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A warm glow amongst lies.

The templates had gone missing, and Wes had seemed convinced that Giles was a part of it, but I wasn't so sure.

Wes and I had been questioning him on it and it was obvious that he didn't like being put through the ringer, while Cordy had gone to check the security tapes, especially, to see if he had been truthful about staying in his room.

Cordy came back with the truth that he had been gone for a lon stretch and on more then one occassion, and eventually Giles and Wes, much to my disbelief, came to blows.

I wasn't going to face the wrath of Buffy nd touch him, although I would throw him out on his ass and keep my eyes on him if he had taken the templates and was trying to deceive us and our cause here.

I was about to break up te fight, but Cordy glowed on them, and I caught the bi-products of her shine as well and it was verification that all of this nonsense that I had heard about Cordy and Wes not being my team, was false, at least in my mind.

It also gave me clarity and I suggested, because Giles was adamant about it all, that possibly Lindsey was behind it all, and Giles, who was obviously shocked, but also soothed by Cordy's glow, seemd to think that if Lindsey was such an enemy of ours, that it would have to be him involved in making the templates disappear.

Cordy wasn't so sure, nor was Wes, and Wes had actually brought up me draining Lindsey earlier, which made my glow fade just a touch, and made Giles eye me, suspiciously, for a second.

I didn't get angry, though, and Cordy's asking about the templates was something that I had to address, at the very least, trying to pull the focus away from me being evil for a brief time earlier after sex with Buffy, which I DIDN'T want Giles to know about.

"Cordy, he did leave some of the less volatile books on his desk, but that was because they lookd like just normal books, and only those, like Lindsey, who were aware of what they were, would just go up and take them..."

I looked at her, hen Wes and then at Giles, who seemed to still be basking in Cordy's glow and seemed non-committal.

I just hoped that he didn't call me on the draining of Lindsey thing, which would kill my affects frm feeling the glow, as I would have to bring up having sex with Buffy.

{{Posting order....Cordy, Wes, Xander, Giles}}
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