, then continued on, Michael ahead of me. I really need to focus. Stop thinking about Xander, Jackie. Focus on the misson!

[Open to Michael]
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