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Things were beginning to get completely out of hand in Los Angeles and the partners were beginning to lose their patience with all the parties involved. I was not happy that Lindsey had been discovered, not happy about the way that Wesley had handled things with Mr. Giles and his associates. The Los Angeles firm was becoming some what of a circus act and the happenings around the office had become a cause of great concern for other firms across the globe. Our name and our reputation was becoming less than what it should be, and it was about time things got back to the way they were supposed to be.

And the only way that these things were going to work were if I stopped letting unqualified personnel handle things and take care of everything myself, which is what I should have done from the beginning. I wasn't fond of L.A; I much preferred the comforts of New York City. But, the partners wanted this matter resolved as soon as possible, and they wanted no more mistakes.

On the jet, I placed several calls; one of them was to Cyvus Vail. He was one of our top contractors and one of our best clients as well. He had done one of his best work when he changed the memories of Angel's son, and that of his colleagues, and the partners had been quite impressed by him. I briefly discussed the issue at hand with him, making sure that he understood exactly what it was that we were asking him to do. It was a big job and but I was sure the old man... or- demon could handle it. He assured me that he would have everything ready by the time I landed in Los Angeles, all I needed now, was someone who knew the L.A branch from the inside out.

Once I landed in L.A, it will all be a matter of mere minutes before everyone's memories in the L.A branch would be altered. And I did mean everyone, from the C.E.O down to the janitors that worked for us. Still there were a few that would still remember things. I had made sure my secretary contacted Mr. Lindsey McDonald as well as Ms. Cordelia Chase to alert them of my arrival and to let them know what the plan was. I would have included Mr. Wyndam-Pryce in all of this, but he seemed increasingly unstable. A pity really, but it for the best. His loyalties were always questionable, especially after the death of Miss Winifred Burkle, and as much as we needed someone like him on our side, he was becoming a threat to our plans. No matter, an easy fix... for now, until we figured out something more permanent... for every one.

Not much after my conversation with Vail, I arrived at Wolfram and Hart's private airport. I was not quiet enthused about being there but I planned on making my stay as productive as possible. In less than an hour, everyone in Wolfram and Hart was going to have a little memory jolt.

[Open to Lindsey]
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