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Smiled sincerely at her.

Wasn't the first time that after a bout of violence like we had just been through, they I had gotten busy with a snog, only the other person that came to mind was Buffy, and that was different. The little shiva and I had fought so bleeding intensely twice in the last two days and not a half an hour ago, she had touched my sack in a bad way, and had put me down as I result, throwing a painful sodding backbreaker on me like I had done to her yesterday, and had beaten me, bruised.

Difference was, Buffy thought way too much. Illyria wanted to feel again and while the bird would bloody no doubt have her share of questions after, she wouldn't question me or herself for doing this.

Was slightly odd, this. Wondered what certain others would think if they were to open the door in about five minutes. Was fairly certain that captain forehead would get a tear in his pantyhose, which gave me all the more motivation.

Percy's reaction could be fairly surprising, and would be far more buggering hard to figure then Angel's would be, but in either case, they would be in for quite the show, had the feeling.

Could feel all of the blood in me rushing to one place, and she expressed the desire to find out about it. My own tendencies drifted normally towards the rough and I was about to enter serious bloody virginal territory, but if anyone could handle pain and thrive on it, it was Leery.

Made me harder, as my lips went back to hers, her back against the training room wall. Odd, it was, for normally would be taking off jeans or leather pants or even pulling up a skirt right now, but instead, found myself pulling a leather body suit off. Had expected her entire body to be blue, but when I pulled the zip down, naked, tight, nubile and a nice tan color underneath.

Leery wasn't completely blind to what as going on, and flashes of Fred's memories had to be taking over because my pants were down so fast, that felt like a den of thieves had come up to me in my sleep. Expected to see Fred's face on top but it was still Illyria.

Good that. Fred was a beautiful, loved the bird but I knew the difference. This was not Fred. This wasn't somebody who meant to kill Fred either, though, and that was where Percy and Gunn in bloody particular, had things all wrong.

Leery could have just have easily have taken another form when she came to be, and I pushed the thought out of my mind, as we were both now naked, and my arms went around her, lifting her up, and mounting her on top of me, against the wall. So tight, and feminine. It was delightful. Our kiss become deeper.

Once again, was love's bitch and was more then happy to step up to the plate. Batter bloody up. Way up. She had once said to Angel that she wanted to make me her pet. Now the tables were turned.

[My pet, Illyria]
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