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Lovemaking comfort after killin'.

I drove towards Gwen's apartment, probably faster then I should have been, knowin' that I had just killed a man, and needin' the comfort of Gwen, who had just killed demons.

The scumbag that I had killed deserved to die, especially since I had just defended him and got him off on charges that nobody should have gotten off on.

It was my job, but that didn't mean that I couldn't set some plans into motion that would eliminate him without it bein' tied to me.

Unfortunately, my plans didn't work out and my client and his slimy demon bodyguards had taken out the Don Amarassi, who hated my client, and Gwen and I did the dirty work with more success then the mafia guys had.

I guessed that it was a good thing, because now, two sets of bad people and demons were dead, but it didn't change two facts. I had killed another human, just as I had Seidel, and the ramifications either wit the partners or wit Angel could be big.

I did what I had to do, though, to feel good about myself, and I wasn't going to let Gwen kill him. Things were bad, but I found myself needin' to be close to her, and didn't want things to go the way they had wit my sweet Fred after I had killed Seidel.

She opened the door and I couldn't get in there quick enough, as I swept her into my arms and kissed her with need, headin' towards the bedroom. I knew that my affections may have seemed a little crazy, but I was hopin' that I wouldn't get any complaints and so far, they weren't.

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As far as days went this one had turned out to be one of the most interesting one's I had in quite a long time. Not only did I find myself a boyfriend, and yeah, that was totally messin' up with my head still, but I also got hired by said boyfriend to work for Wolfram & Hart. If only my parent could see me now... yeah, right. They'd probably say the same thing they always said about me.

And going on that little mission with Charlie boy was rather exciting, still... I didn't like seeing him kill that man. I mean, yeah, anyone could kill someone else, but actually taking someone's life? No matter how bad they were? That sort of thing did a thing to a person in the long run.

Yeah, I was worried... and it was different kind of worry. I had never felt this way, or allowed myself to feel this way for someone else. However, soon as we got to my luxurious home all those worries when out the door.

As we made our way to my bedroom, I began to peel my own clothes, leaving a trail from the door, all the way down the hall and into the bedroom, and he was doing the same thing. I kinda like that. As we reached my bedroom door, I let him pick me up and toss me playfully on my bed. I smiled at him, and pulled him closer to me, kissing him.

"You know..." I began to say, "this is the second time I bring you up here." I teased him a bit, my body getting hot... feeling needy. "Remember?" I said. How could I forget such a time... it had been my first time.
I had just killed someone, but before that I had been in court and still had a suit on, very similar to the night that she had stolen L.I.S.A.

"How could I forget. I'm still wearin' the duds, only I do that shit everyday now, girl."

One thing that I didn't do evryday, was get to ouch her, and my juices were flowin' after what we had done, and I wondered if I was comin' on too strong?

I wondered if Angel was gonna stick a knife into me over this like Wes had over Fred?

I wondered if I would still have a job?

Fuck it. I killed a scumbag piece of shit and a few demons and mobsters died along the way. They deserved that shit and I couldn't give a damn what the senior partners wanted.

But, still, my juices were flowin' I lingered over, rippin' my clothes off, which was hella quicker then the time it took to put them on.

There was good reason for that in this case. Greedy, my lips pounced on hers.
I smiled at him. I never thought that he'd be here again. I never thought that things would go the way that they had. Life was always interesting I guess. Always kept throwin' us curve balls and what not.

"And here I thought, I would be easily forgotten," I said smiling.

Everything felt just right as he kissed me, and I felt completely comfortable. Even more so that I had back at the firm, when we made love for the second time.

I let myself sink deeper into my bed, pulling him with me, loving the way his weight felt on me. He held himself up with his arms, which gave me the opportunity to run my hands down this chest.

