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Beaten and locked away.

I didn't believe that it had all turned out this way.

I had been caught by Faith not once, but twice. She was like a bloodhound, and she really wanted me to go down and had delivered some serious punishment my way.

The first time, had been an accident. I had just ben roaming the halls, looking to get into the security offices, where I was going to make my refuge, and she had dragged me up to the penthouse, where Angel was Angelus, after sex with the other slayer.

I had unlocked Angelus from the bed, trying to help myself by helping him get away, and what does he do? He drains me and the crippled guy, Riley, nearly killing us both and then gets put down by shockingly enough, Faith, again, and gets his soul back somehow.

For some reason, while I was being treated, I was left alone and while weak from blood loss, I was strong enough to get away and get to the security offices, killing the posted worker there, and making myself a nice hiding spot, but of course, who comes around, Faith, and she finds me again, only now, beating me becae personal to her and her strength was unbelievable.

I thought that Angel was strong, and myself for that matter, but I really thought that she was going to kill me, and may have, but didn't, because who shows up, Angel, and two other people that I didn't know.

Angel decides to beat on me and all of them are looking for books, which I can only assume are the fabled templates, which I didn't have, being as that I worked with Wes now, unbeknownst to Angel and Faith and the two strangers, and therefore, wouldn't take them from Wes, but Angel and Faith, strong, but not exactly the brightest bulbs on the tree, of course, think that I have them, and carry me away, towards a cell.

The guy with the older guy, gets a phone call, tells this Giles that he has somehwere to be, and then minutes later, this older Giles guy, who I was going to find out about, because he too was accusing me of having the templates, and that pissed me off, walks away, as Angel and Faith both drag my beaten body somewhere, towards a young girl.

And then I saw where I was going and was tossed into a cell, landing on my head, but they weren't getting anything out of me and I was sure that Cordy would get me out of here at some point. So I could handle this. After all, as they looked at me and locked the door, both looking smug, I was still alive and when all was said and done, they would all pay for this.

[Faith and Angel]
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Once we dragged him and finally got him into a cell, I felt this relief that he was finally locked up. Hell, I still wanted to beat the shit out of his beaten body but that didn't matter. I'm just glad we have him somewhere he can't get away!

I stood with my arms crossed, looking him up and down. I was searching for answers as well as any spot I missed to break, bruise or perhaps cause to bleed. He was pretty much out of commission, which pleased the fuck out of me.

"So Angel, what do we do now?" I said as I turned to him and put all my weight onto one side of my hips.
I stood there, studying Giles as he walked towards Dawn, not sure if I trusted him, but standing next to Faith right now, knowing that she wasn't all that pleased with me, I didn't voice that, and I was glad that he had gone to Dawn, because I wasn't happy with her being alone in here, and I didn't wat him asking me..asking me about Angelus.

Xander had left too, not that he was of any help real help to us.

Lindsey was locked away, and was going exactly nowhere, as I turned my gaze to him, studying Faith, briefly, having to say something to her before we started in on the annoying southern hick.

"Faith, I'm really sorry about what I...what he did to Riley and about breaking the news of you and him to Buffy. I just wantd you to know that."

I didn't care about how much of this that Lindsey heard, because aftr he told us what he was GOING to tell us, then I would offer him to the senior partners.

He was nothing but trouble.

Before Faith could answer, I looked to Lindsey, menacingly. "Lindsey, where the hell is Eve? I know that you know, now where is she?"
If I didn't already have to puke, Angel apologizing for Angelus' was definitely going to force some serious heaving to the surface.

But, Faith had already beaten all of my insides up and made it feel like they were going to come out.

It had definitely not been the best of days for me. Drained by the very vampire that the firm had wanted for so long and then beaten up by a slayer that we had once hired to kill the sappy version of that vampire, and worst of all, they were both here in front of me.

Then, he had to go and ask about Eve, as if my day wasn't bad enough.

"I don't know where any books are and I have no idea where Eve is. Coming here was stupid, but being around her would definitely lead the senior partners to me."

They both looked at me as if I were lying. "I swear to god! I don't know anything!"

Except that Pryce and Hamilton had made me cut Eve's head off and that the partners would probably get me out of here when Angel and Faith were gone, if Cordy didn't first.
I gave a slight nod to Angel as he apologized but I could still feel the anger bubbling inside. I was infuriated at him but it wasn't him- it was a part of him.

