Alex (faith_and_hope) wrote in not_fadeaway,

Knock! Knock! Knock!

As Riley and Graham left the room, I closed the door behind them and sighed heavily. I was frustrated as hell not being able to find Lindsey, who was obviously avoiding us. Everything just wasn't adding up. The weird noises from this room, Cordelia being in here and well, just everything in general!

"You better hope I don't find you Lindsey!" I mumbled as I grabbed the nearby chair and sat, looking at all the video screens. I could see Riley and Graham walking, which was sweet yet weird at the same time. I felt like a stalker. I put my feet up and layed back, relaxing in the chair. Sooner or later someone would come in here and they'd get a wicked punch back to reality- my version of it that is.

I waited for awhile and began to wander around the room. Back and fourth, laying, sitting- hell, even practicing some nice moves. But still, nothing!

"Fuck, where the hell are you?" I asked as I threw my arms up into the air and then sat back down into the chair. This was beginning to get really boring and I'm starting to think I should've made the boys stay here while I searched.

{{Open to Lindsey if he dares to come out and play!}}
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