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Deja Vu all over again.

Graham, Faith and I made our way into the hall, on the manhunt for Wesley and it was definitely a case of deja vu all over again.

It seemed to me that we had just done this, earlier in the day, only then, we were looking for Wesley, and now we were looking Lindsey.

We had filled Graham in on all of the particulars. Angel, a vampire was the CEO here, he had helped me, us, go after this Hamilton who had killed our unit, but also, that there seemed to be a lot of tension between Giles and Angel about the way that things should be done.

He filled us in on a lot of things too, mainly that he wasn't going back into the military, because as I suspected, they were going to make him go through hoops to prove that he was competent after seeing the same tragedy in the jungle that I did; the same tragedy that had taken our unit away from us, and my Samantha.

Faith had come up with the suggestion that the best place to look for Lindsey might be in the same place that we had seen him the first time, when she had clinked him and had taken him up to Angel's penthouse before all of the madness started.

In the elevator, I felt an intense desire to say something, considering that I was all weak and immobile, although I did find her plan to be a good one, because he did seem to be looking for something or someone where we had seen him last time.

"Okay, guys, before we have any confrontations, I would like to point out that while I am normally pretty proficient at taking care of myself, right now isn't one of those times, and I would just like to ask that you guys please not let me get drained of nearly all of my blood again!"

I smiled, but I really was serious, as I looked from Graham to Faith, who I knew wouldn't let anything happen to me again.

[Faith and Graham]
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