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Waiting, with a smile, for Cordy to return.

Angel and I hovered over Giles as he shifted uncomfortably in his bed, still maintaining a facade of calmness, throughout.

Angel had basically come out and accused him of stealing the templates, which I hadn't been able to do...or at least, I was going to, because knowing Giles the way that I did, knowing that he loved his books and that the templates would be the greatest volumes in his collection, I had to believe it to be him, with them disappearing coinciding with his coming here, only Angel beat me to the punch.

That made me smile and it made me smile more to hear that Giles had comeback by saying that Angel was speaking out of his asshole.

Giles was no doubt depending on Angel's relationship with Buffy to keep him from doing harm to Giles, because very few people spoke to Angel that way.

Brilliantly, I came up with the idea that somebody go check the security cameras to see if Giles was being true to his word, to see if he had lied when he had said that he had spent the whole day in his infirmary bed, where we currently stood, in his room.

Giles had backpeddled from that point, only proving further that he was guilty of pilfering MY templates, saying that he had gone to the Cafeteria and to the restroom once and that he ahd walked around another time to stretch his legs, and Cordy had decided to go check the security offices, which I absolutely loved, for she and I were not on Angel's side either, and she and I could play this any number of ways.

Playing Angel and Giles against each other was enticing to the point of making me salivate.

"You do know, Giles, that stealing those templates away from here is not only wrong, but is punishable by law. I think I shall get Gunn to start some legal proceedings upon you if you don't turn them over right away."

As I said it, Cordy walked into the room, a smile on her face and I looked at her, as did Angel, expectantly, only we had very different things on our mind, although I did love the remark about getting Gunn on this legally, and how it visibly made him squirm, even if Angel didn't seem comfortable with that idea.

((Cordy, Angel, Giles))
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I had managed to get in and out of the office without being seen by anyone, except Lindsey. Which, in our case, really positive. I had seen Giles with two people, a girl and a guy and apparently, they weren't being very sneaky about it. I wonder if he knew that his every move was more or less on tape.

I almost skipped off the elevator and down the hall to the room, but I managed to contain myself and just walk in with a grin. If we could manage to turn Angel and Giles even more against each other .. I was just waiting for them to self-destruct. After all, that's what the Scoobs and Team Angel were best at, right?

I gave Giles my most disappointed look as Wes started in on getting Gunn to go with the legal-ease. Rolling my eyes, I held a hand up for him to shut up.

"Giles. Do you happen to have any friends that you'd care to tell us about?" I asked, raising a brow, completely innocent. I was supposed to be siding with Angel and Wes against Giles, but hey, it was really Wes and me against Angel against Giles. Right?

"Nurses maybe? Oh. Maybe they were just helping you with those long bathroom and cafeteria breaks, right?"

Giles was cornered and I'm pretty sure he knew it. Let him take it from here. I turned to Angel and shrugged. "Pretty boring tapes. He wasn't in the room that much. But when he was .. he wasn't alone."
I heard the lawyers talking in the hall and it struck me as odd, and then Cordy brought this news in.

I was tempted to go out and drag whoever was in the hall into the room and start a little confrontation here and now.

It could cme to that, really soon, especially since Giles had a look on his face when she mentioned the man and the woman being in the room with him.

"Rupert Giles, head of the watcher's council, has definitely arrived. Meeting with secret people and gone from the room for long periods of time. Tell me, Giles, who stole the templates? Was it you, or one of them, and what are your plans? And, does Buffy know about what you are doing? And finally, who is this man and who is this woman?"

I moved closer to him, knowing he was behind something, but not knowing what I could do. I couldn't hurt Giles. Buffy would never forgive me for that.

I could kick his ass out onto the street, though and tell Buffy that we had evidence that he was up to no good.

"So, Giles. I want answers and I want them now. This is my company, my firm, and I fight evil, but I won't take any bacstabbing from my team, and if you aren't part of my team then you aren't welcome here."
So, they had caught me, and what was worse was that they had seen Michael and Jackie, who were probably just outside.

