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I was shocked when my phone rang, I was with the only person that I thought had the number, the fact that Willow had it escaped me. It probably has to do with the fact that I thought that Willow would never talk to me again, much less Buffy. I mean I havent been the bestest of best friends lately, not that I think I was wrong, but I have this problem of just not trusting the dead soul twins, soul or no soul, they can't be trusted.

If there was ever proof that they couldn't be trusted, just look at where we are and the way things have been handled since we got here. So far Buffy and Faith have gone to a hell dimension, Willow has used magicks that she shouldn't have, Spike somehow got Willow into bed and then ditched her when she was no longer useful, Giles has ended up sick, and we have all been questioned about books that if it were found out that we took them all hell would break loose. Yeah, they are doing real good here lemme tell ya.

At the same time none of that seemed to matter when I heard Buffy's voice on the phone. "Xander it's Buffy." I heard on the phone and suddenly nothing that had happened in the last weeks mattered. All I wanted to do now as hang out like we used to, I didn't know why they called, but I knew what I wanted. "Hey Buffy" I said softly finally responding and pulling myself out of my thoughts. "Where are you?" I asked.

I continued to talk as I left the building, Giles went off on his way saying we needed to split up for some reason or other, saying it was probably better if we did. I didn't ask any questions, I wanted out of the evil empire faster than a frog on a hotplate, oh but I better be sure not to mention frogs around Willow..most powerful witch in the world and she is scared of little green frogs, never got that...but that isn't the point is it?

[[open for Buffy and Willow]]
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