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Holding our own before a break in.

Cordy and I had seen the strange couple, well, in the words of Xander, the father and son duo, back at Wolfram and Hart and had decided to follow them to their dwellings, knowing, well virtually one-hundred percent, knowing, that they were both linked to Giles.

The signs couldn't hae been anymore clear. Firstly, Cordy, when going to investigate if Gils had stayed in his bed all day, thus not allowing him to get up and pilfer my templates, had not only noticed that Gils had been gone for a few hours from his room, while she looked at the security cameras, but had also ntoiced that these two that we were now following had taken a meeting somewhere with Giles and Xander.

We didn't have audio of that meeting, which was an unfortunate pity at the moment, but it was proof, that I called Giles on in front of Angel, which nearly led to us coming to blows until Cordy had glowed on us.

As if we needed further proof, after Xander had told all of us that the meeting had occurred because the girl was his girlfriend and the man, was his girlfriend's father, we then saw Giles and Xander again gathered with them in the hall, and while that didn't definitively disprove Xander's lie, it was rather interesting that the girl spoke American English and that the man had an accent, very much British, like mine.

We followed them out of Wolfram and Hart and all of the way throug the city to their Beverly Ambassador hotel room, where I was very much betting that my templates where, nd was also one of the places that Giles had gone to while he was off on one of his several jaunts out of the infirmary room earlier in the day.

Those weren't my only suspicions. Being very familir with how the Council worked and knowing that there were as many as twenty slayers, minimum active in the world right now, that he was a watcher and more importantly, that she was a slayer and that Giles was bringing his Council into our offices for infiltration, which filled me with an anger akin to that of seeing Fred gutted by Illyria.

Cordy posed the question of what we were going to do while we waited for them to leave their room, so that we could break in, get my templates and prove Giles a liar, but I was forthright in my desires here, and nothing was going to stop me, short of the slayer, whoever she was, seeing us and putting us both down, and using my pistol wasn't out of the question if we were spotted.

"We wait, Cordy, we circle the halls until Mr. Watcher and Ms, Slayer leave the room. That's what we do."

[Open for Cordy]
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