I wanted to tell them to flee for now, to keep our cover solid, but we hadn't organized any signals, and I hadn't expected this kind of ambush.

I just hoped that they could hear me, that they could hear everything going on in here and were keeping their cool. I could get out of this, but if Jackie made her presence and power known now, then all was for not.

"You won't take any backstabbing on your team, Angel? Then why don't you look to your left and then to your right. Somebody who has more magical ability then virtually anyone in the world ardently believes that there is no way in the world that Wes could hav awakened Cordelia in such a quick manner and this is a woman who has ensouled you twice, Angel. Willow."

I wasn't going to comment about leaving just yet or about having Jackie and Michael in my room and I very much hoped that I wouldn't have to.

I watched as he gave me his typical, brooding and menacing gaze, but then briefly shifted to Wes and then to the other side and looked at Cordelia.
Giles had put on a show and now it was my turn.

I smiled for Angel. "It's really clever Giles, how you turned away your obvious guilt over being caught onto me and Cordelia. It just so happens that while little red riding hood, Ms. powerful herself gets all persnickety when someone has the ability to top her. It just so happens that I have been working on a spell for Cordy for nearly a year and while I was away, grieving over the fact that I lost my Fred, because you, you, wouldn't help us out, and I found some secrets for coma resurrection of the mystical variety. Now, stop putting on heirs and tell us where the templates are and who these friends of yours are!"

I crossed my arms, looked at Angel and then back at him.

I couldn't say that the spell that I had gotten to bring Cordy back had com out of those templates, but I could lie every bit as good as Giles could, and I would wager, a hell of alot better.
I rolled my eyes at Giles.

"Do you really want me to go back out into the hallway where I'm fairly certain I had just seen your two visiting friends?" I paused, crossing my arms across my chest.

"Giles. How long have you known us? And yet, you still feel the need to come in here and instead of helping us take down this place, you're going to come in and try to destroy us? What's wrong with you? You sure as hell are not the Giles that we all relied on back in Sunnydale." I said, a look of pain etched on my face.

Calling all Oscars, best actress in a drama right here. Just keep directing the blame towards someone else. That's all it ever came down too. Giles was just pulling the boy who cried wolf crap on us and I so was not going to take it.

And it's not likely that Angel would believe Giles over Wesley and I. Pfft. Call that a one in a million shot. But he was pissing me off.

"And as for me waking out of that coma .. is it really so hard to believe that there's someone who could possibly match Willow in their magical abilities? You don't know a damn thing about what we've done our time here in Los Angeles. We've all grown up since Sunnydale and maybe if you weren't so obsessed with hating Angel, or whatever it is that you do know, you'd know that. We've grown and hey, kudos for Wes for bringing me out of my coma. I was in there too damn long. Does it really matter who the hell brought me out anyway?"

God. I loved to rant and bitch and rave and pretend to be good. It really was a .. well a bit of a rush. And I liked it.
I beamed with pride listening Cordy thundering away at Giles.

It was hilarious. If things weren't so screwed up, if I hadn't just turned into Angelus after having sex with Buffy and then drained Finn and oh, on top of that, Lindsey was on the loose and of course, Giles was here, lying to me plain as day, then I would have laughed, but still, I did take pleasure in the fact that Giles was now squirming.

I didn't put even a moment of thought into what Giles had said, considering that he was so blatantly keeping things from me. Things that were mine and information that in this house, I had to know.

"I'm well aware of what Willow has done in the past, Giles. Now, this is about trust, Giles and Cordy is right. At one point, I could trust you, Buffy could trust you..at one point. Hell, you tried to have Spike killed when he had a soul, so why should Itake your word over my friends and the people who have worked next to me for five years?"

This wasn't getting us any closer to the answers we needed, but he needed to hear it.
"And I'm really so sure that you would have minded if the plan against Spike, which was done because the first was goin to use him against Buffy, would have succeeded, Angel. This is Spike we are talking about, here. The same Spik who slept with Willow and caused a rift between Willow and Buffy, and as always, is starting trouble. You know, maybe it is so that you should invesitgate him on these...on these missing books tat you keep referring to, because I had nothing to do with it, and I will not repeat myself in this matter."

