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Beaten and locked away.

I didn't believe that it had all turned out this way.

I had been caught by Faith not once, but twice. She was like a bloodhound, and she really wanted me to go down and had delivered some serious punishment my way.

The first time, had been an accident. I had just ben roaming the halls, looking to get into the security offices, where I was going to make my refuge, and she had dragged me up to the penthouse, where Angel was Angelus, after sex with the other slayer.

I had unlocked Angelus from the bed, trying to help myself by helping him get away, and what does he do? He drains me and the crippled guy, Riley, nearly killing us both and then gets put down by shockingly enough, Faith, again, and gets his soul back somehow.

For some reason, while I was being treated, I was left alone and while weak from blood loss, I was strong enough to get away and get to the security offices, killing the posted worker there, and making myself a nice hiding spot, but of course, who comes around, Faith, and she finds me again, only now, beating me becae personal to her and her strength was unbelievable.

I thought that Angel was strong, and myself for that matter, but I really thought that she was going to kill me, and may have, but didn't, because who shows up, Angel, and two other people that I didn't know.

Angel decides to beat on me and all of them are looking for books, which I can only assume are the fabled templates, which I didn't have, being as that I worked with Wes now, unbeknownst to Angel and Faith and the two strangers, and therefore, wouldn't take them from Wes, but Angel and Faith, strong, but not exactly the brightest bulbs on the tree, of course, think that I have them, and carry me away, towards a cell.

The guy with the older guy, gets a phone call, tells this Giles that he has somehwere to be, and then minutes later, this older Giles guy, who I was going to find out about, because he too was accusing me of having the templates, and that pissed me off, walks away, as Angel and Faith both drag my beaten body somewhere, towards a young girl.

And then I saw where I was going and was tossed into a cell, landing on my head, but they weren't getting anything out of me and I was sure that Cordy would get me out of here at some point. So I could handle this. After all, as they looked at me and locked the door, both looking smug, I was still alive and when all was said and done, they would all pay for this.

[Faith and Angel]
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