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Questionable moves.

Wesley and the glowing Cordelia had left the room after..after..well a little bit of trauma, one might say.

Wesley and I had argued about the templates. I knew beyond reasoning and without a doubt that he thought that I had his missing sacred books, and he was right to assume as much, just as I knew that he was now evil, and possessed by a desire that made it appear to the open eye, or at least these two open eyes, that this evil place, this evil lawfirm had gotten the best of him.

He was not the same man that I used to know back in Sunnydale. Working with Angel had changed him, possibly for the better, but coming to this Wolfram and Hart, the embodiment of all evil, had changed him for the worst. The old Wesley or even the Wesley that I had corresponded with by phone from time to time would not have taken a swing at me.

Wesley and Cordelia going off on their own was probably for the best, also, because Xander and Cordelia had decided to revisit the old Sunnydale days except only know, instead of insults, they tossed around, or at least Cordelia did, what seemd to be threats.

It was probablynot he best, in hindsight, to send the two of them off on their own, and I wished that there was a way that I could get a hold of either Jackie or Michael and have them follow the two of them, and thus, prove what I suspected and what Willow seemed to know unquestioningly; that Wesley was evil and had done the spell to bring Cordelia back that way. With proof, we could bring this to Angel, possibly form a bond with him, which would make Buffy more secure, and wouldkeep Angel further from his dark side, because I couldn't help but feel that Wesley and Cordelia were trying to drag him down.

Xander, Angel and I walked towards the security offices, which seemed to be located on the fifteenth floor. Actually, we walked to the elevator and got in it, ready to descend two flights of stairs, my look to Xander a disquieted one if we were to bump into Michael and Jackie, for they didn't know of our charade.

The good thing was that Michael and Jackie were both crafty and knew that subterfuge was their main job description while here at Wolfram and Hart.

"Xander, what state did you find Willow in when you last saw her. Is she feeling better after the whole siuation with...with Spike?"

Trying to make small talk, to give Angel an air of normalcy, wasn't easy at the moment, for he was still a vampire and thus, would always have a level of rage within him, albeit that he was far more calm then Wesley was currently.

We just had to play those lines and keep things under control here, so that we could influence our own agenda, and make sure that this place was brought down in the Council's way, without gray areas.

[Xander, Angel, Jackie, Michael and if they are still in the security office, Faith and Lindsey}
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