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Knock! Knock! Knock!

As Riley and Graham left the room, I closed the door behind them and sighed heavily. I was frustrated as hell not being able to find Lindsey, who was obviously avoiding us. Everything just wasn't adding up. The weird noises from this room, Cordelia being in here and well, just everything in general!

"You better hope I don't find you Lindsey!" I mumbled as I grabbed the nearby chair and sat, looking at all the video screens. I could see Riley and Graham walking, which was sweet yet weird at the same time. I felt like a stalker. I put my feet up and layed back, relaxing in the chair. Sooner or later someone would come in here and they'd get a wicked punch back to reality- my version of it that is.

I waited for awhile and began to wander around the room. Back and fourth, laying, sitting- hell, even practicing some nice moves. But still, nothing!

"Fuck, where the hell are you?" I asked as I threw my arms up into the air and then sat back down into the chair. This was beginning to get really boring and I'm starting to think I should've made the boys stay here while I searched.

{{Open to Lindsey if he dares to come out and play!}}
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In my perch, high above the office, my cell phone enabling me to view Faith sitting in MY chair, I watched on.

She was waiting for me to come out and somehow, she seemed to know, as did the Riley guy and this new player, that this was where I had been.

I could hear her, and if they had any brains, they would have thought to open the ceiling tile at the far end of the inner office of the security room and go into the ventilated tunnel, where they would find me.

The inner door was open, and I could actually smell Faih, and my cologne, while faint at this point since I had put it on earlier in the day, had to be transmitted in some fashion through the air conditioning, which was making my ass cold as I sprawled out within the tunnel.

I had hung up with Hamilton, although, I would call him back, because if I spoke, Faith would definitely hear me, and mom didn't raise a dumbass here. Hell, I was barely breathing at all, paranoia that she would hear me, settling over me and as I watched her train, I knew that she would mop the floor with me.

And, yet, the disturbing question still remained. Where was I going to set up shop? I could keep doing this and flee whenever I needed this tunnel, but this was becoming a pain in the ass.

I continued to watch her. You gotta love technology.
Fifteen minutes passed and all I could do was watch the monitors with strangers and friends walk all over the place or be really fricken boring! Man, nothing ever happens around here!

"Maybe I should give up?" I mnumbled as I stood up and stretched and smelt something familiar. It wasn't Cordelia's perfume this time, it was a man's.

"Riley?" I looked around and the door was still closed, which meant either I was completely missing him or someone was near? Maybe it's just me. I sat back down and continued to stare at the monitors that were eating into my brain...
I had to laugh.

It was a silent, laugh, mind you, but it was a laugh nonetheless. She had been around both cipple-man and myself earlier and now, even though she was obviously pelvic with him, although I wasn't sure exactly how that worked, considering that his body couldn't get vertical, so I wondered and then didn't care, if the rest of him could; she couldn't even tell the difference in our colognes.

The situation actually wasn't the most fun one to be in, because I was trapped like a caged animal, but it was still amusing.

Not thinking of this before, I shut my cell phone off, just so the phone didn't ring and give me away.

Also, I was thristy. Sure, I had enhanced strength, but it didn't help much when three-quarters of your blood had been drained earlier in the day. I needed some iron supplements and a gallon of water. Or a good old heineken would also do the trick.

I wished that I could see what she was doing while she passed the time, waiting for someone who wasn't going to come in. She was one of these chicks who could barely stand still for a minute, and now, she was almost powerless.

She wouldn't stay here long, then again, by shutting my cellphone off, I had lost my ability to see the door or the feed to the camera outside in the hallway that showed people approaching. It didn't matter, as long as I wasn't in my seat, where she probably was now.

((Alex, Faithy is also up(new Justin post in CO, from the 20th!..also....Faith is going to find Lindsey inthis thread!!}}
I sratted to twiddle a pencil between my fingers as I watched everyone buzz around on all the screens in front of me. It was very amusing, especially when you see someone pick their nose and they think no one is watching. Ha, stupid people!

I yawned and turned the swivel chair a bit, glancing to the door which should have Riley coming through it. But, no such luck. I sighed and turned to the monitors again when I heard a click sound. I looked to see if I dropped something or perhaps knocked something over, but nothing. I stood up and narrowed my eyes.

