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I watched as they all but tortured this man to get him to tell them where the templates were. I wondered if he would just lie and say anything to get free, but something in me told me not to get my hopes up.

I leaned to Giles once more and hopefully quiet enough asked. "Do you think he knows?" I waited for Giles to answer, I didn't know if he knew that we had the templates, but if he did, I could guarantee that he would rat us out in a heart beat.

Part of me worried that if this all went down, if the truth were to come out, would this put Jackie in danger? Would she be able to protect herself? I mean yeah she is a slayer, but that doesn't mean she can't be hurt and I can't watch as another person that I possibly care about gets hurt. Maybe I should just say I took them and let them beat me instead....

I don't know why I was thinking this way, I don't know why I was letting myself fall for someone else that most likely was unavailable to the likes of me, but I was. She was gorgeous, and she had an attitude that made her all that much stronger, I just couldn't stop thinking about her. If Giles knew what was really on my mind, he wouldn't let me within 300 feet of her, I could hear it now, "This isn't a time for fun and games, or talk of dating. We may die in this fight of ours, it's time to get serious." So therefore I have to keep what I am feeling to myself.

Thing is, if I see her in danger, I don't think I can just sit back, I don't think I can just let her do her thing. Yes Jackie is a slayer, and yes she is stronger than most, but if I can save her, then...Ok really, I need to stop trying to be the white knight in this story. I have been around this group long enough to know not to stand in the way of the stronger than human types like Buffy, and Jackie, and even Willow. I just don't want to watch someone else get hurt...not like Anya. I guess the bonus here is I have finally fallen for someone who isn't a demon, no instead she is another slayer. This time though she doesn't have a thing for a dead guy with brooding issues, or another dead guy who is overbleached. Atleast I hope that is the case.

I finally had to pull myself out of my thoughts and focus on something other than a hot chick and focus back on the problem at hand. I needed to focus on the problem at hand, the rat on the floor that most likely will spill every last detail of what happened to the templates if he even knows. "Giles" I finally whispered. "Is this going to put certain people in danger?" Yeah way to go Xand, you just all but told him you are worried about Jackie. Yes this is going to go well.

[[open for Giles, and whoever else is there.]]
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