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Welcome to Not Fade Away

not_fadeaway is an Angel the Series Season 5 and Buffy the Vampire Slayer Crossover RPG. The game begins with the The Girl In Question episode. Also, for our community purposes, Cordelia isn’t dead, but she is still in a coma; it was only her astral projected self that helped Angel find his way and in reality she never did wake up.
The Credits
Community Owned by: the_god_illyria
Co-Created by: the_god_illyria & angelbuffy
Story Line Developed by: the_god_illyria & angelbuffy

Community Banner & Graphics Designed by: angel_fade_away
Community Layout Designed by: orchestrachik89

THE MODS:the_god_illyria & angelbuffy
[**Disclaimer** (These characters belong to Joss Whedon, The WB, UPN, and FOX): Although we are emoting these characters, and playing them... (making them ours...) we did not CREATE them. Therefore, all that we ask is to stay true to the character. What we mean by this, is if you play season 5 Spike, emote him like season 5 Spike. Remember who your character is, and what they stand for. Suit the characters that Mr. Whedon created. Yes, this is our creativity, however, this was not our creation. We loved it for a reason. Try to keep that in mind.]
The Plot
After the demise of Sunnydale, the Scoobies went their separate ways. Buffy and Dawn decided to take a little time off... They resolved to venture out into the world and Rome seemed be the perfect place to take a break. While in Rome for "business", Angel runs into Buffy at a Night Club (totally by coincidence of course!). They begin to talk and as usual the old sparks begin to fly.

He lets Buffy in on his plot against Wolfram & Hart and the Senior Partners: he finally understands that he will never be able to stop evil, but he can destroy the Senior Partners hold on Earth by decimating the secret Circle of the Black Thorn. Buffy decides to help Angel and comes with him to Los Angeles along with Dawn.


"Nothing in the world is the way it ought to be, it's harsh and cruel, but that's why there's us. Champions" ~ Angel is a Champion and LA is his city. He knows by experience that the true path to redemption is a hard one full of sacrifice and loss and every day he walks a fine line tempted by the two desires he can never fulfill, mortality and pleasure. His courage of conviction and belief that the world can be a better place will lead one day lead him to humanity and to the one thing he desires most ~ forgiveness.
The Cast


Angel/Angelus - mr_angel

Spike/William the Bloody -

Charles Gunn -

Lorne (The Host) - lornegreen

Illyria - the_god_illyria


Wesley Wyndam-Pryce -


Marcus Hamilton - m_hamilton

Lindsey McDonald -

Harmony Kendall


Buffy Summers - angelbuffy

Faith Lehane- faith_and_hope


Connor Riley -

Dawn Summers - little_niblet

Willow Rosenberg - yammerer_willow

Alexander "Xander" Harris - seerxander

Rupert Giles -

Calliope Lawson - calliope_lawson

Nina Ash - werewolfnina

Gwen Raiden - likeimafreak

Riley Finn -

Graham Miller -

The Groosalugg - Left Los Angeles

Daniel "Oz" Osbourne - Left Los Angeles


Mort'Leven - mortleven

Drusilla - ripe_wickedplum


Cordelia Chase - parting_gifts

The Powers - OPEN

Vampires - random_vampire
Demons - random_demon

Lilah Morgan
(Allen Frances) Doyle

The Rules & Application to Role Play

PLEASE NOTE: This community contains NC-17 material, all NC-17 posts are acceptable as long as they are done in a tasteful manner and put behind an lj-cut. For this reason alone we are only accepting applicants who are 18 years old or older at this time.

Rules & Regulations: (Taken from vampire_angel with his consent of course! ^_^)

I. We hope that this will be a high-volume game. Of course, there will be various points in time where things tend to stall for a bit. If people fail to post regularly it makes the occasional slow-down that much harder to avoid. So long as every player keeps up with their posting (at least once a week), the game shouldn't drag too much. If you'd like to post more than what is expected then by all means, go right ahead (We would appreciate it, in fact). In addition, if ever you are unable to post for an extended period of time, you should always let us know (in advance, if possible), because failing to meet this guideline is probably the easiest way to be removed from the community.

II. All members are expected to utilize the Out Of Character community, fadeaway_ooc. Any questions, comments, or concerns can be expressed among the other players there. It is highly recommended that all players post any big plot ideas and/or suggestions that they have to the Out Of Character community before implimenting them into the game. This way, if something needs tweaking, everyone can be involved in the decision making process.

III. It would be nice if everyone participating could create a seperate account for their character(s) if they don't already have one, though it is not required. You are, however, required to use a character icon (reflecting your character) so that the other players involved can more easily distinguish your posts from the masses of others.

IV. Be respectful to the other members of this community. We won't tolerate pettiness over some game. That's right, it's a game. We're all here to have fun. Please do not harm another character without the expressed consent of the player.

V. Past characters from the show (such as Kate) may return to participate if you choose to play one of them. Deceased characters (such as Doyle) are a bit trickier to bring into play. If you request a character that has been placed on the 'deceased' list, then it is up to you to pitch us the idea of how they are brought back to life. We will then decide together on whether or not your scenario works as a believable plot point.

VI. We will accept original characters (although, we would like to fill the canon cast first). When you request for an original character, please include some background information. Don't expect us to approve every character that you submit. If we feel that your character is unreasonably powerful, or ... just plain moronic, then they will most likely be rejected.

VII. When posting, try to write more than three sentences. We expect everyone involved with this game to be a decent writer. You don't have to be a novelist, or even an outstanding writer (Lord knows we’re not), but you should be able to manage a couple of paragraphs per post at least, (On comment threads, TWO Paragraph MINIMUM). We don't think that it is too much to ask of you all.

VIII. If you decide that this game just isn't for you, then please let us know rather than vanishing off the face of the Earth. By letting us know that you want to quit the RPG ahead of time, we are able to find a replacement much sooner, which keeps everything running a lot more smoothly.

IX. Any questions, comments, or concerns can be directed towards the_god_illyria and angelbuffy. We will do our best to help out with whatever it is that you need.

X. Have fun, goddamnit! That's all. We felt like listing a full set of ten commandments. <3.


[Please read through the rules before joining. After reading through everything, if you decide that you still want to participate then please email us your APPLICATION at voodoobanshee@gmail.com or misty_mar@yahoo.com. We would prefer for all applications to be emailed to us, however, if you'd like, you can also find this application in the OOC and you can post your request there.]


Other Information
Questions? Comments? Flames? E-mail us at Jessie or Melly.
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