"Alright, that's it! I'm temped to tear this place apart!" I roared as I threw the chair across the room and eyed the monitors. They looked so tantalizing- just waiting to be damaged. But as I was making my way for them, I caught a glimpse of this crack of black on the ceiling.

"Now, what is this?" I said as I quickly grabbed the chair and opened up the crack, which revealed a hidden area and and someone who I was looking for!

"Well, well, Well. Look who it is!"

{{Decided to find you! And I replied in CO!}}
Now would have been a very good time to have those vitamin supplements, and oh yeah, not have been bitten by a vampire, and another power boost of some kind would have been good.

I tried to back away, through the crawlspace, turning my body as best as I could, but felt her hands on my collar and felt myself being pulled back into the room and slammed to the floor.

I knw that I should have just etreated away from the office and emerged out of the ventilation somewhere else in the building and regrouped, and I was about to find out why that was important.

Well, there was no time to run, now, and I had to remember that even if I didn't win this battle and even if I was locked up, I did have allies in the building.

And personally, even though I wasn't at my strongest, I was tired of Faith ad her superiority complex. I lerched up to my feet, fully intending on showing her just how tired of it that I really was.

I stalked her, studying her as I circled her, seein that she had smiled. "Looks like you found me. But, have you caught me?"

I wanted to rip her head off. But, if I didn't, would she be going all ofthe way with me? I wasn't a demon and we all knew what killing a human had done to her in the past.
I ripped him from his hiding place and slamned him onto the ground, crossing my arms and watching him fumble up. I laughed and smiled as he started to circle me like a pathetic wolf does. What does he think this is, a game?

"I think you can answer that question for yourself Linsy-boy!" I said as I smacked him across the face and he fall onto the chair.

"I'm not in the mood so let's cut to the chase. Why the fuck are you here? I'll give you five seconds..." I said with a wink.
I had a power upgrade. I knew that I could hang with her. Hell, I so close to taking Angel out, until Chase had to pull the crystal out.

It was just, that I was o freaking weak from having my blood drained out of me, by who else, Angel, that I didn't feel strong enough to fend off a fruit fly.

Still, I wasn't going to be bullied.

"Well, you see, Faith, I already told you why I was..."

I kicked her in the ribs, and low nad behold, she wasn't able to block it and it had some sting behind it.

She fell back a little and I spun in the air, attempting to kick her, but she ducked it and the kick sapped a lot of energy from me.

"I really was here to get money owed to me, but then you had to bully me and I had to release Angelus. Bad boy he is, having sex with the other slayer when he knows abou the curse and all. Also bad that he drained your crippled boy toy too....."

Wait, he had gotten me too there, and I didn't anticipate that because I had freed him.

I was ready for whatever she did next. I wasn't going down easy.
I was in complete shock that his kick hurt. I held onto my ribs as he jumped and tried to kick, but I quickly dodgde.

"Well, aren't you just an asshole!" I mumbled as my eyes narrowed when he mentioned Riley. I cracked my knuckles and stretched a bit, watching him just in case he'd try anything.

"You're lying!" I yelled as I went down and tripped him, quickly getting up and standing before him. I gave him a wink and just smiled at him laying on the floor.

"I don't like liars." I said as I grabbed him by the cuff of his shirt and threw him up against the security office door.

"I don't know how the hell you got so strong but it doesn't mean shit to me!"

{{So many times I change it. Rofl. Care to hop on over to the Giles post now or later?}}
The door hit me so hard from her force, that it nearly took my breath away, ad you just sort of had to marvel at the power behind her, and if I wasn't as weak as I was now, I might not have felt it, but I did, as I grabbed her by the collar and swung her around and against the door.

I had always pictured Angel being the one to take me down, but this felt like I was fighting for my life and I wasn't going to go down without a big fight.

I didn't want to let her go, though, for fearthat any mistake I made, would mean her power into my body.

My mistake of waiting, led to her knees going into my ribs, and then, my body being slammed against the door even harder.

This time she wailed on my face, and I felt myself going down, but despite the pain, I still smiled.

I couldn't let her know that she had hurt me. I still was in this and I had to give myself time to heal and hope that compassion had become a quality in her so that I could take advantage of it.

{{Yeah, Alex, we'll move there now.!!}