Is this how things would be from now on? If they were, then there would be no complaints from me. "Mmmm," I let a soft moan escape my lips as his own lips met mine in a deep kiss. As we kissed, I lifted my own his slightly, letting them press up against him, needing to feel him just enough to drive myself insane, just enough to awaken the fire within me.
As her lips found their way to my chest, what she had said rung in my ears like a wildfire.

"Easily forgotten, baby? As far as know, girl, you aint no vamp, so I gotta infer by that....that you have lookd in a mirror lately?"

She didn't answer me, but her tongue made it's way to my nipples, licked them a bit in circular motions and then she pressed her lips, pilling my right nipple into her mouth and suckin', causin' me to swell massively down below, which of course, sh could see.

"You're gorgeous, girl. If anyone can look betta then Fred, it's you,"...and Tyra Banks, but who was countin'?

I putmy hands on her chest, a need to be loved feel loved, still predominant after takin' the life of another human on this night.

I wasn't goin' to be haunted or let it get in the way of a relationship again, though,

Seidel had ruined Fred and I, and she was gone, but nothin', nothin' was goin' to happen to Gwen. Nothin' except for some heavy pipe-layin' and romance to boot, because I wanted, needed to taste and feel every inch of her.

i took both sides of her head and kissed her deeply, makin' my nipples jealous, but there was another, more sensitive area of my body that craved her touch and I couldn't help but make it known to her that it was ready.

Of course, she couldn't miss it, but I was really needy right now and the beneficiary of that need would be her...and me.
Man he was hot, and not just in a sexy kind of way but also hot like the sun against my skin. I made my way down his delicious mocha skin slowly, starting at his throat and moving towards his nipples. All of this was really new to me. I didn't know if I was doin' things right, but he wasn't complaining and neither was I. So I just did what felt most natural to me.

I could see him stiffen up down below and it made me smile. Gently I pulled on his nipple and moved to the other, letting my tongue circle it and then putting it in my mouth to suckle it. Just as I did, my hand found its way below.

I grabbed him and began to massage him gently, liking the way he felt in my hands. As I did, I looked up at him, his hands running up and down the middle of my back. I wondered if he could feel L.I.S.A, but soon the thought faded as I looked up at him and our eyes met.

I gave him a naughty smile, and continued to explore him down below. If anyone would have told me last week that I would be doin' this, I would have laughed in their faces. Still, I could think of no better person to learn these things with, than him. After all, he was my first and hopefully, the only one.
I was safe. There would be no repeat of the hole me dyin' thing, but when her wet lips wereon my nips ad her hand then went to my shaft, there was the slightest trace of electricity and it went through me in waves, in a very good way.

The beauty that was her, the sexiness, was my enibriation, my black out from everythin' that we had just done, which even I knew was reckless.

I felt a little weird. I knew that it was an ethical thing goin' on in me. I had ridded the world of a piece of shit, and Gwen had killed some demons, but it was still immoral.

The only thing that I had right now was her touch, and her touch would carry me through, would carry me through all of this. It had to.

I wanted the moment to last, the foreplay to be long, lastin', lovin' the experience to pass the night away, even though the night was just beginnin'.

I smiled at her and kissed her forehead, lettin' her massage me, as I continued to further harden.

I didn't want to bring it up and ruin the moment, but I knew that the moment wasn't goin' to be ruined. She was my girl, and we could talk about these things and not lose the moment, because, two young, hot people, here.

"What do you think about what we did, earlier, girl?" I kissed her after askin' the qiuestion, her hand still strokin' me, my body rubbin' against hers, the closeness, especially necessary at the moment.
I let him hold me. Feeling loved for the first time, feeling wanted. I didn't think he realized how big this whole thing was for me. What we were doing... what we had done before.

I could never touch anyone- truly tough anyone without turning them into burned toast. And even after getting L.I.S.A and making love to him for the first time, I still didn't allow that touch.

Just never felt that comfortable with anyone, was my best guess, and- and it was out of habit too, that I wore the gloves and tried to say way, even though I wasn't a danger to anyone unless I wanted to, or unless L.I.S.A got damaged somehow.

