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Looking for familiar faces

After going back to UCLA with Connor and turning in all of my school paperwork, I decided to head back to Wolfram and Hart. I hadn't talked to Buffy, or Willow or really anyone there since I had gotten to L.A. I had spent most of my time with Connor, which lets face it, was really nice. The guy was a hottie and not to mention super nice, plus he had the whole strength thing working for him without the vampire parts. I guess in many ways we were a lot a like. For starters we were both just like a few years old in human years. We both came from a dysfunctional family. Both had issues, like his dad was a vampire, an my sister was the slayer. He lived in an alternate dimension for a while, I was a ball of green energy at one point. See? Lots in common.

He did remind me of Angel in an odd way, sometimes the way that he talked, or the way that he walked or when he had this pensive face. And that was a tad disturbing, but I guess he was his father's son, as they say. Anyway, I did like spending time with him, and if it wasn't because of his schedule, I probably would still be spending time with him. He was really the only one that had given me the time a day. Everyone else had been too wrapped up in their worlds to care about what I was doing. Well, at least I still had Angel's car and his credit card, which I did have to return at some point. Not that I wanted to, but I just felt weird carrying it around.

Speaking of weird, how weird was it that he was this big shot in L.A? Angel that is. I mean, last time I checked he was doing this P.I thing, helping... something hopeless? They had a catchy slogan, and I couldn’t even remember it anymore......... Ah! They helped the helpless! That's what it was. But really, since when did that change? From all that Andrew had said, Wolfram and Hart was this big bad place. Didn't seem to be too bad, but if it was, why was Angel working here? And for that matter, what were we doing here?

No one really kept me in the loop these days. And back in Rome I was just having way too much fun to really care. I did enjoy my days of normal, but I should have know that they were counted.

As I exited the freeway and waited at the light, I thought about Riley, I hadn't seen him either. He had been all beat up and bruised the last time I saw him, I had to make it a point to see him to, check how he was doing and all. Hopefully he was doing better than the last time I laid eyes on him.

I finally made it to Wolfram and Hart. I parked in the same spot I had parked before in the underground parking and them made my way up the elevators towards the lobby level. As soon as the doors opened, I started to feel weird about being in this place alone. It was just like a maze here. Really, I couldn't make heads or tails out of it. I also felt a little underdressed. How in hell was I going to find Buffy, or even Angel? It almost felt like looking for a needle in a hay stack. Only this hay stack seemed to have its own zip code.

Still I wandered the halls looking for a familiar face, hoping that somehow I could run into anyone that looked remotely familiar or knew where Buffy was. I passed by one of the room and heard muffled voices, almost as if someone was in... pain? Either that or just being really... really bad at work, which... lets face it, just thinking about that was kind of... ewwwwwwww... I walked faster, trying to get as far away as I could from the interesting sounds. And I did, I got far, far way, and got even more lost in the process.

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