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Waiting, with a smile, for Cordy to return.

Angel and I hovered over Giles as he shifted uncomfortably in his bed, still maintaining a facade of calmness, throughout.

Angel had basically come out and accused him of stealing the templates, which I hadn't been able to do...or at least, I was going to, because knowing Giles the way that I did, knowing that he loved his books and that the templates would be the greatest volumes in his collection, I had to believe it to be him, with them disappearing coinciding with his coming here, only Angel beat me to the punch.

That made me smile and it made me smile more to hear that Giles had comeback by saying that Angel was speaking out of his asshole.

Giles was no doubt depending on Angel's relationship with Buffy to keep him from doing harm to Giles, because very few people spoke to Angel that way.

Brilliantly, I came up with the idea that somebody go check the security cameras to see if Giles was being true to his word, to see if he had lied when he had said that he had spent the whole day in his infirmary bed, where we currently stood, in his room.

Giles had backpeddled from that point, only proving further that he was guilty of pilfering MY templates, saying that he had gone to the Cafeteria and to the restroom once and that he ahd walked around another time to stretch his legs, and Cordy had decided to go check the security offices, which I absolutely loved, for she and I were not on Angel's side either, and she and I could play this any number of ways.

Playing Angel and Giles against each other was enticing to the point of making me salivate.

"You do know, Giles, that stealing those templates away from here is not only wrong, but is punishable by law. I think I shall get Gunn to start some legal proceedings upon you if you don't turn them over right away."

As I said it, Cordy walked into the room, a smile on her face and I looked at her, as did Angel, expectantly, only we had very different things on our mind, although I did love the remark about getting Gunn on this legally, and how it visibly made him squirm, even if Angel didn't seem comfortable with that idea.

((Cordy, Angel, Giles))
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