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Back to where we started.

Riley and I, on the search for this elusive and yet to be seen by me, Lindsey, had started on the fifteenth floor, seperating from Faith in the process and had worked our way down to the bottom floor and still not finding him, took the elevators back up to the top of the building, to continue the search for him.

We knew that the potential was there that he could have left the building and it would have been nice if all of the exits were cordoned off, but in the meantime, Riley in the wheelchair, no longer allowing me to push him, and myself, worked from the top of the building, investigating every floor from thrirty to eighteen, where we then ran into a big green demon, who I was leery of at first, but Riley seemed instantly comfortable with.

Lorne didn't know where Lindsey was, but he had enlightened me, along with Riley to some more of the questionable and downright evil things that had happened here, which didn't make me feel any more comfortable about being here, or about Angel.

After leaving our meeting of Lorne, we did what we had been doing, checking every window, every door, on our way down to the next floor, which led to the next floor, which still, had brought us nowhere closer to finding this Lindsey and I was sure that he was gone.

We were now on the fifteenth floor, near the security office, where we had started and I was was tired of walking and very much dreading looking from floor to floor again.

I was getting of the opinion that we should just guard the front exit and wait for him to either leave or show up again, because by all accounts, he was a pest, and would try something stupid, and thinking this, I went back into the security office and noticed that there had been a fight here. Something had happened in here.

Then Riley was talking about blood on the floor, investigating it, a little fear in his eye as if he thought that Faith might be hurt.

"Something's definitely happened, Ri. There was a scuffle in the security office as well as the blood."

He looked at me and started to wheel away towards the elevator, although I had no idea about where we would now go. This place was so big.
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