I moved from one nipple to the other, my hands holding him tight. I could tell he had a lot on his mind, but I wasn't one to really pry, so I just let it ride... until he felt comfortable to tell me, and then he finally did.

"I think you did what you had to back there. What you thought was right," I nibbled on his ear lightly before whispering once more. "Tough choices handsome... somebody's gotta make 'em. What's done it's done. Don't let it eat up at you, not over some scum bag that was probably a walking target anyway," I said, stoking him just a little bit faster.
She was right, and she felt so good, and really had a nurturin' side that I wouldn't have guessed was there.

It was hard to deal with what I had just done, in my own mind.

She was right. I had just killd a scumbag, drug-dealing pedarest with demon henchmen, and his demons and some mafia had died as well. We had done the world a favor, but parts of it ate away at me, but it was good to talk about it.

I could handle Angel's reaction, the partners' reaction. That didn't concern me. Whatdid, was me makin' sure that what we did was an isolated incident, and that I didn't play God against bad humans on a regular basis.

Killin' demons was natural. It was what we did, all of us, but I had to make sure that I limited my killin' to just that, murderous demons and not to humans, even if they were scum, who had I had just gotten acquitted on all charges.

But, that was just the problem. The gray area was startin' to eat away at me and wit Cordy bein' in her coma and wit Fred gone, defendin' pieces of shit was startin' to eat away at me.

Who was to say that I wouldn't kill all of the clients that I happened to free from now on?

I wiped the thoughts out of my head that didn't relate to a sultry brunette, currently massagin' me into a massive erection.

"You're right, baby, but I have to b careful, maybe cut down on the cases that I'm actually involved in, pawn them off to the people that work for me, because it's gettin' harder to free them and live with myself."

I needed to live in moments like these. I moved in and kissed her, her hands still on my johnson.
The kiss... the kiss was intense. But, as good as it felt, I needed to talk to him. I pulled back and looked him in the face. Those gorgeous brown eyes starin' back at me, makin' it hard to think about what it was I wanted to say to him.

"Look handsome, like I said before... you do what you have to-" My lips curled into a small smile before continuing. " life, at work... it just how it is. Let’s not worry about that right now, kay?" I kissed his lips as I pulled him closer to me. "But know this, I'll always be here for you baby."

I kissed him passionately again, pulling on his lips lightly, biting on them and then pushed him down on the bed, teasing him just a little bit. I kissed his neck and moved down his chest looking to tease just a little the object of my obsession.

I had never pictured myself doing something like this with anyone, but he just made me feel that comfortable. And I liked that comfort. I also realized that I needed him, needed him like I had never needed anyone in my life. I had never had a chance to experience what he was offering me, no one had shown me the kind of kindness he had shown me. And I loved him... I truly loved him.
I felt her surrenderin' to me, and soon, that need for her, became the only thought that permeated my mind.

All of the violence that we had just committed, all of the hatred for my clients was gone.

All of the feelins that no matter how hard I tried to make a difference for the side of good, it was neva gonna happen, also drifted away.

Soon, it just became the two of us and the only picture in my mind was that of our bodies collaboratin', meldin' into a sweet rhythm, the foreplay short, my penis not, the lovemakin' expressioned, poignant, enthrallin'.

The sighs that she elicited, that parted her lips, became the only voices of reason that mattered to me, her body, became the sanctuary that I needed, and I hoped that she not only felt the girth of my manhood, but the need and desire in my heart for her.

My lips locked with hers and it was intoxicatin', numbin' the mind from the outside world, as my ryhthmic strokes became more pronounced, quicker, more powerful.
I closed my eyes, my lips parted just enough to let moan escape from them as we shared a passionate kiss. I squeezed him hard and buried my face in his neck and began to nibble on it, sucklin' on the skin lightly and then bitin' him just hard enough to make him moan.

