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We happen, a big green demon.

Graham and I, of course, with him pushing me...oh, how I couldn't wait to get out of this wheelchair, had checked every floor from the security offices on the fifteenth floor, to the lobby and had looked everywhere, interrupting meetings, ruffling feathers, looking in board rooms, and maintenance closets, looking for Lindsey, who was getting a mudhole stomped in him when we found him; but alas, we hadn't had any success in finding him.

So, all things being equal and with nothing happening for us other then finding Lindsey, we decided that we would go to the top floor and start on our way down again, just to try to find the idiot who had freed Angelus and as a result, had nearly gotten both of us killed, as Angelus was apparently thirsty.

Angel was okay now, so it seemed, although Graham was having a hard time dealing with all of this information. He wasn't prepared to work for a vampire, but like me, he was a survivor of a Wolfram and Hart plan that had resulted in the deaths of our entire unit, leaving us with voids and new needs for employment.

"Graham," I said in the elevator, as we moved from floor nineteen to eighteen, still not having found Lindsey, eleven floors from the top, "we will stick by Faith, by Buffy, by Giles in this. Stop worrying about working for a vampire. This place doesn't have to be so cut and dry. We have our allegiances."

He had been talking a lot about what we had been doing on the previous floors, taking about Angel, and how he had drained me, but I had explained to him that Angelus and Angel were different people, as I had learned in the past and that we could make a difference here.

Then, virtually, directly after I had told him about Angel and not all demons being bad and about this place not having to be so cut and dry, we happened upon a towering and skinny green demon, making his way down the hall.

"Case and point," I said, as in the wheelchair, next to this demon, who had to be six foot six, I felt like a midget, even though I was 6'4 in my own right.

Graham seemed ready to try something, but the green, red-eyed and horned demon seemed to be almost hiding, or aversive to confrontation, so I put my hand on his arm.

"Hello, starnger," I said. "You wouldn't have happened to have seen this really pretty-boy asshole named Lindsey walking around, would you have?"

I asked this of the big green demon, not even knowing if he was good or bad, but in lessons of the past from Buffy, I came to accept that not all demons were evil and not all humans were good.

{Lorne and Graham}
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