As he spoke to Lins', I felt a smile slowly cross my face as I looked him up and down. I felt good that I beat the shit out of him, caused him to be wicked hurt and didn't actually kill him. Pretty good for me, since my job is to kill the baddies of the world! Although, they're usually supernatural!

"Fuck!" I screamed as I slamned the palms of my hands onto the bars and growled at Lins' just sitting there.

"Everytime I think you're lying, I'm gonna break one of your fingers!" I muttered as I stood back and slid my hands through my hair.
I liked the idea, liked it very much about breaking one of his fingers, everytime that he told a lie, the only problem that i was having, was that I didn't believe that he was lying.

This reminded me of the time when he had helped us get rid of Wolfram and Hart's little body storage facility. He was screaming all of the time then, and going all schoolyard, and this was eerily similar to that, and I didn't pick up on him lying right now.

But, I didn't picture him being honest, either. He knew something. He definitely knew something. I wasn't going to be naive here. He had something that was useful to me, even if it weren't about the templates.

Too many things had happened and too much time had passed for him to just be telling me the truth.

One thing about Lindsey that you could etch in stone, was that he always had an angle.

Faith was definitely not happy with me. I could sense it in her blood. She wanted to beat on me a little and if it came to that, for her to get it off of her chest, then I would let her.

Angelus had drained Riley, earlier.

"You heard the lady, Lindsey. Even if you don't know about the templates, you know about something. You know where Eve is, or you know something that the senior partners know. There was no other reason for you to be here. There's go to be a reason that you are getting your ass kicked right now and you only have one hand. I wouls take that seriously, before you have five deformed fingers."

I opened the bars. It was time to go in with the little weasel.
Choking on my own blood wasn't flattering and now that they both were coming in, I was about to seriously get my ass kicked.

It wasn't right, and what was more, was that Angel was starting to believe that I didn't have the templates, but he was thinking that I knew something else, and of course, he was right about that.

The question was, how far would he go to find that information out and how far was I willing to let him go?

I had a threshold, and while I wasn't giving up Cordy, I would give up Pryce if pushed far enough, I thought, but then I decided against that, because Cordy would look at me like I had no spine.

I would die before I told Angel anything and I remained quiet, at least happy that Faith was going to abuse me some more, first.

At least she was sexy and I didn't hate her with a fiery passion that consumed almost all of my thoughts.

Although, enough of her right hands to the face and ribs, as well as her kicks, was changing that.
I followed after Angel but pushed passed him, grabbing Lindsey by the neck and pulling him up. I cocked my head to one side and just shook my head.

"Like brooder said, you know something!" I punched him with a right hook and then quickly knee'd him in the ribs, letting him slowly slide back down to the ground. I swiftly kicked him in the ribs, since it was my fav thing to do, and waited to see what Angel would do next.

"Either you talk now, or we'll find other ways to make you talk!"
As much as it was that I hated Lindsey, I almost told Faith to take it easy, because beating him unconscious or killing him wouldn't get us any of the answers that we wanted.

I didn't do that, though, because that would have been admitting to Lindsey that we weren't willing to take it all of the way and I didn't do anything but smile as she abused him.

It really was nice to watch him get beaten, even if he wasn't spilling the information that I knew that he had.

I picked him up off of the ground and slammed him against the wall, hearing him grunt, and watching more blood come to his lips from his abdomen, which he then spit at my face, smiling.

I donned my fangs. "Never show a vampire your blood, LINDSEY."

I wiped it away. "You know, Lindsey, maybe I didn't drain you enough earlier, or even better...maybe I could make you a vampire and then you would tell me everything?"

I growled, as I had him pinned to the wall, my fangs moving towards his neck.
I laughed as I spit my blood in his face and didn't exactly get scared when he donned his fangs and threatened me.

"If your going to kill me Angel, then do it. I wouldn't mind dying knowing that Angel and not Angelus was the one to kill me and adding that burden to your list of sins of the past."

I coughed as he held me up there, wondering if he would do it, wondering if this was it for me, wondering if I would soon be undead, or gone.

"The only thing that I know is what I have seen, and you can beat me or bite me all that you want, but I can't tell you what I don't know. Do you want me to lie to you?"

My eye was swelling so shut that I could hardly make both of them out, now.
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