I let my fingers dig into his chest as I rode him hard, wantin' to take all of him inside of me. He felt so good, fillin' me all the way up.

I loved the way he explored my body and then let his finger trickle up and down my sides. I pulled away from his neck and let my hair fall onto his face, ticklin' him lightly as I began to grin on to him, his cock hittin my g-spot every single time. Not to mention the fact that the friction felt good on my clit.

I brought my head down once more, my lips so close to his ears and began to whisper, "Why don't you let your tongue tease me for a while, handsome, just like it did back at the firm."

I ligthly nibbled on his earlobe as his hands grabbed my ass helpin' me grind harder on to him. I still couldn't belive that I had gotten so lucky with him. He was my first, and hopefully, he would be my last, didn't want to share all that I was with anyone else. My body, my soul and my heart would be his forever.
Our passion met a sweet and passioned creshendo, her ridin' me, nibblin' on my neck, makin' me know that she needed me as much as I needed her.

It was like I was completely lost and couldn't think of anythin' else other then bein' intwined wit her body, intwined with everythin' that was her.

I found it impossible to not be touchin' like every square inch of her, even her long and lustrous, curly hair as it tumbled onto my face, my hands roamin' all ova her.

Then she asked me to pleasure her orally, and GOD YES. The woman was everythin' to me, and I couldn't think of a way to be more inside of her, especially since she tasted so good.

I raised my head up, kissed her and then pulled her off of me, bringin' her hips towards my face.

Gwen was abou to be sittin' on my face, encompassin' me more then any otha possible way, and it was exactly what I needed, not to mention a plasure, for both of us.
Oh god... his tongue felt amazing. I couldn't help but moan out loud as he went to work. His hands held me firmly in place and all I could do was simply hold on to the bed post for support as my body began to jump lightly as his tongue explored me.

I was experiencing everything for the very first time. All that we were doing. And I didn't want it to be the last time I would experience something like this. I really doubt that it would be.

We were together... and this is what couples did in their spare time... or so I heard.

I almost screamed out loud as his tongue touched the most sensitive part of me... God it felt good. Even better than it had been back at the office. The thought made me smile and I couldn't help but think that I was the luckiest girl alive right now.
The complete perfectness of her kitty filled my head, nothin' else left in the world for me to think of.

I was aware of what this day had turned into before gettin' here, but all of that became a memory as I slithered my tongue in and out of her, sometimes gently, sometimes curling my tongue up and pressing it into her, and yet other times, teasin' her clit, focusing on the sensitive areas not actually all of the way inside of her.

Save Fred, I had neva known love like this and we were just startin' out. Gwen had struck a chord in me last year and now, when I needed her the most, she was here with me, her body coverin' my upper torso, the bedpost bangin' into the wall as I pleasured her, nothin' in the world, now court ases or dead humans or demons or ramifications gettin' in the way of what we now had.
I started to lose control. All of my own senses goin' into overload as his tongue flicked my clit and then snaked its way down and inside of me.

Finally I couldn't hold my screams any longer and I began to come, shaking and whimpering on top of his face.

I still couldn’t believe that I was actually doing this, that he was actually pleasin' me in this way. I mean, it was different, and boy, was I getting to like this more and more everything he and I did somethin'.

I bit my lower lip and felt the moment slowly fade, my legs feelin' a little like jell-o. I pulled off of him and saw that he was even harder than he had been before and it made me smile. I pulled my body down and began teasing him too... letting my tongue run up and down his length.

God- this was like heaven, or as close to is as two human being could get.

Finally I took him inside of my, my lips wrappin' themselves tightly around him, slowly workin' their way down to the base and then all the way up, and then I would repeat it all over again.

He tasted really good as well, and- I just couldn’t get enough of him. I didn't want the moment to stop, I just wanted to be with him, wanted him to be inside of me. Just wanted him all to myself.


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