Diverting their attentions away from Michael and Jackie was my intention at the moment, and I dearly hoped that they had made themselves scarce at this point, because I could handle myself here.

The mere threat of Buffy retaliatin for anything that Angel were to do with me gave me the audacity to deny, deny and deny some more until all of this was a memory.

I crossed my arms, then cleaned my glasses, using, bloody hell, the bed sheets to do so, and then put them back on, before crossing my arms again and looking at them defiantly.
This was pure subterfuge and diversion.

Turning the subject to Spike and away from these friends and the templates; it was really quite obvious.

"Giles, this couldn't be anymore blatant. I was a watcher too and I know the drill. I know how we are taught when faced with a scenario when we must lie. Do you really believe that any of us are blind enough not to see that you are merely diverting our attentions, or trying to, anyway, away from the fact that you are knee deep in all of this?"

I moved closer to him. Angel may fear Buffy's retributions, but I, on the other hand, did not.

Hell, I wasn't on her side or Giles' or Angel's, anyway, so there was no foul in me taking a swipe at him.

"Spike is part of this team as well, and clearly, you are against him, so you are only digging your grave even further..."

I took my glasses off.

"Now tell me what you did with my templates, or I'm going to beat the living hell out of you until you do tell me whre they are."

I looked at Angel, briefly, an edge to my face, before looking back down at him.

"Think that I'm playing around, Giles?"
"Wesley." I said, frowning at him as he threatened to beat the crap out of Giles. "Like it or not, Giles is still supposedly playing for our side of the team. So beating him up isn't going to get us anywhere." I said, rolling my eyes.

Though, it would be fun to watch. Still.

"Giles. I know that you and Angel or you and Wes, hell even you and me, we're not best friends forever. But if you want to work against us, taking our templates or whatever the hell you took, then you're going to have to get the hell out of our town. Sure we may have played the role of the good little sidekicks back in Sunnydale, but things work a little differently here in Los Angeles."

Ramble ramble ramble. Yada yada yada. This was utterly pointless.

"We're working from the inside out to change things. So either you start working with us, or you can pack your sorry ass up and get out of our town."

Cause I didn't sound like Angel with a bug up his ass right there. I sighed and crossed my arms across my chest. At least I didn't threaten to get with the physical, which I so would've liked to have done.
I was really surprised by the way that Cordy had picked up on things so quick and it was obvious that Wes had given her our whole mission statement while they were gone.

More surprising was that Wesley had threatened Giles. It was obvious to me that he was taking the stolen templates as a personal affront, watcher versus watcher and now he was escalting those stakes with the challenge of a fight.

Then, my Cordy, keeping the peace. God, how I had missed her.

"Yeah, Wes, calm down a little bit. We'll handle things with friends a little differenty then we would if he was ..say, Lindsey."

By that, I was implying that we would apply weight to pressure points without drawing blood. I really thought that if it would have worked, then I would have let Wesley do whatever he wanted here, because some tensions needed to be let out, but Buffy would climb up one side of me and down the other if I let anything happen to Giles.

Wes' aggression was a little disconcerting, considering that this was at the very least, a former friend that we were dealing with and not some demon.

Giles' reaction was one of not taking it lightly and I noticed that he swung the sheets off of his legs and started to get off of the bed.

"Why don't we handle this like men, Giles? How about you just tell us why you are doing this? Why do you want the templates?"
I ripped the covers off of my legs and turned to face Wesley.

I could remember a time when he cowered away from everything and whimpered at the thought of violence, and I'd be damned if he were going to speak to me that way.

Then Cordelia started with the rah rah cheerleader, I'm still the same girl as I was in Sunnydale speech and Angel finished by stating that we should handle this like men.

I briefly turned to him. "Well, there is nothing to handle, considering I don't have the bloody books, but that's quite a stretch, isn't it, Angel....you calling yourself a man?"

I diverted my attention away from him and back to Wesley. I was relieved that Michael and Jackie had yet to enter the room and as I got to my feet, I felt as strong as I had since before having sex with Brenda on that plane over here.

"You have the audacity to threaten me, you berk?" I said to Wesley, towering over him. "I don't have your stupid books, but there is no way that I will let a pillock like you threaten me. You take a swing, and I'll do the rest. Care to test me?"

I was rather abundantly glad that I was not still in the unflattering medical attire that had been provided to me. Although, spilling Wesley's blood as if he were Ethan would have been better on those ...those scrubs then on my own clothes.

I would just have to be sure to make sure that his blood stayed on his clothes.
Just what I had hoped would happen, did.

Giles called me on my threat! I was not the same man that he had known back in Sunnydale and he was abou to find out painfully just how much so.

First of all, I wasn't on Angel's team and I wanted to make a little statement attesting that fact while still seeming to be on his team and angry over the templates and secondly, Giles always thought that he was better, and gloated when Buffy had left the council, resulting in my sacking, and that had left me with scars that had lasted for a good long while..well that and my father's treatment of me..my father, another Council snob, just like Giles, here.

"My father works for you, Rupert, so the broken bones that you get here, I want you to take back to him and tell him and all of the elitests back at the Council that we here at Wolfram and Hart fight evil, the rest of you look at pictures and read useless texts.."

Enough talking.

I swung a right hand at his face, only to have him block it and throw a right hand at my face, which I blocked, before giving him a quick jab to the gut and a knee to the face sending him down to the bed, once more, my anger coming out.

I started at him and he was getting back up when Cordy stepped in between us.


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I was still very much immersed in this feeling of complete and utter contentment and knowing Cordelia as well as I did and remembering her from the Sunnydale days when she was in high school, I found what she had become to be an utter astonishment of great proportions.

She was quite simply a goddess, and it wasn't only the way that I felt now, but when she had glowed, I knew that there could be nothing evil about her and thus, nothing evil within Wesley, even though we had just exchanged punches.

I simply wanted to hug her, but I couldn't do that.

What didn't escape my notice was that Angel had mentioned somebody else, whom I didn't know, being possibly responsible for removing the templates from Wesley's office, which o course, Willow and I had done.

"Who is this Lindsey chap, Angel? Because, I can guarantee you with absolute certainty that it was not I who pilfered these books."
I had just seen Angel and Giles became blathering fools amongst the glow of my amazing cohort, while my soothing had faded simply by thinking about Fred.

I also noticed that Angel, making a typical assumption, had turned the blame on this to Lindsey and Cordy and I both knew that it wasn't Lindsey, or I was fairly certain of it anyway.

However, in the interest of keeping myself, Cordy, Lindsey and Hamilton's involvement secreted away, I had to play along with it, even though I knew that Cordy was not going to be happy with me mentioning that her boyfriend could have been ivolved.

This was simply a case of having to do what we had to do t protect our own agenda.

"Lindsey could very easily be involved with all of this, Angel, but considering that you drained him earlier, I find it difficult to believe that he was involved in the departure of the templates."

My money as still on Giles, and Giles would now be questioning why Angel had drained anyone, which could fluster him just enough into making the mistake of admitting to what he had surely done.
As hard as Angel was trying to stop us from mentioning his little stint as Angelus, there goes Wes bringing up the fact that he had tried to drain Lindsey. I frowned. At least he was still alive, even if I wasn't done giving him a piece of my mind.

I could just see Angel going to strangle Wes for bringing up that little point and well, couldn't have that, now could we?

"Lindsey's an old enemy of ours." I said simply to Giles, before shrugging. "And apparently, if Lindsey's lying in there on his death bed, that's not going to get us any leads, now is it?" I asked Angel, raising a brow.

Keep your cool, Chase. "The templates were in your office Wes. Maybe one of our gracious employees here, or better yet, one of our visitors snuck in and stole it. They weren't just laying out in the open, were they?" I looked back at Wes.

If they were, I'd have to beat him for his stupidity. But I was betting on the not.